ok so this is the short awaited to WEDDING BELLS. (cue clapping and happy music)

this is where we are now in the story:

Chase and Zoey had their little girl and named her Jenifer(Jen) Stacy Matthews and she is a 4 months old. Dana and Logan have been stronger then ever before now that they are married. Nicole and Michael just got married and moved about 15 minutes away from the rest of the gang. Right now Dana and Nicole are getting ready for the MTV Video Music Awards with Zoey helping them find their dresses.

"Zo are you sure you dont want to come with us?" Nicole asked looking at herself in the mirror. She had on a purple dress that stopped at her knees with no straps and lots and lots of sparkles.

"Yeah I need ot take care of Jen." Zoey said playing with her daughter.

"Oh well you cant come to them all can you." Dana said trying to get her dress to zip up." Zo can you help me?"

"Sure D." She said putting the baby in her bouncer they had set up and walking over to Dana."It's stuck."

"What it cant be stuck."Dana said."It fit last week! I never get any fatter!"(a/n: remember what i said in wedding bells? she drinks and eats as much as she wants to with out getting any fatter.)

Zoey, Dana and Nicole paused for a moment.

"IM PREGNANT!" Dana yelled jumping up and down a little. Nicole and Zoey screamed and hugged her tight.

"Finally! I cant believe it took you guys this long." Nicole said.

"Uh thanks...I think." Dana said breaking the hug from Zoey.

"How are you gonna tell Logan?" Zoey asked.

"I was thinking that I could tell him at the VMAs or something romantic." Dana said taking off the non fitting dress." Wait...Can I have sex?"

"I dont know." Nicole said.

"Zo?" Dana and Nicole said looking at her.

"How am I supposed to know that?" She asked picking up Jen.

"Your a doctor." Nicole said.

"A childrens doctor not a adult doctor!"Zoey said.

"So." Nicole said.

"Whatever I will find out on monday, happy?" Zoey said giving Jen to Nicole and packing up the bouncer.

"Yes very." Nicole said.

"Im not! I dont know if I can have sex or not for 2 days! What am I supposed to tell Logan? I want to wait and do it special." Dana winned getting into the hummer in the drivers seat. Nicole sat next to Dana and Zoey in the back to sit next to her kid.

"So you guys went 3 months without that before the wedding." Zoey said giving Jen her bottle.

"Um...not really." Dana said."At the pool that one day when i was about to jump in Logan took me upstairs and we ended up doing it."

"You guys are lame." Nicole said.

"No I tried to get him to wait but against thoses abs im weak." Dana fake cried."His 6-pack taned abs. God! I need him!"

"Ha you cant have him. Are you sure your pg? I mean its just a guess." Zoey said.

"Yeah your right. Im gonna go get a test now." Dana said pulling into a store parking lot. "Zoey can you go in for me? Im famous and the nex thing you know its in the news tomorrow 'Dana Reese Baby Or No Baby That Is The Question.'"

"Fine." Zoey went in and got out with 3 diffrent bags.

"What is all this?" Nicole asked looking at the bags.

"I didnt know what one to get so I just grabbed one of each." Zoey said.

"Why didn't you pick the one you used?" Dana asked.

"Because I didnt use one. I started to get morrning sickness and I knew I was healthy so I assumed that I was and I turned out to be right." Zoey said.

"Well im just like my mom in that way. She never got any bigger around the middle until she was knocked up." Dana said pulling out of the parking lot.

"Thats a lovley thing to say about your mom." Nicole said with scarsam.

"So what." Dana said.

"When are we gonna do this?" Nicole asked.

"Well the guys are over at my house watching the football game so we can do it at your house Dana and they we can go over and watch the game." Zoey said.

"That sounds good to me." Dana and Nicole said at the same time. Dana pulled into the garage and the girls rushed out of the car grabbed Jen and went to the bathroom. Nicole and Dana went strait to the bathroom and Zoey put Jen in her crib because she was sleeping. Dana looked at the tests and read the directions.

"What is this supposed to mean?" Nicole asked as Zoey walked in.

"You pee on the stick and then it tells you if your pregnant or not." Dana said aggrivated at how stupid Nicole still was.

"Ok well do it." Zoey ordred. Dana looked at her like she was waithing for something.

"What?" Nicole asked.

"Leave!" Dana yelled. Nicole and Zoey were out of there faster then you could say go. Even though Dana was older and had matured a lot more she would still kick someones ass. A couple minutes later she called Nicole in because Zoey was filling Jens bottle.

