Title: Paths We Mean To Follow
Chapter Title: Delek's Dilemma
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Delek, Garshaw/Yosuf, Jacob/Selmak, Malek, Samantha Carter, SG-1
Rating: Gen (G)
Summary: Delek has to come to terms with why he has so much dislike for the Tauri, a few home truths need to come out in the open. This story is set around the episode Death Knell and a disclaimer must be added to this story, so all characters unless stated otherwise are not owned by me, they are owned by MGM and any other individual/corporate name attached to the Stargate franchise.


Delek's Dilemma

A momentary lull after the latest battle between the Goa'uld and the Tok'Ra had not gone to plan, over 30 casualties and 1 fatality, morale was at an all time low.

" Yet another of our brother's have fallen Anten, if this keeps up we will be extinct before we are even half way through this century things are going from bad to worse " Delek moaned to his host.

" Do not be such a drama Queen " Was the abrupt and non sympathetic reply

" Now see, that Tauri pain in the Mik'ta is even influencing you, this must stop before the Tok'Ra totally loose their identity " Delek continued to rage.

Garshaw watched the high councillor as he had his internal debate with deep concern for her friend and colleague.

" Delek I need you to accompany Jacob on the Tauri home world, the alpha site was attacked by one of Anubis' drones, everything is in disarray, we need to sort out this mess a.s.a.p. "

" Right away Master Garshaw " a.s.a.p. he thought to himself, yes even Garshaw had been corrupted.

Delek arrived on Earth to find a rather distressed Jacob Carter/Selmak, it seems that Jacob's daughter was still unaccounted for and he was obviously distressed

" Nothing good will come of this my friend " Delek said to his host genuinely upset for Jacob. A little while later and Delek was notified of Sam's rescue, he was surprised that he felt relief, but still there was a small matter that needed to be attended to

" So to the briefing room yet again " He sighed
First of all we'd like to congratulate you on the recovery of Major Carter. We're glad to know that she is safe.

"Thank you." General Hammond replied

" I have spoken to the High Council with regard to the situation at the Alpha Site. The Council believes the best solution is for the Tok'Ra to leave." Delek continued

"Is that really necessary?"

"If this partnership were to continue, you would insist on full disclosure of all our covert operations, would you not Dr Jackson?"

"I'm afraid that's non negotiable." Stated General Hammond

" In that case we must refuse. Secrecy is our only weapon. It's all we've ever known."

" The Jaffa too will be leaving." M'Zel of the Jaffa added

"I don't understand. With the Tok'Ra gone... "

"We are not leaving because of the Tok'Ra. We are leaving because it is what we must do. On your base, you dictate the terms, we must consult you before we take any action. There are those among us who feel we simply traded one master for another General Hammond".

"We're not trying to tell you what to do. We simply think it's important to co-ordinate our efforts." The General sighed.

"Unlike the Tauri or the Tok'Ra. The Jaffa are still learning what it means to be free. In order to do this we must have our own bases. Train our own leaders, build our own communities. We must do this for ourselves or it would have no meaning. Only then can we be equal partners in any alliance." The Jaffa spokes person added.

"I'm sorry, this is nuts! My friend almost died out there so that we could get a weapon capable of stopping Anubis' soldiers. And now we're finally in a position where we can really make a difference, and you wanna walk away?" Daniel bit at the people that were acting like children in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Doctor Jackson." Delek apologised, he really did like this man and did not like him to be upset

"This is how it must be" M'Zel stated

In the Infirmary Sam woke to find her father sitting there.

"Howdy kid. You were asleep for a long time. You gave me quite a scare.

"I'm sorry".

" Jack told me what happened. I'm proud of you. Look Sam, I may not be able to come around as much for the next little while"

" What do you mean? "

"Things kind of got screwed up while you were out there. The alliance is in trouble."

"I don't understand."

"You don't need to know the details right now. Let's just say we're going our separate ways for a while. If I stay with the Tok'Ra, I can at least try to mend some fences."

"You sure? DAD"

" I'm not ready to give up on this just yet." He said to his daughter kissing her. "Don't worry, I'll be back eventually."

"I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too".

" Well, that went better than I could have hoped " Delek gleefully said to his host.

" Delek, try not to be happy about this situation, in all likelihood Jacob will not see his daughter for a very long time, you know how he loves his family, you forced him to choose and he chose the Tok'ra, surely that should gain your respect at least ? "

" Yes Anten, you are correct. Do you think I should go and talk to him ?"

" Leave him a while my friend, he will be both sad and very angry, I do not believe yours will be the face he will wish to set eyes upon any time soon." Anten reasoned.

