"For Serenity's Sake"
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Disclaimers: Sailor Moon is not a product of my imagination, yet
this manipulation of its characters and story line is. Please do not

Author's Notes: Close to year since "For Argument's Sake"
entered SM fandom, the humble goddess has returned. Though I
had many requests for a follow up to my first piece, I felt that I had
to try my hand at a Silver Millennium fic first. I drew quite a lot
from the manga and I hope I do not confuse any of you with this.
If so, please e-mail me with any questions; I would hate to have
you confused all the way through! With that, welcome to the
second installment of the kingdom of Isis.

Two special notes must go out; first to Taf, my beta reader, who
sigh put up with my madness for months on end waiting for me
to finish this thing!! God love ya, Taf, thank you!! Second a
special thank you for everyone who read "FAS" and wrote to me
about it. You guys are the best. I never expected such results.
Thank you. BTW, for anyone wondering I ALWAYS return e-
mail, there have only been a few exceptions that I could not
contact. {}[] Kisses and hugs to all!!

PS. To all mythology loving individuals out there… consider this
a test! ;-) This is dedicated to everyone who still likes to dream
and will not allow life to interrupt them!


The dome of the planet sat low in the vast blankness of the night
sky. The huge orb had eaten away the sun nearly an hour before,
and since the visitors had grouped themselves around the
unfamiliar palace. Yet, still one small form lingered at the rail of
the balcony, watching intently the giant as it too prepared for its
nightly rest.

The boy showed only eight years, yet the depth of his eyes in
contemplation could rival the muses. And, as now, something
troubled the youth enough to weigh in on his thoughts. It had been
a short trek, and swiftly taken, that had brought the child and his
mother to foreign soil and would take them home again before the
sun's rays managed to skirt the obtrusive planet once more.

But the trouble was not the trip itself but in what he had found on
it. Beauty, eloquence, and a small, nearly family orientated, center
to this "aloof and removed" kingdom as he had heard it sited so
many times. He was young and of seemingly little consequence to
those he may over-hear. He believed he would find more of the
same here, only he had been mistaken.

The people he had found were considerate and inviting to him,
much as his mother's inner court always acted towards him. The
queen herself seemed curious of him and asked him frequently to
voice his opinion of her home.

He had taken quite a liking to the gentile, soft-spoken, silver-haired
woman. His mother had spoken of the queen's daughter who, it
was rumored, was kept locked within the high tower, so over-
protective was her mother. The boy turned to look up at the
heights of the palace rising to meet the silver stars above him. In
his innocent imaginings he could see a small playroom and
chamber where the little princess stayed most of her days being
frequented often by the queen.

He wondered silently if there truly was such a place, though try as
he might he could find no lights illuminating the windows of the
tall spirals visible to him from his post. He had asked his mother
earlier if he would ever meet the princess but she had simply
smiled and told him he was much too inquisitive, yet she did relate
that the girl had not yet reached her third year and therefore was
still too young to be introduced to court life.

So the young one's vigil continued as he rounded again to the
sinking sphere. The peaceful landscape lay dark but unforeboding
to him. His deep blue eyes could just pick out the huge fountain
that streamed below. Small fairy-like lights displayed it in soft
shadows and sparkles.

The boy balanced himself on his toes so that he could reach a
height to place his chin on the cool stone railing. His eyes drifted
back to the orb that was threatening to be eaten away by the distant
trees. His confused thoughts turned back to those of his home.
Why did so many think so badly about this pretty place? He liked
it here…

"If there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person.
If there is beauty in the person, there is harmony in the house.
If there is harmony in the house, there is order in the nation.
If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world."
-Chinese Proverb

Personal Note:
"If I had more time, I would write a shorter story." – Samuel
Clemens ;)