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Warnings: General.


Challenge: leaves

Setting: Yewbell, after game.


"What on earth were you thinking?" Kharg, commander of Yewbell's Defense Corps, demanded, glaring down at the little ruffians who had disturbed his sleep. He looked quite threatening, even when clad only in a pair of thin sleeping pants with twigs, and leaves tangled in his long hair. The village children, and Maru, had thought that play fighting around the tree right outside his bedroom window while he was sleeping was a positively great idea. Kharg disagreed, and ended up jumping out the window after them, much to the amusement of those that were awake and about. It was still rather early in the morning, and only those who had places to be found about, with the exception of the children, who, like all good mischief-makers, were always awake when you wanted them to be asleep.

Maru glanced down, muttering something under his breath. Kharg leaned forward to catch it, but before his ears could pick it up one of the children jabbed Maru in the ribs with an elbow, sending a fearful glance in Kharg's direction. This hadn't been the first time he'd had to chase them out of his tree, his yard, his house and, in one memorable occasion, his closet, though it was the first time Maru had been involved. They were used to getting lectured and punished by both Lady Nafia and Lord Kharg, and it was always a hundred times worse if they made sarcastic comments. None of the adults, even their parents, would help them when it came to standing against the –former- royal family, which is why they had learned to keep their mouths shut and accept their punishments. Maru had no such experience and was obviously under the illusion that Lord Kharg would take pity on him because they were companions. The children, however, were very well aware that Kharg was a fair and gracious leader, meaning that they all would get an equally grueling punishment for waking him up, no matter what their status, or relation to him was.

"Well?" Kharg asked, tapping a bare foot against the stones of the streets, waiting impatiently for an answer. He was getting angrier by the minute, which meant they had better answer before he started lecturing and woke their parents up, who in turn would lay another punishment on top of Lord Kharg's. None of them wanted that, except for maybe Maru, but they didn't want to be the one who answered either.

"Did you know you look like a girl when you do that?" Kharg's twin brother, Darc volunteered from the other side of the street. Kharg's head whipped around to glare at the darker male, snarling. Darc laughed loudly then yelped as the rock thrown by his brother connected with his head. With a smirk, the defense commander turned back to the snickering children, prepared to give them the worst punishment of their young lives.




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