A Hero Reborn

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Chapter Nine: New Bets, Same Results

Naruto, Hinata, and Jiraiya arrived at their first stop in searching for the slug sannin, Tsunade. There was a fair in the city, which everyone was happy to see. As soon as all three of them checked in a decent hotel, Jiraiya asked his student a question.

"Arashi, I'm going to need to borrow some money to help with the search…" The blond knew where this was going and stopped the toad sannin in the middle of his sentence.

"No way Jiraiya-sensei, you're going to spend it on sake and loose women again, like last time! I'm not giving you my money; it's your fault you didn't bring your own money to spend." Jiraiya attempted a comeback in hopes of getting some money for women.

"It's not like you're spending it here anyway. Come on, even just enough for a couple…"

"I'm spending my money here for Hinata-chan, not for you. We're going to enjoy the fair while we're here." The Hyuuga heiress blushed at hearing that her Naruto-kun was going to take her around the fair. The two young shinobi turned around to leave the hotel, but Jiraiya dropped to his knees and took Naruto's feet in his arms.

"Arashi, please, I need some money! I can't go on without at least some sake! And maybe a couple of…" Naruto didn't want to hear anymore. He dropped a few bills on the floor.

"Fine, fine, just leave us alone while we're here!" Naruto took Hinata by the hand and left the hotel, leaving the perverted sannin to quickly grab the money he received and counted it.

'Wow! This is enough for maybe five women and three days worth of sake! It was worth dropping to my knees in front of my student and his girl.'

Naruto and Hinata walked around the town, exploring everything the fair had to offer. They took their time checking out the various game booths and selling stalls. Eventually, they found a booth where a man offered to take pictures of people.

"Hey Hinata-chan, let's have a couple of pictures taken." The female chuunin looked at her jounin boyfriend and replied.

"That's a great idea Naruto-kun. Let's do it." The young couple walked to the booth and greeted the two men in charge. One of them noticed the two coming over.

"Hello. What can I do for you today?" The man seemed nice and was friendly. Naruto told him what he wanted.

"We want a couple of pictures taken, two copies of each." The man nodded and told his partner to look over the booth. He then guided the two shinobi to where he will take their pictures. After a while, they made it to a garden with a nice house behind it. The man pulled the camera out of his utility bag and told Naruto and Hinata to get ready for the first shot.

"Do as I do, Hinata-chan. I'm sure it'll look good in the picture." Hinata nodded as Naruto took his left arm and put it around Hinata's neck area. She did the same thing to him with her right arm. The two then smiled for the camera as the man took the first shot. The picture was then printed out of the camera and shown to the couple.

"You were right Naruto-kun, it does look good." The photographer nodded and made a copy of the picture and gave it to Naruto. He then told them to get ready for the second and final shot. Naruto whispered something to Hinata which made her blush. She nodded, indicating that she agreed with what Naruto planned.

"Get ready in three… two… one…" As soon as the photographer said 'one', Naruto and Hinata hugged each other and moved closer. Wanting to see what the couple had planned, the man held off the shot until the two were still.

Naruto and Hinata continued to move closer as their lips touched each other. Their kiss was light and innocent, perfect for an everlasting picture. The man smiled and took the last shot and immediately made a second copy, knowing that the two will be satisfied with the results. After hearing the click, Naruto pulled away and smiled at his girlfriend. Hinata returned the smile as she too pulled away. They took the pictures and blushed at how romantic they were in it. The two kept a copy of each picture in their respective wallets. Naruto took out enough money to pay the man and give him extra for doing a good job. The man thanked the couple as he walked back to his stand. As soon as he did, both Naruto and Hinata heard a rumbling sound, but then they realized that it was their own stomachs, demanding some food. The two blushed and giggled at how funny the situation just became.

"Let's get something to eat, Hinata-chan."

"Hai Naruto-kun."