"How long dose the directions say that we have to wait?" Dana asked Nicole.

"About...3 minutes." Nicole said throwing away the directions. Dana sat on the edge of the tub and Nicole leaned against the wall. The timer they set beeped and Dana gave the stick to Nicole.

"I cant look do it for me." Dana said.

"Ok are you sure?" She asked.

"Yes." Dana answred.

"Ok but this is a big moment for you." Nicole said. Dana was about to tell her she needed to read it but Logan walked in. Dana grabbed to stick from Nicole and put it in her back pocket.

"Hey baby." Dana said nervous."What are you doing here? Shouldnt you be watching the game?"

"Yeah its half time so I was gonna come over and get some more beer then I saw the hummer so I came in looking for you." Logan said looking at Dana weirdly. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah baby im fine." Dana said taking in a big deep breath.

"Ok im gonna leave you two to talk." Nicole said exiting the bathroom waving to Logan.

"Are you sure your ok? You look a little pale." Logan said stroking her cheek gently. She closed her eyes and smiled at how caring he was.

"Yeah im fine I promise." Dana said. Logan moved closer and put his hands on her hips. She put her hands around his neck and giggled and kissed him. Logan was slowly moving his hands towards her back pockets. She relised she still had the test in her pocket. She pulled away and moved his hands.

"Whats wrong? Did I do something?" Logan asked confused.

"No im just not really in the mood for this now." Dana said lying. She wanted him so bad it was almost killing her. Logan shook his head in understanding and kissed her cheek lightly and left to go back over to Chase and Zo's house. Dana took the test out of her pocket and looked at it.

"Hey you guys." Dana said coming out of the bathroom with the test in hand."Im pregnant."

"Yes!" The other two girls screamed and hugged Dana.

"When you were taking the test I found out that you can have sex when your pregnant. It is actually good for you and the baby." Zoey said. Dana smiled.

"How are you gonna tell Logan?"Zoey asked picking up Jen and walking out with Dana and Nicole. They walked over to Zoey's house.

"I think im gonna get the VMA people to work it in with our part." Dana said.

"I wouldnt do that if I was you." Nicole said.

"And why not? I think its a good idea." Zoey said.

"Because no one wants to here that their wifes pregnant the same time the world hears it duh!" Nicole said.

"Thats a good point...then what should I do?"Dana said opening the gate to Zoeys house.

"Give him a present that has something to do with a baby and see if he figures it out." Nicole said.

"Thats a good idea!" Dana said."Cool and I already have a baby shower present that I can use to do it."

"Ok good." Zoey said.

The girls walked in and greeted the boys. Zoey kissed Chase and gave him Jenifer. Nicole sat down next to Micheal and cuddled into him. Dana went over to Logan and sat on his lap facing him. He looked bummed.

"Whats up babe?" Dana asked.

"Nothing, just trying to figure out why you didnt want to make out earlier." Logan said. Dana looked away for a second and then pressed her lips gently to his. He responded instantly and kissed back. They started to make out. Zoey cleared her throat and Dana pulled away and glared at her. Zoey looked inocent.

"Logan lets go back home so we can play." Dana whipred temptingly in to his ear bitting on his earlobe a little. Dana felt Logan shiver a little and nodded his head. They said their goodbyes and walked back home hand and hand. As soon as they got in Logan pushed Dana against the wall and went to work on her neck.

"Wait Logan...I have something for you." Dana said pushing him away and running upstairs. Logan followed and sat down on their bed. Dana pulled out a bag from underneath the bed and handed it to Logan. He opened it and it was a bottle and a pacifier.

"Um hunny I think im a little to old for this." Logan said.

"No what do you need to have to use this stuff?" Dana said.

"A baby...so?" Logan said dumbly.

"Why do you think I have this stuff?" Dana asked.

"Your going to a baby shower." Logan said.

"No you idiot...well yeah but...god Logan im pregnant." Dana said.

"Your what?" Logan asked wide eyed.

"Pregnant, your gonna be a daddy." Dana said sitting on the bed next to Logan. He turned to her and kissed her passionatly. He slowly moved her back against the pillows laying down not breaking the kiss. Logan almost had his hand on her boob when he pulled away.

"Can we...you know...fuck?" Logan asked.

"Yeah Zo said so and that it is good for me and the baby." Dana said laughing.

"Well then we should do it 2 times to get you in better condition."Logan said smirking. Dana giggled and screamed when Logan bit her neck. They made love 4 times that night.

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