Disclaimer: If I owned Arc the Lad: TOS Darc and Kharg would've gotten along much better...

AN: Arc the Lad is one of my more recent obsessions (along with Star Ocean and Death Note) so I couldn't resist writing a few drabbles for it, especially when there's so few fics in this fandom.

Warnings: General.


Challenge: Maru asking Darc about his spell casting technique

Setting: In the Flying Castle


"Hey Darc?" Maru asked cautiously, approaching the half-deimos slowly, as though expecting him to suddenly lash out. Ganz did at times, so why not Darc who was far more temperamental? The Drakyr Leader turned, affixing him with a glare that were he not Maru and used to such glares, would've made him quake in his shoes.

"What is it?" Darc growled, wondering what had the human worried enough or curious enough to approach him. Maybe there was something wrong with Kharg? As if to disprove this theory, Kharg turned around the corner, looking fine.

"I've been wondering... How can you cast spells if your sword is in your mouth?" Darc's eye twitched. He didn't even have to look at his brother to know that he was trying hard not to laugh.

"Don't waste my time with stupid questions..." Darc snapped, turning away from the short, irritating human and stalking off.

"Guess he didn't want to answer me... Oh well." Maru said, shrugging. He turned around and spotted Kharg. Since he had just asked Darc a question and not gotten killed by him in the process, maybe he should ask Kharg that one question that has been really irritating him before his luck ran out.

"Hey Kharg, Why do your shorts look like a skirt?" He shouted, running up to the blue-clad half-deimos.

"What?" Kharg yelped. He sounded so surprised and embarrassed by the question that Darc (who hadn't stalked that far away) couldn't help but laugh.




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