Based loosely on the song Lipstick and aspirin by Lo-Ball, which is the band where Pauley Perrette is the lead singer.

Lipstick and aspirin, the only two things she needed right now. The only two things that could make her go one like everything was normal, when things in fact were more screwed up than ever.

The aspirin she needed to get up in the mornings, they helped lessen the pounding in her head. But they didn't help against the hurt, and the pain that came with it. The hurt she felt after he left her. How could he quit, just like that, and take off to Mexico? He was like 3000 miles from there and all she had was a phone number. She needed him there, she didn't just need to hear his voice, she needed to see him, she wanted him to be there. He had always been like a father to her, but he was also one of her best friends. And he had left her.

The lipstick helped her convince the others she was being herself, that she had the situation under control. She was playing a game, and she was freaking sick of it, she couldn't pretend any more. But the lipstick and the music made the others believe she was doing ok.

She knew the others missed him too; it just wasn't the same without him. Somewhere deep inside she hoped he'd realize he was needed and loved here, and he would come back to her. Maybe he just needed this time to think through everything that had happened to him, recover his memory and regain his burning passion for his work. She knew this was what he loved doing, catching the bad guys, and if she knew him right, it was here he really wanted to be, not on a freaking beach in Mexico.

Then why wasn't he here? Why did he make her consume all those aspirins and force the lipstick onto her lips? She didn't know why, all she knew was that she had to keep going, keep taking the aspirins and keep pretending, because she knew that one day he would come back to her. She did all this for him, and she was hoping it would be enough for him to return to her.