" When then ? " Delek continued to press his host

" We will try our first attempt tomorrow "

24 Tauri hours later…..

" Jacob, I was leaving for Pangara to pick up some supplies, would you accompany me ? " Delek asked his one time friend.

" You sure I can be trusted Delek ? " Selmak spat at him

" Selmak? Look I realise that you are angry but….."

" Angry doesn't begin to describe what I'm feeling right now Delek, betrayed would begin to describe it " The elder raged at what he considered a spoiled brat.

" Betrayed ? " Delek asked, shocked at his fellow councillor's choice of words.

" Well I was effectively kicked off the council was I not ? " Jacob's soul mate ranted.

" You are still a member of the high council Selmak" Delek replied, he was ashamed of the way he and the rest of the council had treated the oldest and wisest of the Tok'Ra.

" How can that be Delek? I would be involved in ALL discussions if I was, would I not" Jacob asked sarcastically.

" Hind sight maybe the Tauri should have been notified, it's just, well we have lost so many " Delek tried to reason.

" That may be, but I don't see how you can blame the Tauri for that, and may I remind you how many of those that were lost were lost because the Goa'uld were trying to prevent the Tauri/Tok'Ra alliance, does the name Martouf ring any bells ?, the Goa'uld know that this alliance could spell the end for the system lords " Selmak continued.

" Martouf was a good friend " Delek whispered, Selmak's words stung like salt in an open wound as they sank in.

" Yes, I remember you two were close, I also remember you being pro Tauri until that point, you have had it in for them ever since, you've especially had it in for Jacob, it wouldn't have something to do with the fact that Samantha was the one to pull the trigger by any chance ? " Selmak pressed.

" That's absurd, I would nev…."Delek stopped mid sentence and for the first time actually thought about the chain of events, " You know, I never actually sat down and thought about it, but now I think about it I, I do miss him a lot, he's the only real friend I had, oh what a fool I've been."

" I miss him too Delek, but it's not right to punish me for the actions of another and it's not right to punish Sam, she did as she was asked Delek, Martouf asked her to end it, the destruction would have been great and nothing there would be nothing to autopsy" Jacob sighed.

" I owe you both an apology Jacob, I was so caught up in my own grief I saw nothing else"

" It's ok Delek, lets concentrate on sorting this mess out or he died in vain and I for one am not prepared for that to happen " Jacob told the young high councillor

" Put it that way my friend, neither am I, but how do we sort out this mess ? "

" Let's go get these supplies, we can talk about it along the way " Jacob said smiling softly at the grief stricken man in front of him.

Back at the SGC everything was just about getting back to normal, well as normal as it possibly could get anyway,

" How you holding up Carter ?" O'Neill asked, he sounded much like her father which she found slightly amusing.

" I'll be ok Sir, just a little bruised "

" That's not what I mean " O'Neill pressed further, Sam wasn't one to explain her feelings, a side effect of being military trained unfortunately.

" I know, I miss him already " She sighed sadly

" It'll be ok, it'll all come out in the wash, you'll see" Jack reassured his secret love.

" Are you well Major Carter ?" Teal'c asked concerned.

" I'm fine Teal'c, thanks."

" I believe that we are to return to Pangara, more tretonin is required and Daniel Jackson was eager to see Egeria's tomb " The rather large Jaffa stated.

" Anything to do with Earth's history, Ancient Egypt specifically and he's like a child in a candy store" Jack grinned, he knew exactly what Daniel would say, how Daniel would react and how Daniel would not shut up about it for days after the fact. " Oh well, sooner we get this over with, the sooner my ears will stop ringing." Jack sighed aloud.

" Welcome back to Pangara SG1" Tagar said a little too enthusiastically.

" Good to see you again Tagar " O'Neill said to the Pangaran Military attaché in his best diplomatic tone of voice.

" If you will follow me, we have a banquet set up for all our guests " Tagar asked the Tau'Ri guests.

" All?" Sam asked curiously.

" Yes, since the unfortunate demise of the Tok'Ra queen the people of Pangara have felt obligated to assist her children with anything that they possibly can, we supply essential necessities like food for example." The man explained, a sadness tinged his voice as he did so.

" There are Tok'Ra here?" Sam asked hopefully.

" Yes, the one's named Selmak and Delek" Tagar answered, Sam's heart skipped a beat, her father, she had thought she would never see him again. Jacob looked shocked and pleased as Samantha walked through the door.

" I took the liberty of timing our visit to coincide with SG1, a peace offering if you will " Delek smiled at his friend.

