Dana woke up to Roxxi pulling at her nose. She grabbed Roxxi's hand and smiled at her opening her eyes. She looked over Roxxi and Logan to see the clock. It was 6:15 in the morning, Dana groaned picking up her daughter and getting off the bed.

"What is it with you and your brother and pulling peoples noses?" Dana mumbled taking Roxxi down stairs and put her in front of the tv. Dana sat on the couch and watched Roxxi play around with her toys and watched the tv every now and then. Mosh went up to Roxxi and layed down next her. Mosh was actually a pretty good help with the babies. He let them put sand and stuff on him and he wouldnt bite them, he would just let them do it. If they were outside playing and someone came to close to them, he would growl at them and scare them off. Mosh was like their own Lassy, except he wasnt as harry. Dana heard Reef yelling out for her so she got up. "Mosh watch Roxxi."

He barked and Dana laughed as she walked up the stairs. She got to his room and poked her head inside. He saw her and instantly reached out for her.

"Hey my little man." Dana said as she picked him up and kissed him."You hungrey?"

"Yes." He said with a yawn. She carried him downstairs and put him down next to Mosh and Roxxi. She heard something fall upstairs and Mosh's head jumped up looking in the direction of the sound.

"Logan?" Dana asked.

"Yeah, sorry the stupid alarm clock made me fall off the bed." Logan said rubbing his head walking down the stairs.

"What did it push you?" Dana asked smirking.

"No, it scared me." Logan said ploping down on the couch. Dana fake gasped.

"You were scared? I thought that nothing could scare you." Dana joked. At PCA he clamed nothing could scare him.

"Ha ha very funny." He said.

"I think our children have obsession with noses." Dana said from over in the kitchen.

"Why?" Logan asked thinking that that was totaly random.

"Every time they try and wake us up, they grab our noses." Dana said, coming out with 2 bowls of cereal in her hands. She gave it to the kids on the floor, knowing that any food that was droped Mosh would get.

"Yeah but that doesnt mean anything, it just means that their curious about our snoring." Logan said laughing.

"You snore I dont." Dana said sitting next to Logan.

"Yes you do and sometimes I even hear you talking in your sleep." Logan said pulling Dana closer to him. They sat in silence just watching the babies play with the toys and they watched them try and grab Moshes tail as he wagged it around. Dana looked at the clock on the satalite box and it said 7:11. She groaned and got up."Where are you going?"

"I have to go to the studio remember?" She said going up the stairs.

"Oh yeah, why is that again?" He called up to her.

"I have to do the CD signing thing...and the photoshoot and a whole bunch of other stuff at for the CD to come out." She said hopping down stairs on one foot trying to put her shoe on.

"All for one CD?" Logan asked. She hopped over to him and kissed his cheek.

"Yep and bye." She said leaving. Logan looked around the house and the kids just looked at him.

"This is boring." He sighed picking up the phone. He dialed Chase's number.

"Hello?" He said into the phone, he seemed wide awake.

"Hey Chase, come over." Logan said.

"Logan? What are you doing up so early, do we have another movie to do?" Chase asked in a panic.

"No, im just really bored, we should take the kids somewhere." Logan said.

"Ok, we can go to the zoo. Jen wants to go really bad." Chase said. Logan could hear Jen squeal in the back ground.

"Come over when ever your ready and just come in." Logan said.

"Ok see you in a few." Chase said hanging up. Logan took the babies up stairs and got them ready. Chase walked into the Reese house a couple minutes after the phone call so Logan was still getting the babies ready.

"Hey Chase." Logan said trying to get Reef ready.

"Hey...um where's Roxxi?" Chase asked holding Jen as they both looked around the room.

"She's right...where did she go!?" Logan asked turning around in circles.

"Dude calm down we can find her, she's definatly in the house." Chase said putting Jen down for her to help. They serched all of the upstairs and when they started to look down stairs they heard a beeping noise. Logan went towards the beeping noise, which was coming from the guest room. Logan looked over the bed and there was Roxxi and her bracelet was beeping.

"Hey, way to give daddy a heart attack." Logan said picking the baby up and kissing her fourhead.

"Ball." She said giggeling showing him the ball.

"Chase I found her." Logan said looking at her bracelet, she was to busy with the ball to notice he was doing anything.

"Where was she?" Chase asked coming out of the bathroom followed by Jen and Reef.

"In the guest room where the beeping came from." Logan said.

"What was the beeping?" He asked.

"Her bracelet." Logan said still looking at it.

"Isnt that the bracelet your mom gave her?" Chase asked.

"Yeah it is...

cliffy, dude you guys really need to read ' You're Kidding Right?' by hopelesslydevoted45 its a pretty good story

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