Naruto and Hinata arrived at one of the restaurants in the village. The two took their seats and called for a waiter. After looking at the menu to see what the place had to offer, Hinata already knew what she wanted to eat. However, the same couldn't be said for Naruto; there was no ramen on the menu.

"I'll have an order of cinnamon rolls. What about you, Naruto-kun?" The blond couldn't decide on what to eat, so he ordered the same thing, thinking that it had to taste good if Hinata liked it.

"The same please." The waiter took their orders and left, leaving the couple alone once again. Hinata took the initiative and started a conversation.

"Naruto-kun, is there a reason why you ordered cinnamon rolls?"

"There was no ramen, so I ordered the same thing. I figured that it had to be good if you like it. Besides, the two of us have been eating my favorite food back in Konoha, so it's time we ate your favorite." This comment earned a smile from his pale girlfriend, which he returned. The waiter then arrived with their orders along with a couple of glasses of water. The two then began to eat.

"Wow, this is good! Now I know why you like it so much!" After Naruto had taken his first bite of cinnamon rolls in his life, he immediately liked the taste of it. To him, it was almost comparable to ramen. He liked the taste so much that he ordered two more for take-out. Hinata smiled at knowing that Naruto also liked her favorite food. During the middle of their meal, Naruto started another conversation.

"Hinata-chan, we're going to resume your training on summoning tomorrow. When we're done eating, we're going back to the hotel to get an early rest." Hinata nodded to show her agreement. A few minutes later, the two were finished eating. Naruto paid for their meals and left the restaurant along with Hinata.

Along the way to the hotel, the two spotted Jiraiya in an alley, unconscious. He had a bottle of sake in his right hand, which meant that he was drunk. He also had a piece of paper on his left hand. Naruto took the paper and saw that it was a membership certificate to a specific brothel in the town. It had four stamps on it, indicating that Jiraiya was busy with some women the entire time.

"I knew I shouldn't have given him money." Hinata silently agreed with him. She didn't expect this behavior from one of the legendary sannin. If Orochimaru was a traitor and Jiraiya was a pervert, she didn't want to know what Tsunade was.

"What will we do with him, Naruto-kun?" The blond already knew what to do.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan; I'm used to this already. It happened all the time when he was training me before." Naruto made a few handseals and bit his thumb.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu." A puff of smoke later, a medium-sized toad appeared. The toad looked to his left when Naruto pointed in that direction. The toad just sighed at seeing Jiraiya drunk again. This toad was the one always summoned whenever the perverted sannin was either drunk or unconscious. The toad shot out its tongue and put Jiraiya on top of itself. The group then walked back to the hotel room.

After arriving at their hotel room, the toad dumped Jiraiya on the floor and left. Naruto didn't even bother putting the sannin on one of the beds in the room. He deserved it for getting drunk again and on an important mission no less. Hinata went to the bathroom to change into her lavender nightgown as Naruto changed into his sleeping attire in the main room. Naruto then lied down on the bed and closed his eyes. They were opened once again when he felt Hinata lie down next to him on the same bed and wrapped one of her arms around him.

"H-Hinata-chan… What are you doing?"

"I want to sleep with you Naruto-kun." Naruto blushed hard when he heard these words come out of her mouth. Hinata then realized what she said and blushed hard as well. She tried to repair the situation, but it only got worse.

"W-wait! I didn't m-mean it t-that way! Well, actually I did… N-no! W-what am I s-saying!?" Hinata was blushing even harder at this point. Naruto, wanting to save his girlfriend from embarrassment, wrapped an arm around her just like she did earlier.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan, I know what you mean." Hinata calmed down as her blush faded away slowly. The two were now lying down on the bed next to each other with an arm wrapped around the other.

"Good night, Hinata-chan. I love you." Naruto gave Hinata another short but sweet kiss on the lips. When they parted, Hinata was looking at Naruto with a smile.

"Good night, Naruto-kun. I love you too." Naruto returned the smile as Hinata closed her eyes and went to sleep. Naruto had one last thought before he did the same.

