Akane fanfic- I'll Remember; Lost Memory and Lightening (I call it an Akane fanfic because it revolves around Akane Tendo.)

Summary: A girl wakes up in a forest clearing, with no idea who she is. She walks to the nearest town, and no one recognizes her. But she stays there and starts to build a life there as she searches for herself. But there's more than one thing not right about her- 1) she seems to have superhuman reflexes and strength, and 2) she seems to be able to make and control lightening.

Storyline: Akane was struck by lightening and lost her memory.

This story takes place after the end of the Ranma 1/2 series, because I can't remember when ppl say 'oh, this is after this event or that event' because for the life of me I can't remember the events of the Ranma story- there's too many of them! So, for others that also have this problem, I'm making it at the end of the series, after everything has happened. Also, the way I'm having Ranma and Akane act together, they act more mature about their thoughts and feelings and less childish (like hitting him on the head with a mallet just because she's angry and putting his foot in his mouth without even thinking about what he's going to say first).


Chapter one- Waking Up To Rain and No Memory

She woke with the sensation of rain falling against her cheek and the feeling that she'd been sleeping for a while. Refreshed, if not quite wet, she sat up, noting her surroundings as she stretched.

Where was she?

The trees didn't look familiar, or the clearing, and she didn't remember coming here. But here she was, with no memory of how.

What day was it?

She realized that she didn't know that either. Surprised by that thought, she searched her memory for the name of the town she left, her home, her family and if they were worried, and became concerned when she drew a blank for all four.

Okay, she told herself, let's start small. My name is...

Her mind stayed blank. Feeling the beginnings of panic, she fought to remain calm.

Okay, breathe. Let's try something else. When was I born? What year is it? What are my parents' names? Do I have siblings?


Oh, no, she thought. No no no no no. I've forgotten who I am. I've forgotten... everything...


ending commentary: short, but I tried to make it a nice catalyst for what's to come. I would be grateful to get your input and opinions and would take all into consideration.