" Thank you Delek, it is appreciated " Jacob smiled in return, he was trying and that was a start.

" Would you mind if I stole her for a moment? If I do not say what I need to now I will loose my nerve " The high councillor asked slightly embarrassed.

" Sure, oh and Delek, good luck, She has a temper that puts mine in the shade " Jacob teased.

" Nice of you to warn us " Delek said even more nervous than he started out. " Major Carter, may I speak with you?, in, what was it Jacob called it?" He asked himself aloud

"Private?" Sam asked, slightly amused at the child like manner that this symbiote had.

" Yes, that was the word he used , Tagar, is there somewhere my friend and I can go to have a little, privacy?"

" Certainly, if you both would follow me "

" Right Delek, what's all this about ? " Sam bit at him as Tagar closed the door.

" I wanted to apologise for my behaviour " He stated, a little more abruptly than he wished the words to be spoken.

" Excuse me ? " Sam asked, the wind had been completely taken out of her sails.

" Your father helped me to realise something today "

" Oh?" Sam replied, she was damned if she was going to make this easy for him.

" Yes, I'm not sure if you are aware but Martouf and I were very good friends" Delek sighed mournfully.

" I remember" Sam said feeling a sharp pain in her heart at the mentioning of Martouf's name.

" I forget you were host to Jolinar, as I was saying your father helped me realise that I was redirecting my anger towards the Tauri because of his death, he was my only real friend among us, well that is, next to your father, at least until I, threw a tool in the job, and as far as I was concerned you took him away, What is so funny?" Delek asked, hurt that she found his feelings amusing

" I'm sorry Delek, the term is throw a spanner in the works " Sam explained, Delek started to laugh aswel as he recognised the error in his wording. Sam's mood suddenly changed to one of sadness as what Delek had told her hit home, all this time she had been caught up in her own feelings that she had forgotten that others were hurting also, " I'm sorry Delek" She sighed.

" Why do you apologise to me when I have done so much to sabotage this alliance ? " Delek asked in total shock.

" I'm sorry because I should have realised you were hurting as well, It took me so long to realise that it was me in love with Martouf and Lantash and not Jolinar I was devastated when he asked me to kill him, I didn't think that anyone else existed outside of my own pain" Sam explained.

" You were in love with them?" Delek asked the sad woman that sat beside him.


" Then I am doubly sorry Major Carter "

" Sam"

" I'm sorry ?"

" My friends call me Sam "

" Then we are friends?" Delek asked hopefully.

" We are, shall we get back to the party ? " Sam asked cheerfully.

" That sounds like a good plain of attack as your father would say "

" Plan of attack " Sam corrected and smiled as she took Delek by the hand and led him back to the banquet hall.

" All sorted Sammie ? " Sam's father asked hopefully.

" All sorted Dad"

" Now, how do we get this alliance back on track ? "

" You leave that to me, my mess, my problem" Delek sighed at what he considered a big task in front of him.

" Are all the provisions accounted for Anten ? " Garshaw asked as what Jacob had called double trouble walked through the Tok'Ra tunnels.

" Yes Master Garshaw " The young man replied.

" I still don't know why a member of the high council had to go when a simple Centurion would suffice " Garshaw stated, she was a little annoyed that such an important individual had been used in such a trivial manner

" We had ulterior motives " Delek stated in a tone that stated he would not accept any hassle from anyone.

" SG1 were present " Garshaw stated flatly

" How? " Delek asked shocked at his Master's statement

" I've known for a long time about the problems you were dealing with, I am well aware of your friendship with Martouf and Lantash "

" Then why did you allow me to go so far? " Delek asked in amazement.

" Delek, if our brothers and sisters are hurting we do what we can to ease the pain, you wished no contact with the Tauri so we severed all ties and Jacob was kept from the council meetings " Garshaw explained gently.

" I've been such a fool " The high councillor chastised himself openly.

" It is damage that can be repaired, do not worry yourself " Garshaw smiled, it was so good to see the old Delek coming back to life.

" Well, I was not expecting that. " Delek said sitting next to Jacob in the food hall, everything went quiet.

" I think they're all expecting a punch up " Selmak giggled as Malek sat next to the duo.

" Are we all friends again ? " He asked in a bored now sort of way.

" All friends again" Jacob echoed at another he considered a good friend.

" When is our next trip to Tauri? " Delek said enthusiastically

" Eager to mend bridges my friend ? " Malek asked his little brother, grinning from ear to ear.