'I want it that way too… Maybe in the future, when we're ready…'

(Next day)

Naruto woke up to the harsh glare of the sun in his face. He was enjoying the time he spent sleeping next to Hinata, but the sun had to ruin another one of his happy moments. He saw a piece of paper on one of the tables and moved closer to look at it. He realized that it was a letter and read it.


I found out where Tsunade is. Meet me at the north entrance of the village at 9 am.


Naruto checked the time only to see that it was already 8:30. Realizing that they had to get ready quickly, he went back to the bed and tried to wake his girlfriend up.

"Hinata-chan, wake up. We need to go." His words didn't do the job, so he tried again, this time with a few nudges.

"Hinata-chan, we need to go, now." He received a response, but it wasn't the one he was looking for, even though he liked it.

"Mmm… Naruto-kun…" Realizing that he had to wake her up soon, he resorted to his last measure. He wanted to do it anyway, so why not now? Moving his head downward towards her face, Naruto gave Hinata a full kiss on the lips. This woke up the surprised Hyuuga heiress. Naruto knew she woke up when she returned the kiss. They parted after a few seconds.

"Hinata-chan, we need to go. Get dressed, we're leaving." Nodding, Hinata took her clothes and went to the bathroom to change and freshen up quickly. Naruto also changed into his usual attire. When they were both done, the two ran towards the north entrance, where Jiraiya was waiting. They made it just in time.

"Tsunade's in the next city. We need to move quickly before she leaves. Let's go." The three then left the village and ran to the next, where they hope they will find the slug sannin.

The group arrived at the next city, only taking a day. They stopped running when they reached the city gates. Naruto told Hinata to activate her bloodline limit to make the search go faster.

"Byakugan!" As soon as she activated her bloodline, the three walked in a normal pace around the city. It only took a few minutes before Hinata spotted Tsunade.

"She's in that bar over there." They went inside and sat at the same table Tsunade was in. The slug sannin only noticed the group when they sat down. She was too distracted in her own thoughts. A woman holding a pig who was with Tsunade also looked surprised at the arrival of Jiraiya and two ninja she didn't know.

"Jiraiya… What are you doing here? I'm meeting old friends by the hour." Jiraiya frowned upon hearing this.

"Orochimaru? What did he want?" The mention of the traitor being in the area made Naruto's blood boil. His eyes were turning red; no doubt the product of not only his anger, but also the Kyuubi's. He was flaring chakra at an alarming rate. Hinata noticed this and stopped him with an embrace and a few soothing words. She succeeded in calming him down.

"Nothing much, we just said hello. Who are these two kids you brought along?"

"This is my student, Arashi. I'm sure you know him already. She is Hyuuga Hinata, his girl." Both Tsunade and Shizune were shocked. Did he just say that this man was Arashi, his student, the fourth hokage? They had to confirm this.

"Arashi, as in the Yondaime Hokage? But he died 12 years ago!" Everyone in the bar heard what Tsunade said and looked at the group with faces of confusion. Naruto noticed this and decided to get away from everyone.

"Yes, that's me. We'd better leave, there are a lot of people listening and looking at us right now." Nodding slowly, Tsunade and Shizune paid for their drinks. The group then left, heading towards the hotel where Tsunade was staying. Upon arriving at the hotel, Tsunade was immediately asking Naruto some questions.

"If you're really the Yondaime, prove it." Naruto created a kage bunshin and had it use henge to transform into his old appearance before the Kyuubi incident. The similarities were abundant; there was no more doubt in Tsunade's mind that he was telling the truth. Naruto dispelled the clone after a while.

"Remember when Kyuubi attacked and I sealed him inside me, leading to our deaths?" Both Tsunade and Shizune nodded. "During the process, Kyuubi turned me into a child to save both of our lives. He did that to make sure that he kills the person responsible for the death of his family, as well as the one who started the attack in the first place. That person is Orochimaru." Before Tsunade could say anything, Jiraiya spoke up, informing the two about the reason they were sent here.

