Full Moon

Chapter 1: My Music Career

Sakura smiled as she looked at the application. She had finally finished it and got her grandmother to sign it. It had taken a lot for her grandmother to even consider letting Sakura sing. She hated music and Sakura loved it. Kakashi-sensai fully supported her, one of the main reasons she got her grandmother to sign the application, and would even take her to the audition. She was one step closer to her dream, becoming a professional singer. This would also bring her closer to her beloved Sasuke-kun. Sakura placed a white head band in her hair and smoothed her white pleated skirt. Grinning broadly, the pink haired female of 16 walked out of her room and to the car that awaited her.

"You look lovely, Sakura-chan." Kakashi said, smiling at her.

"Thanks, Kakashi-sensai. That makes me feel a bit less nervous." said Sakura, seating herself and closing the car door.

Kakashi and Sakura arrived at the studio and walked to the entrance. Walking inside made Sakura extremely nervous, there were so many girls there. Kakashi smiled at her reassuringly and gave her a slight push to give her papers to a young brunette woman and get a number.

"I got number 21. Well, that doesn't help me much now does it?" Sakura said with a sigh.

Kakashi chuckled and sat down, patting the seat next to him. Nodding, Sakura sat down and fiddled with her hands.

"You will do fine; just sing what is in your heart. You love singing so give it your all." Kakashi said, soothing Sakura somewhat.

"Number 21, Haruno Sakura is up." came a voice from the loud speaker.

Standing, Sakura smiled slightly and walked to the room where the judges awaited her. Taking a deep breath, she stood before the judges.

"You are Haruno Sakura, correct?" said the blonde male with a small grin.

"H-hai." said Sakura, stuttering slightly.

"You may begin whenever you are ready, Haruno-san." The blonde male said.

Sakura nodded and took another breath in before she let herself sing what was in her heart.

"Tell me babe

How many do I shead my tears?

Every heart…

Every heart is not a gentle yet

Sure I do

I can live with same and lonliness

Every heart

Doesn't understand what to say or what to do

Was afraid of darkness 'cause I found out

I was left alone"

"She sounds so good." The blonde male judge muttered to himself.

"Round and round the planets revolve around the sun

And we always seek after love and peace forever more

Growing, growing wooh baby we can work it out

Look up at the sky every heart is shining there today"

"That will be enough Miss Haruno, Sakaku-san, please announce that the audition is over. We have found our star."

"Hai, Takuto-san." The female said, leaving the room.

"You've found the…star?" Sakura asked, nervous.

"Hai and it's you." Takuto answered with a smile.

Sakura smiled and then gasped, she had been picked! Her dream of becoming a singer was finally here. They wanted her! Sakura grinned and wanted to run to Kakashi-sensai but held her ground.

"My name is Takuto Kei and I will be you're producer. Now follow us." Takuto instructed standing by the door.

Sakura nodded and walked beside Takuto.

"Everyone we have found our star, Haruno Sakura. The auditions are now over. Please go home." announced Takuto.

Sakura turned a flattering shade of chrism and smiled at Kakashi. Kakashi walked over and nodded.

"You are her guardian I presume?" Takuto asked, extending his hand.

"Hai, Hatake Kakashi." Kakashi answered, shaking hands.

"We will be in touch. She will get a manager and such in a few days. Congratulations, Sakura." Takuto said, smiling with charm.

Sakura grinned at him before Kakashi pulled her away. Sighing, Kakashi looked ahead towards the car. So, she was one step closer to seeing Sasuke. This should make things more complicated.

Sakura couldn't stop smiling. She was now closer to seeing Sasuke-kun again! She missed him so and wore the necklace he gave her everyday. She loved him and would tell him this time around and not hold it in. Sakura's fingers toyed with the necklace as she thought. Sasuke-kun, I will show you that I love you and have kept my promise.

A/N: well….that is chapter one. If any of you have watched or read Full Moon Wo Sagashite then you will see the similarities. I have modeled this story after the series; I just tweaked it a bit here and there. I made the story line a bit happier by eliminating the whole dying part and the death of her love.