" No Malek, I think he's set his sights on my daughter " Jacob smiled. " Why Delek, I don't think I've ever seen the colour in you face so high" Jacob stated in amusement and started to laugh very loudly, which Malek found quiet contagious, pretty soon the whole Tok'Ra eatery was full with laughter for the first time in an age.

" Receiving Tok'Ra IDC " Walter announced over the loud speaker.

" Tok'Ra? I thought they weren't our friends anymore " O'Neill quipped.

" Sir, you were with us on the last mission, and in any case..., You didn't read my report did you Sir ? " Sam sighed exasperated.

" You're supposed to read those things ? " O'Neill asked while stratching his head in a confused manner.

" Sir?"

" Just messing with you Carter, I know how important this is to us and to you " He grinned.

" Hey Jacob , Welcome home, Hello again Delek ."

" Hello Colonel O'Neill, I need to…."

" Look Delek, it's water under the bridge, in the past, not to be thought of again…I was there remember, and contrary to human belief I can read and yes I did read Carter's report, it's ok, really." He reassured the embarrassed high councillor.

" Thank you for being so understanding, I'm not sure I would be if our roles were reversed." Delek replied.

" There's a lot riding on this, I'm sure you would do what was right. I know what it's like to lose a friend and a member of the family, it's not easy"

" No, it is not " Delek agreed.

" You know, you have friends and I'm sure we'll help you if you want us to " O'Neill pushed gently.

" It is appreciated, would it be possible to talk with you later ?, In private?" He was fast becoming to like that word, privacy was not necessarily a bad thing and he was also coming to see Jacob's liking for doors, not that there would be any added in the Tok'Ra chambers, but perhaps a small chamber could be added for the Tauri that had joined the ranks of the Tok'Ra to go and collect their thoughts.

" Not a problem " O'Neill had said bringing him out of his thoughts.

" Thank you Colonel O'Neill" Delek replied cheerfully, it would be so good to finally release all of this tension he had built up within him.

" Your welcome, hey look, I'm sure what ever you've come for isn't life threatening right?"

" That's right " Delek replied finally relaxing.

" Well I'm sure Sam and Jake want some alone time and I've got a couple of hours down time, so do you want to get it off your chest now ?"

" That would be acceptable "

" Follow me, we'll go somewhere a little bit more private " Jack told the councillor.

" I never thought I'd see the day " Daniel said stunned.

" What is that Daniel Jackson ? " Teal'c answered the comment that was thrown to no-one in particular.

" Jacks just turned into a politician " He smirked, even Teal'c smiled at that comment.

" Indeed "

O'Neill took Delek to his own private quarters, if he was going to have a heart to heart with a Tok'Ra high councillor he was going to have it in comfort.

" How much do you know about us ? I mean SG1 members specifically " He began once they were both comfortable.

" Well I know about your impressive dossier when it comes to executions of the Goa'uld system lords, but I have to admit I know little when it comes to the individuals themselves " Delek replied.

" Well before we even heard of the Tok'Ra, well best to start at the beginning, God I didn't expect this to be so hard " O'Neill sighed.

" Who was it you lost O'Neill?" Delek asked curiously.

" Jack," He smiled, " Call me Jack, My son, I lost my son Charlie "

" I didn't know you had children "

" I don't anymore " Jack replied solemnly

" I am sorry, that was stupid of me " Delek apologised kicking himself for his blunder.

" No, it's ok, not many people know much about my private life, SG1 wouldn't know either if an alien crystal hadn't impersonated me, but that's another story, anyway, I was originally chosen for the Stargate mission because it was thought it was a one way mission, they had brought in Daniel to decipher the Cover Stone for the gate, you see Delek, I was suicidal when they brought me into this place, my orders were simple, if there's a threat, destroy it. It was the people of Abydos, Skaa'Ra in particular that sorted me out, I kinda adopted him so to speak"

" His name is familiar, ah yes I despatched a couple of Centurions to remove the Goa'uld Klorel, how is he ? " Delek asked, it would be nice to have updates on old achievements.

" Dead " Was the simple answer that came from O'Neill, he sighed, this wasn't exactly going to plan.

" Oh, I'm sorry " Delek had answered now even more upset than he had began.

" It was a couple of years ago now, anyway, we're getting away from the story." O'Neill stated, " Daniel found the address to go home but Ra had doctored our bomb so we couldn't turn it off so we used the rings to send it up to him on the Mother Ship then boom, end of Ra, A year later we get Daniel back, his wife and Skaa'Ra were kidnapped by Apophis so we go on the rampage to try and get them back, we failed and a Goa'uld took a good friend of mine as it's host, it was a while before we found out, we tried to remove it but he still died in the end, I didn't go so low as I did when Charlie died, but I came close, Kowalski and I we went way back, It was like loosing a brother not a friend"

" I'm lucky I have Anten to help me, it was him that sorted me out, I tend to wallow in self pity then everyone else pays for it, Martouf was the only one that put up with me, I miss him very much"

" I remember bits and pieces about the way you reacted, I know you were close " Jack stated as memories started to ender his mind.