"Tsunade, we're here to ask you to become the Godaime Hokage. Sarutobi-sensei is retiring soon." The slug sannin was quick to reply.

"I decline. I promised myself that I would never set foot in that village again, and I intend on keeping my word." Naruto wasn't going to accept that for an answer and resorted to the one thing that Tsunade would never back down from.

"How about we bet on it, Tsunade?" Tsunade was intrigued at his offer.

"Go on."

"I bet that I can teach Hinata-chan a jounin-level jutsu in a week. If I win, you come back to Konoha and accept the role of Hokage. If you win, we'll leave you alone forever and you never have to return to the village if you don't want to."

Tsunade was thinking about the possible outcomes of the bet. Even if this man was indeed the Yondaime, he was still teaching a 12 year old freshly promoted chuunin. There was no way that the Hyuuga could learn a jounin-level technique in a week. She then made her decision.

"I accept. Let's go, Shizune." With that, Tsunade, Shizune, and TonTon left the hotel to go somewhere. Jiraiya followed them, out of money for women.

"Are you sure you should have done that, Naruto-kun? What if you lose the bet?" Naruto just laughed upon hearing this from Hinata.

"Hinata-chan, don't worry. Tsunade isn't called the Legendary Sucker for nothing. Let's go continue your progress on Kuchiyose no Jutsu." Together, the two left the hotel to find somewhere to train on.

Four days had passed since the bet was finalized. Hinata was slowly learning how to summon foxes. Even though it took longer than usual, Naruto was sure that she would learn this before the deadline of the bet. Naruto saw Hinata having trouble with the jutsu and moved to help her with it.

"Hinata-chan, focus on summoning a fox. Don't focus on your chakra alone." Hinata nodded as she got back to training. Naruto couldn't help but smile at how hard she was working. He made sure to show how proud he was of her later on.

'At this rate, I'll have to teach Hinata-chan the Rasengan sooner than I thought... I'll work on adding the elemental properties when that time comes.'

Another two days had passed. Hinata had mastered the jutsu, but was sleeping from overexhaustion. Naruto was with her all the time, only leaving her alone for bathroom breaks. He had already changed into his sleeping attire during his last bathroom break. While Hinata was sleeping, Naruto took the opportunity to appreciate everything about her. He recalled every moment they spent together before they admitted their feelings for each other.

He remembered how they first met at the training grounds back then when he was four. He remembered everything; how she blushed and stuttered all the time, and how she looked after him while he was sleeping.

He remembered his 'second' first day at the academy. Hinata was the only one he knew, and the two spent as much time together as possible. He remembered how he realized how Hinata truly felt about him; and how she admitted that she liked him.

He remembered their days as team 8. Every mission they went on, every moment the two of them were together, either just passing time or training. He specifically remembered the mission to Wave and how Hinata had been the one to stop him from killing Haku with his Rasengan. It was too bad that both Haku and Zabuza had to die, but that was the life of a shinobi.

He remembered every single moment when he was teaching her various suiton jutsus. How she would practice and train hard to make sure that she mastered the technique while exceeding his expectations.

He remembered the one month break before the chuunin exam finals. How they were training, preparing to face each other in the first round of the finals. He especially remembered their first kiss and how they admitted their love to each other.

The two have been inseparable ever since.

Naruto remembered everything that he did with Hinata. Both of them would feel happy when they were with each other. Both of them would feel complete as long as they were together.

'She is the right woman for me. No one else compares to her. This might be a bit too soon, but I'm thinking about asking her to marry me when we're of legal age.'

'Thinking about marriage already, Arashi? Well, both of you are perfect for each other. I'm sure she'll agree with marriage, but don't ask her just yet.'

'Why not?'

'Both of you are too young for such a strong commitment. Even if you're old enough mentally, think about her and what she'll go through.'

'You're right. I'll hold it off until I think she's ready.'

'She's waking up. It's best if you let her rest until tomorrow.'

