Chapter Sixty

No Going Back

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Melissa's Blog Entry

Alright...I'm ready. I love him. Tonight will change everything now. I'm ready for things to change. Things have been building between us for such a long time. It's just so weird to think that now it's finally here.

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Last words? I'm ready.


Melissa Rose

Melissa turned on the radio and closed her door. She opened her closet door and saw that her red nightgown was where she had left it this morning. She ran her hands over the silky fabric, then pulled her hands away. She changed into it and inspected herself in the mirror. Melissa dabbed a little bit of Ralph Lauren perfume behind her ears and onto her neck.

It was hard to believe that she was actually about to do this. A month and a half ago, if someone told her that she would be giving her flower to Jack Sparrow, she would have thought that they were crazy. First of all, she thought that Jack was nothing but a fictitious character in a movie – how could he possibly be real? Secondly, she was good girl Melissa, the one who was saving herself for marriage. But she really loved Jack! Did she need another excuse?

She saw that the kohl that Jack lined so carefully on her this afternoon was still on her lower eyelids. Her blonde hair was tied back in a bun, rather than the ponytail that it had been for the morning.

She turned the radio off, then put Maroon 5's "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" CD in. "If I Never See Your Face Again" started playing.

Her heart started racing. This was it. This is what she wanted. Her and Jack...Jack and her...

She opened her door and called down the hallway. "Jack? Can you come in here?"

"What is it?" he called back. "Is it 'nother one o' those spiders?"

"Um...yes!" she said.

She was surprised at how good she could control her lying.

Jack walked to her bedroom. Before he could search the room for any suspecting spiders, Melissa kissed him while leading him to her bed. She hadn't even thought about what to say! That would probably be Jack's job to say something witty.

But, it did not go as planned. Jack said nothing. His eyes were locked on her's, daring her to say something. She decided to take that dare and just flat out say it.

"I love you, Jack," she said.

There. She said it! He knew that she loved him. The only reason that she would continue was if he actually said it back. Why give up something so precious to someone who didn't love her, right?

"That's very sweet o' ya, love," Jack said.

"No, Jack...I love you."

She wasn't prompting him to say it back, but if he was going to give her that smart remark again, he would be sleeping on the couch – again – tonight.

"I love ya too, darlin'."

Either Jack truly meant it, or he was just saying it to get something that they both wanted. She knew that the only way to find out was a simple test.

"Do you love me more than rum?" she asked.

"Eh...I could learn t' love ya more than rum."

"No, Jack." She pinned him down. "Either you love me more than rum or you don't."

Melissa knew that was like asking him if he liked rum or the sea better. But, if he claimed to love her like he did, then he should have no trouble admitting that he loved her more than rum, right?

"I love ya more than rum!" Jack said.

Melissa was satisfied. This was the man who loved her more than rum – and she was about to give her flower to him.

He took her hair out of her bun. Her blonde hair cascaded in waves past her shoulders.

She took off his puffy shirt and put it on floor. The two of them kissed for what seemed like ages, even though she was sure it could have only been a few moments.

Jack slid the strap of her short nightgown down her shoulder. Melissa realized that it would probably be difficult to get out of her clothes this way. Why hadn't she planned this a little better?

Sure enough, Jack found a way. He slid his hand up her thigh, collecting the hem of the dress. His hands slid up her torso, up her arms, and over her head. Jack flung it on the floor next to her. Their two clothing items were piled together.

Jack kissed her neck and slowly made his way through every inch of her body. His kisses were like feathers grazing over her skin. It was making her insane – in a good way.

He ran his hands up her back and unhooked her bra. She was surprised he remembered how to unhook it. Didn't most guys fumble over that? Not Captain Jack Sparrow, apparently.

"I told ya that ya wouldn't be a saint by th' time I'm through with ya," Jack whispered into her ear.

"Well, you were right, then, weren't you?" she whispered back into his ear.

She took off his pants and put it in their pile of clothes that was gathering on her side of the bed. She felt his hand go on her back, holding her close. Melissa was getting extreme chills now. It was nothing compared to the massage he gave her a few nights ago.

His hand slid down her back. The last item of clothing he had to remove was her underwear. This was it. No going back now. Everything between them now was going to be different. He was about to be her first. Jack was about to collect yet another flower to add to his collection. What if he was only using her so they could have one night together? No, surely Jack wouldn't do that. He said that he loved her more than rum! And it would take a very strong Jack to say that.

Melissa was tired of being the good girl who always knew the right thing to say and who followed the rules. She was ready to break that mold. She was ready to do what she wanted and have a new beginning. She was an adult – she could do whatever she wanted! She was more than ready for her newfound freedom.

As Jack took off her underwear, Melissa let her guard down. She, quite possibly the first time in her life, she felt truly satisfied with what she had done.

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