" You remember a lot more about Kanan than you admit do you not ? " Delek asked hopefully.

" Between you and me, I remember almost everything, there a still a few blanks that need filling but that is for another time, he wasn't all that bad and you know something ?, I actually miss him." O'Neill stated flatly to a shocked Delek. " You know something else ? If you're ever in the neighbourhood pop in for a chat, oh don't forget to send you ID or you'll go splat, not pretty " For the second time in a short while Delek actually laughed.

" May I ask a personal question ? "

" Yeah sure, fire away "

" I am aware of the Zaa'tarc incident in all it's entirety, would you be opposed to me pursuing Samantha ? "

" Look, I'm not saying I'll ever be happy that she'll be dating anyone but I'm never going to be able to, if you can make her happy I'd be ok with it, just don't ever hurt her "

" I would never, not intentionally " Delek reassured him, bringing a smile to Jack's face.

" well now, how about a drink and something to eat ? "

" That would be nice, I was so wound up this morning we hardly touched our morning meal. " Anten piped up giving Delek the mental equivalent of being smacked on the back of the hand, playfully of cause.

" Come on then you two, they have some weird and wonderful food in the canteen since we went international, I've tried the Chinese and the Indian, I was going to try a full English Breakfast this time, interested ? "

" Sounds interesting, yes please " And with that both started towards the Tau'Ri mess hall.

" How's Delek doing ? " Sam asked her father and Selmak.

" Better, I think he's got it out of his system now, but I need to warn you, he's developed a soft spot for you "

" I had a feeling " She acknowledged bashfully.

" Let him down gently ok " Jacob smiled, the last thing he wanted was for Delek to go off on one again.

" Who said I was going to let him down at all ? "

" Sam ? "

" We sort of connected on Pangara Dad, I can't explain it, but I think I have more than a soft spot for him too " She couldn't believe she was actually talking about her almost love life with her father, it actually brought a blush to her cheeks.

" I've only know him a little while but Selmak says he will look after you and I've got no reason to doubt her " Jacob smiled, " It would be nice to see her happy and settled" He said mentally to Selmak.

" I remember a lot from Jolinar, he is a good man Dad " A knock on the door stopped the father daughter chat dead in it's tracks as Sam got up and opened the door to find both O'Neill and a rather relaxed looking Delek there.

" Hi, we interrupting anything ?" Jack asked.

" Not at all come on in Jack, Delek" Jacob invited the pair in with a genuinely pleased smile.

" Actually Jake I could use your help in the office " Jack said while fidgeting, shifting his weight from foot to foot and looking to the floor, Selmak picked up on the body language and laughed

" Spring is in the air my friend " She giggled

" Uh? Oh, yeah, sure Jack, Coming " He was slowly picking up on his friends intentions and he wasn't sure if he liked it, still, it was Sam's life and as long as she was happy.

" You know if I didn't know any better I'd say somebody's trying to match make " Sam laughed.

" If the cap fits Carter " O'Neill grinned closing the door behind Jacob and himself.

" You would be opposed to a union with me Samantha ?" Delek asked worriedly.

" No, not at all, uh guys, goodbye " She called through the door and smiled at the disgruntled mumbles as they moved into the distance.

" Take a seat Delek/Anten" She smiled, slowly brushing his cheek with her hand, she surprised the two as she spun herself around and sat astride Anten slowly moving in for a long meaningful, passionate kiss. Gently Delek tipped her onto the bed never once breaking their embrace and ever so gently he proceeded to show her just how he felt.

Sam sighed and thought to herself " A present from Martouf " She lay in her bed just staring at her new mates, he was a striking looking man and he was all hers, both of them were.

" So Carter, I hear that a certain high councillor made himself very much at home last night " O'Neill teased.

" Yup, we're officially mated " Sam said proudly.

" That's like married right ? "

" Right, we'll need to go through an official ceremony for the Tok'Ra community to recognise the union, but you already know that don't you ? " She asked, " Just how much do you remember ? "

" Bits and pieces, more everyday " He lied.

" Do you think he's still alive ? "

" I hope so Carter, I honestly do hope so"


The Search For Kanan.