Sakura Haruno reluctantly open her eyes when the persistent glow of the sun wouldn't move away from her eyes while she laid in bed. She looked at the clock that read 6:30 and groaned and lay back down and closed her eyes to get some more sleep. She shot back up when she remembered that today was the first day of her first year in high school. Oh…I hate Mondays! She got up from bed and went to the bathroom where she brushed her teeth, washed and dry her hair, pulled her long hair into a ponytail, and put on a little make-up. She looked at the clock again after she left the bathroom, and saw that it was 7:20. Sakura quickly put on a black tank top, blue jeans, and black and pink New Balance tennis shoes. She grabbed her backpack and ran out the door.

She walked down the sidewalk silently when she suddenly heard a shriek and then she was being squeezed by no other than her best friend, Ino Yamanaka. "SAKURA! MY BEST FRIEND! I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Finally Ino let go of her, and she could breath. "Ino, you just saw me yesterday."

"And that is way too long ago." Sakura rolled her eyes, but smiled and laughed at her friend, and that was when she noticed what Ino was wearing. She was wearing a plain white spaghetti strap shirt, over it she had a light pink cotton top that stopped right at her chest, and was tied right below her chest; the sleeves only went a little past her shoulders. She had on a blue-jean mini skirt that wasn't too short, but not too long either, and she was wearing a pair of light pink 3-inch heels. Ino's long blond hair that was usually pulled back was hanging down pass her shoulders in soft, loose curls.

"Ino? Since when did you dress up for school?"

"Since I didn't have a flat, scrawny body, and actually got a body," Ino replied smoothly, but Sakura noticed a blush creeping up her cheeks, and Sakura smirked. "Or you just wanted to impress Shikamaru." Sakura teased, and Ino's face went scarlet but she teased back saying, "Well, why aren't you trying to impress Sasuke Uchiha, hmm? Lord knows you're in love with him."

"I am not in love…" Sakura started to answer back, but Ino interrupted her.

"Yes, yes, I know. Your not 'in love' with Sasuke, but that's not the point. You do like him; you have since junior high. Why aren't you dressing to impress?" Sakura and Ino continue to walk along the sidewalk. Ino was right. She did like Sasuke a lot, but he didn't know that (or she thinks he don't.) She never said anything because she knew he could never return her feelings, so she was just content with having the same little arguments she always had with the Uchiha. Yep, that's right. The one guy she starts to like a lot torments her to no end. Why? She had no idea. He never even pay attention to her before, and she never pay attention to him, until there 8th grade year when out of the blue, Sasuke decided to start bugging her to death. Though, it wasn't long till she for some reason like the sudden attention, and then began the MAJOR crush, that still hasn't gone away.

Sakura must have spaced out into her thoughts because she was suddenly aware of Ino's arm going up and down in front of her. "Saaaakura? Heeellooo? Aren't you going to answer my question?" Before Sakura could answer, they had turn a curve and bumped into Hinata and TenTen, who seemed to be waiting for them. Hinata was wearing a light pink shirt that said Cutie in white letters, a skirt just like Ino's but a little more faded, and white flip-flops. A part of Hinata's hair was pulled back in a sparkly pink clippie. This was unusual for Hinata, who was normally a little bit shyer and hide her figure with clothes that were too big for her. TenTen was definitely wearing a different attire then usual. TenTen, who normally dressed athletically, was wearing a green muscle shirt with a blue muscle shirt on top of it, dark blue-jean capris, and blue flip-flops. Though, her was, as usual, put up, except that instead in of a bun on each side of her head, her hair was pulled back into one messy bun.

"See, Sakura, Hinata and TenTen dressed up. You're the only one who didn't dress up." Ino said.

"Ino! Leave Sakura alone. If she didn't want to dress up, then she didn't want to dress up. And besides, Hinata and me didn't really dress up; we just went and bought a whole new wardrobe the other day. Remember? We asked if you wanted to come but you said that your wardrobe was fine." TenTen came to her rescue.

"I know, but Sakura is so beautiful, but her confidence is so low. I know she could get Sasuke's attention if she really wanted to, and then go after him. I just want to see her happy." Ino looked at Sakura apologetically, but Sakura just smiled and laughed.

"Ino, don't worry about me. Besides, I could never have a chance with Sasuke. Even if I did, I'm not going to go after him, or dress up for him. I want him to like me for who I am, and I want him to come after me, that way I'll know he really does like me. Anyways, he'll never give me a second glance, so all of that doesn't matter." Sakura said and smiled at Ino, but Ino saw the sad look in her eyes. Sakura really wants Sasuke to notice her. Ino thought. "W-well, he does give you a-attention, so maybe…" Hinata spoke for the first time that morning, but Sakura cut her off, "He's only teased me to get me annoyed, he's never really looked at me. Even if he did, he wouldn't like what he saw."

"You never know, he may think you're sexy as hell!" This time TenTen spoke, but Sakura quickly tossed it aside. "No! He wouldn't think that of me, I'm just a ugly girl with pink hair." At those words, she felt Ino lightly slap her arm. "Sakura! Don't say that! You are very beautiful, and so is your hair! I bet Sasuke thinks your beautiful too. Why else would he give you so much attention?! He is so flirting with you!" Sakura doubted it, but you could see her blushing, but Sakura said, "No he doesn't. He's just teasing me. He could never like me. It hurts to say that, but it's true." Ino sighed and shook her head, but then you saw a smile slowly forming. She hooked arms with Sakura and whispered just so Sakura, Hinata, and TenTen to hear. "Sometimes you gotta jump to get closer to thing you want most." Sakura's eyes widened at Ino's words, and gave Ino a surprised, but confused face. Ino just smiled and kept on walking.