Inner self Thoughts

Sasuke inwardly groan at his teacher's words. What is she doing here? This has happened in all of my other classes that I don't already have with that girl.
That girl happens to be your girlfriend. You know? The tramp who asked you out this morning and you SAID YES!
Shut up! I was distracted, okay? I was looking for Sakura, but she kept on talking I just wanted to shut her up. I wasn't exactly paying attention to what she was saying.
Yes, well guess what dumbass, you are now dating the WALKING DISEASE AND PROBABLY RUIN YOUR CHANCES WITH SAKURA!!
What?! I'll just wait about a week and dump the girl! Sheesh! Get off my ass about this, will you? And since when have we been worried about chances with Sakura?
Oh, please. I am your inner self, you cant lie to me. I know more about yourself then you do.
I'm gonna…Sasuke's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden loud screech and "OH MY GOD! SASUKE-KUN! Aren't you happy you have so many classes with me?" No. I'm not happy. In fact I'm rather depressed at the moment. Go away. Except Sasuke just smirked (a Uchiha never smiles) at Kimi and said, "Of course."
Kill me now. If I have one more class with her just kill me. My sanity is in jeopardy. I'd rather die then lose it. Well…I do have Sakura in this class so maybe my sanity is safe for now. Sasuke looked around him and was relieved to see that the only empty chair in the classroom was on the other side of the classroom from him. Sasuke inwardly yelled for joy, though his celebrating came to a complete stop at Kimi's words.
"Teacher, where will I sit?" The teacher looked around the room and saw the empty chair that Sasuke had saw. "There is a empty chair over their, dear. You may sit there." Kimi looked at the chair that was next to Sasuke. The chair that Sakura sat in. An evil smirk came across Kimi's face that did not go unnoticed by Sasuke. Sasuke frowned at Kimi's actions. What was up with that? "Teacher, can't Haruno have that seat and I take her's?" OH HELL NO! Sasuke gave the teacher his famous death glare that said "don't you dare" written all over it while Kimi was smirking at Sakura and not looking at Sasuke. The teacher stiffened at his glare, but with the slightest nod to Sasuke she look towards Kimi who was still smirking at Sakura, who was completely ignoring Kimi. "No, Ms. Uishi, Sakura is doing just fine in that seat. You may sit in the empty desk over there." The teacher pointed to the only empty desk in the class room and smiled sweetly at Kimi. Kimi pouted at the teacher's words and glared at Sakura before she walked to the desk assigned to her.
The teacher looked back at Sasuke, but he had only softened his glare to a cold stare so the teacher would know he still wasn't satisfied. The teacher frowned a little, but then her eyes brighten a little bit before she said, "Alright, for those who do not know my name is Mrs. Harunaku, The desks that you are sitting in right now will be your assigned seat for the rest of the year…no exceptions." The teacher looked directly at Kimi when she said that. Sasuke smirked and finally relaxed in his desk.
--Sakura's POV--

The last bell of the day finally rang and Sakura happily got out of her desk and headed home. When she got home she wanted to take a bubble bath and then go straight to bed. Though, luck wasn't on her side today. A very familiar hummer drove up beside her. The window rolled down and Sasuke's face came into view. "Need a ride?" Sakura decided to completely ignore Sasuke and kept on walking. "You know, that same car that Sai guy drived? I saw it drive past the school and down our rode several times yesterday." Sakura stopped in her tracks and Sasuke stopped his hummer with a smirk on his face. Sakura sighed with defeat and climbed into the hummer. Sasuke began to drive again. "Shouldn't you be taking your girlfriend home?" Sakura asked Sasuke with a slight bitterness in her tone, but if Sasuke noticed, he didn't say anything. "She has her own ride. But I did had to remind her she had a car when the bell rang and she wanted me to take her home." Sasuke frowned in confusion. Sakura rolled her eyes and said, "She is probably going to get someone to take her to school tomorrow so you can take her home." Sasuke just shrugged. Sakura frowned at Sasuke's actions, and she realized she just had to know why he was dating Kimi. "Uchiha?""Why don't you call me 'Sasuke-kun' again instead of 'Uchiha'. I don't call you by your last name.""And you don't even call me 'Sakura'. Instead you gave me a idiotic nickname. Anyways, don't distract me.""Okay, what were you going to say?" though Sasuke frowned on the inside. I wish Sakura and Kimi would switch. I wouldn't give a damn if Kimi only called me 'Uchiha' . I wished Sakura would call me 'Sasuke-kun' instead of 'Uchiha.'"Why are you dating Kimi? Do you really like her a lot?" Sasuke smirked at Sakura's question but didn't comment on it. Sasuke just shrugged her shoulders and said, "She's cool." Sasuke finally pulled up to Sakura's house, or rather mansion (Sakura is rich too, she lives in the same neighborhood as Sasuke.) "Thanks for the ride. See you tomorrow." Sakura was about to pull the handle and get out, when Sasuke stopped her. "You going to tell me what was bothering you?" Sakura sighed and then looked at him, "Why do you care?" Sasuke frowned at that. When Sakura saw Sasuke frown at her words she immediately regretted what she said. "Look, thanks for the ride. I'll see you tomorrow." Sasuke just smirked at her and said, "Your cool too, you know?" Sakura rolled her eyes and said, "Goodbye, Sasuke." He smirked again, "Later." Sakura walked into her house and shut the door, and it wasn't until she heard Sasuke drive off that she smiled.

I wonder why he is dating her when it's obvious that he doesn't like her.

Probably because he just wants some.

Gee, thanks. That makes me feel a lot better.

Just kidding. I don't know his reasons.

You know what?


Ever since I began liking Sasuke I've been changing just to get him to notice me and if that had worked then he wouldn't like me for who I am, that would make me just like Kimi. So? So, I think its time to make a few changes.

Like what?

Sakura smirked, You'll see.

Sakura grabbed her cell phone and called Ino. When she heard Ino say hello she said, "Hey, Ino. Come over here. There is something I need you to do for me." Sakura explain a little, but not all, to Ino. Ten minutes later Ino was there with a few…hair utensils….
"Sakura, are you sure about this. I thought you were wanting to grow your hair out long to get Sasuke's attention." Ino asked, a little reluctant to do what Sakura had asked her to do. "Exactly, and I decided that if I ever get Sasuke's attention it will be from being just like me and not someone else. That will lower myself to her level. So please do this?" Ino chewed her lip and asked, "Don't you atleast want a professional to do this?" Sakura smiled at Ino and said, "Of course I do, that's why I called you." Sakura sat in the chair with a blanket wrapped around her so the hair wouldn't get all over her clothes. "How short?" Ino asked. Sakura thought for a second and then said, "About a little bit above my shoulder's. Make it look cute!" Ino sighed and then with only a second of hesitation she began to cut Sakura's hair.


When Ino was finally done she walked around Sakura and smiled. "Wow, Sakura, you look great!" At Ino's words, Sakura smiled, she stood up form her chair and went to her bathroom to look. When she saw her new hair cut she smiled. She went back to Ino and gave her hug. "Thank you so much!" Ino smiled and hugged Sakura back. "So, I wonder what Sasuke will think?" Sakura said out loud.