Prequel to Pillow-Talk

Some reviews (so nice...!) told me to try to write something longer, or to have a try on a pillow-talk prequel. Here we are. I had to think about it a long time before saying "okay, where is my English dictionary?".

Well, here is the revelation, my dark secret : I'm... French! Yeah, yeah, with a beret, a baguette and a bottle of red wine. So understand that a frog like me does a lot of orthographic and grammar faults.

Disclaimer: even if Entreri, Jarlaxle and Drizzt attended to my birthday party (I swear!), I do not own them, or any other character of the Forgotten Realms. They are property of RAS and above him Wizards Of The Coast.

SO MANY THANKS to my beta-reader, the great irreplaceable Surreptitious Chi X. I don't know how she did not to kill me. Oh yes, she had lost her whip too...

Without further ado, enjoy.

Feint Within A Feint


Sitting on the wrought iron balcony, the lovely lady sighed softly.

Under her feet, the city was quietly sleeping and waves of heat filled the air with smoke from its colourful chimneys.

She had been watching them, the dark elves and the human, for more than a decade and had been sincerely saddened by their behaviours. Could not they look over their differences? Was an alliance too hard to be conceived? Probably. Eliminating such prejudices could be considered like a legendary social revolution. Moreover, a certain goddess was interfering too...

They were one another's reflections in a dark mirror – oh yes, so dark and cold - and nobody could understand what was wandering through their minds, nobody could conceive the webs they had created all around them to trap almost every piece of friendship or warm feeling which could cross their paths.

After years of thinking, she had found the unforeseen solution to their problem, but it was not undemanding to place such a scheme into position. Cheating a master of illusion, ensnaring a clever thief, betraying a beloved friend... all these plans were not that easy.

She was still hesitating, to be truthful.

Her sisters, wise persons indeed, had told her not to become entangled in devilish ideas like the ones she had currently in mind. Yet, the lady wanted to end these men's sufferings once and for all.

So, she decided she would write their undertaking all by herself.

Its letters would not be that of hatred and lies any more.

She smiled, appreciating the light spring breeze running over her pale skin, moving up her luxurious mane. The foggy clouds were playfully hiding the moon and its procession of stars embellished on the royal blue night.

She lifted her hand. Her eyes glistened brightly.

"Let me tell you a new story, children of the night. A prodigious journey into the heart of foolish dreams, there where magic makes adventure shine... Litannaleust!" she added with an childlike laugh.

The spell was cast.