'Good idea. Thanks Kyuubi.'

As the fox said, Hinata was waking up. She stirred, trying to grasp her surroundings. She saw a brilliant shade of blond and immediately smiled knowing what that meant. She tried to get up, but Naruto's hand was preventing her from doing so.

"Stay in bed, Hinata-chan. You need your rest." The Hyuuga nodded, but she added something else.

"Only if you stay in bed with me, Naruto-kun." A smile was immediately followed by some movement as Naruto lied down next to Hinata on the bed. The two then wrapped an arm around each other as both of them had a short kiss and slept.

A few minutes after the couple slept, Tsunade walked in the room. She immediately took notice of the position both Naruto and Hinata were in. She smiled at them before getting to her own bed and preparing for tomorrow's events.

(The next day)

Naruto woke up only to see that Hinata was the only one in the room with him. He was wondering where Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune were. Hinata woke up when she sensed her Naruto-kun move. She too noticed the lack of people in the room.

"Naruto-kun, where are the others?" He too wanted to know the answer to that question.

"I don't know. Get dressed, we're looking for them." As soon as the two were in presentable form, they went out of the hotel. Hinata activated her Byakugan to search for any traces of chakra that they had left. What she saw shocked her.

"Naruto-kun, they are fighting Orochimaru on the outskirts of the city." Naruto was in full attention at this point. This was another chance to kill the snake bastard. Kyuubi was in full attention as well, knowing that this might be the day his revenge is fulfilled.

"Hinata-chan, do you still have the kunai I gave you back then?" The Hyuuga pulled it out of her kunai pouch and showed it to Naruto. "Great, hold it and don't let go of it. Let's go."

The couple quickly ran to the battlefield, knowing that the rest of the group was in danger.

(Outside the city)

Orochimaru and his assistant Kabuto were currently enjoying the advantage they had over Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune. Right from the beginning of the battle, Orochimaru summoned a pool of blood around the area, rendering Tsunade useless due to her hemophobia. Kabuto quickly dealt with Shizune, while Orochimaru was having fun at slowly beating Jiraiya. The snake sannin said a few words to Tsunade.

"You should have just accepted my offer, Tsunade. This wouldn't have happened if you did."

"I'm never joining your pathetic village after I heard the truth about the attack all those years ago!" Orochimaru was curious as to where she found out. From Jiraiya perhaps?

"If that's the case, then you're going to die right now. You should thank me for reuniting you with your loved ones, Dan and Nawaki." Before the snake sannin could launch an attack, there were a couple of new arrivals at the battle, one of which Orochimaru wasn't very happy to see.

"Arashi-kun, glad you could join us." Deep inside, the snake sannin was scared for his life. The only person that could end his existence just arrived at the battle. Orochimaru then decided to fight, knowing that he would never regain the courage to do so if he ran away.

"I'm never glad to see you, Orochimaru. I'm going to kill you, right here and now." Naruto scanned his surroundings only to see that both Jiraiya and Kabuto were tired. Shizune was limping back to where Tsunade was, grouping the people who couldn't fight anymore together. He quickly formulated a plan in his head.

"Jiraiya, go fight the bastard's apprentice over there. Hinata-chan, please guard Tsunade and Shizune. I'll take care of Orochimaru." The ones addressed obeyed his command as the blond was getting ready to verse the traitorous sannin.

Orochimaru was no slouch either. He knew that he was tired from fighting Jiraiya earlier. He couldn't keep up with the Yondaime in his state. Biting his thumb and making the required handseals, the snake sannin called forth his most powerful summon, hoping that it would ensure his victory. Naruto saw the seals he was making and he quickly made the same set. Both of them simultaneously slammed their palms on the ground and applied a lot of chakra.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu." The area was covered in a large amount of smoke, no doubt coming from the newly summoned beings. The smoke dispersed after a few seconds.

In the battlefield, Naruto stood on top of Kyuubi's head, staring at Orochimaru, who stood on top of Manda's head. Jiraiya was battling Kabuto a fair distance away from the two, while Tsunade, Shizune, and Hinata were just watching the events pass by.

Orochimaru decided to face his fears and fight, but his summon was starting to have second thoughts.

"Orochimaru, I asked for more challenging opponents, but I did not mean the damn nine tails! You're on your own this time." This infuriated the sannin even more. He angrily stomped on the head of his snake.

"You worthless snake! I summoned you here to fight, not to run away!" The great Manda didn't like being stomped on and being called worthless. He decided to get back at the sannin by tossing him using his head. Orochimaru landed just in front of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Manda had a few last words before getting back to his realm.

"The next time you summon me, I'm going to devour you whole." With that, the snake disappeared, leaving a very frightened sannin in front of his worst fear. Kyuubi just licked his teeth and showed off a grin that meant death.

"Nowhere to run now, you damn bastard. I'm going to enjoy tearing your flesh apart!" The fox lunged forward at the snake sannin. Orochimaru, valuing his life over everything else, used shunshin after shunshin to try to escape the situation. Unfortunately for him, each shunshin he used was merely equivalent to one leap of the fox. Orochimaru was running out of chakra. He took a quick look at the area, searching for something, anything that would help him escape. His eyes saw the Hyuuga guarding Tsunade and her assistant.

'There's my chance to get away.'

Orochimaru summoned his sword, Kusanagi, and sent it flying at the Hyuuga heiress. Hinata could only look in shock at the blade heading her way. She couldn't move out of the way. Naruto saw the danger of the situation and immediately moved to save his girl.

"Hiraishin no Jutsu!" Naruto used his most powerful technique to appear in front of Hinata and take the hit for her. Her eyes widened when she saw the sword stab her Naruto-kun in the back. His eyes showed pain, but the overwhelming desire to protect the love of his life made the pain bearable. Naruto pulled out the sword and threw it at the ground. He once again screamed in pain, but he was not the only one hurting.

Kyuubi was also screaming in pain. His body was linked to Arashi's because of the seal, therefore any pain the blond felt would also be felt by the fox. Kyuubi fell down in pain and was slow to get back up. Knowing that Orochimaru was once again getting away, he let out a loud roar that could be heard miles away from the area. He slowly dispersed into red chakra and went back to the seal to help Arashi heal the stab wound.

Orochimaru got lucky, again. He immediately took the opportunity and recalled his sword. As soon as he did, he vanished into nothingness, escaping death once again.

Naruto turned around and no longer saw the snake sannin in sight. His eyes became red and slitted in anger. He needed to vent it out before he did anything that he would regret. Naruto looked around for something to release his anger on. His eyes widened and he grinned at what he saw.

Kabuto was still there.

Naruto made a Rasengan in his hand and quickly ran towards the silver-haired spy. After all, he did promise to kill him at sight, and here was his chance. Kabuto was too busy trying to fend off Jiraiya's attacks. He didn't see the Yondaime coming at him with force. When he recognized the blond and the sphere of chakra on his hand, it was too late.

Naruto shoved the sphere of chakra roughly into Kabuto's body as the Rasengan slowly grinded through his body. The force of the technique was too much for the silver-haired ninja to handle. The Rasengan tore through his internal organs as he fell to the ground, lifeless. Naruto turned back to normal after he made the kill.

"We're done here. Let's go back to the hotel and rest up." Everyone else just looked at him with widened eyes and nodded slowly. They were still able to walk back to the hotel after the day's events.

(Hotel room)

Everyone arrived at the hotel in relative peace. Those who were tired immediately went to bed and lied down to rest. Naruto then remembered the bet he had with the Legendary Sucker and reminded her of the terms of it.

"It's the deadline for the bet. I'm sure you remember the conditions of it." Tsunade nodded and waited for the outcome. Naruto told Hinata to come closer and perform the technique. Hinata bit her thumb and made the handseals required.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" A puff of smoke later, a medium-sized fox appeared. Hinata nodded at the fox and it disappeared and went back to where it came from. Naruto hugged Hinata and congratulated her for doing a great job. He then let go and looked at Tsunade, who only had her mouth wide open at what she saw.

"I win the bet, Tsunade. You have to hold your end of the deal and become Godaime Hokage." Tsunade was smirking this time, leaving Naruto to question her motives.

"I would have gone back anyway after I heard what Orochimaru did. That makes our bet worthless." It was Naruto's turn to smirk, and Tsunade's turn to question his motives.

"It wasn't worthless. Hinata-chan is getting better everyday. In a few years time, she'll be one of the strongest in the village." Hinata was blushing at his words. She looked at him and asked a question.

"Naruto-kun, do you really think I'll be that strong?" The blond simply looked at her and smiled.

"Of course Hinata-chan. You'll be one of the best in the village soon enough, even better than both the pervert and the old woman." Hinata knew who the pervert was, but she didn't know about the old woman.

"Old woman?" Tsunade was almost seething right now. The slug sannin moved closer in an attempt to hit the Yondaime, but his next words stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Don't make me drop your genjutsu, Tsunade." Tsunade reluctantly stopped and went back to bed to rest up and prepare for the trip back. She valued her youthful appearance just as much as Orochimaru valued his life and Jiraiya valued women. Hinata was amazed at how much power a simple threat had over a sannin like Tsunade. She was naturally curious about it, and asked her boyfriend.


"Tsunade uses a powerful henge to make her look like she's twenty, when she's actually fifty." Naruto then lied down on his bed and motioned Hinata to lie down next to him. She happily did and the two enjoyed being next to each other. For the rest of the day, both Naruto and Hinata traded stories and held each other lovingly until night has passed and sleep has consumed them.

(Konoha, a few days later)

The village was in celebration as their next Hokage was introduced in front of them. All of them rejoiced at the return of Tsunade, the legendary slug sannin. After giving her acceptance speech in front of the entire village, Tsunade walked back to her new office wanting to start her job on a good note. Unfortunately for her, that wasn't possible for any newly crowned kage.

Tsunade arrived at her office only to see a grinning Naruto and a smiling Hinata with him. Both of them congratulated her for her new position in the village. Naruto had something to add that would make any kage weep in despair. He knew that from personal experience, so it wasn't an exaggeration.

"Tsunade, meet your worst enemy as Hokage of Konoha." Just then, the previous hokage, Sarutobi, came into the room carrying a huge stack of papers. As if that wasn't enough, Tsunade's assistant, Shizune, also came into the room carrying her own stack of papers. TonTon added even more insult to injury as the pig used its mouth to bring a few more papers into Tsunade's new office. Needless to say, the slug sannin was almost crying at what she had to work on, and that was just today's stack.

"Don't worry Tsunade; you'll only have to wait a few more years before I take back my position. But after seeing just how much paperwork has to be done these days, I'm thinking of waiting a little longer than that." Naruto was now laughing at thinking how long Tsunade will be dealing with all the paperwork required. He didn't mind doing all of it; he had a few methods in mind to avoid the dreaded task. Tsunade wanted to get back at the blond, and she could do it seeing that she was Hokage.

"I'm giving you a D-rank mission tomorrow. Laugh at that, Arashi." Tsunade was about to laugh hard, but she stopped when she saw Naruto with a grin on his face.

"That's fine, more paperwork for you then." Naruto then left the room laughing as a giggling Hinata left the room with him.

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He will use the name 'Naruto' because it officially became his new name when the Third ordered it so back in chapter one. I can see him using his Kazama name, but he has gotten used to being called Naruto (especially Naruto-kun) a bit too much to go back to his old name of Arashi.

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"I'm not training you, Sasuke. That is final." The Uchiha was angry at the blond. He deserved power more than anyone else, and someone that could give it to him outright denied him.

"If you're not going to train me, then fight me. I want to measure my capacity."