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Genre: Romance/Sci-fi

Rating of Story: M-MA

Contents of this Chapter: OCxYautja; YautjaxHuman (Very light); Slight Gore.

Summary: A male Yautja falls into her backyard and not it's her job to take care of the wounded man. But what happens when trouble comes with him? What happens when money-loving men want to take her male acquaintance from her to use in experiments? What happens then? Will she be able to help him get off of planet Earth and does she want him to leave? Her head says yes but her heart What happens when her heart takes a liking to this alien? Will she be able to control her new admiration?

Warnings: There is alien/human pairings in this story so if you don't like that stay away. In later chapters there will be explicit scenes, thus the rating of M-MA. If this bothers you then do not read this! Thank you!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Yautja race. I just like writing about them! The only thing I own is my character and my plot! Please, do not steal them or use them without my permission! I will go haywire on you if you do!

You Found Me

Chapter One: Rough Landing

I don't really remember how long ago it was that I was found by my new friend but it was some time ago. I think it was in the middle of spring when he landed in my backyard with a huge wound across his stomach. I had heard the crashing of the forest as it muttered worriedly to me with the secret signals I had found so easy to understand. Something wasn't right and as I walked out to see what was going on I was horrified to see a seven foot tall being standing there his chest heaving with the effort it had taken to get him there. I took in a deep breath and swallowed the lump in my throat as I held only a rag in my hands. I had been doing dishes when he came to me but he didn't make any move or indication that he was going to hurt me. We probably stood there for about ten minutes before he staggered forward and that was when I noticed the huge gash across his stomach. I ran forward without thinking about my actions and was almost sliced through the forehead with his long arm blade that made me stumble back to my rear end.

His dreadlocks were wavering around with the pain and I couldn't see why he wouldn't allow me to get near him. So I stood up slowly and ran back into the house to grab my first aid kit coming back to find him lying across the ground, writhing in pain. He was loosing so much of his neon green blood that I thought he might not make it. I ran to him glaring at him when a large hand incased by arm as if it were a toothpick. I could tell just by looking at his body that he had no choice but to trust me if he really wanted to live. Taking out my herbs I placed them gently into his wound I mixed some more so that I could put the paste onto the open cut. Then I stitched the pale, creamy green skin together knowing full well he would have a scar to show for this.

I was curious to know what had happened to him as I noticed the cut was in small sections going across his stomach. It must be his suit, I thought to myself when I noticed a strange mesh body suit over his skin and tilted my head. A hand touched the metal netting and I twitched lightly feeling the heat coming from it. "So you're cold blooded?" I whispered a clicking noise coming to my ears. He couldn't speak my language as I drove the needle into his tough skin causing him to grab me yet again glaring at me through the mask. With my own glare I fought him with my expressions daring him to hurt me when I was the only person who could help him. We sat there for what seemed like an eternity my heart pounding out of fear and anger at how babyish he was acting.

Finally, he let go and sat back on his hands but I pushed him back so that he was lying down. It was easier to stitch up his wound and as I finished up my hands and body were covered in green blood. He was breathing strangely, regularly so I sat back and watched him as the night settled down across the land around me. My eyes never left his body and I tilted my head in curiosity admiring his large, built body. He must have worked so hard to become that strong only to be brought down to the level of my human self. He obviously wasn't of my race. He was actually something I had researched up in one of my alien books. I kept them with me ever since the last war with the bugs. It had been hard and I had to fight for my life many times against them. That's why I still kept my knife with me wherever I went (except this time). I didn't want to fight a bug only to become food or a screw toy for one of the face-huggers.

I as started to stand up to go get the book he grabbed my arm yet again pulling me back. Was he frightened? No, definitely not! There was no way someone as big as him could be frightened of the dark but when I looked into his mask I noticed that he still didn't trust me. Sighing, I sat back down next to him my back on him as I tried to keep myself entertained. He didn't want me to leave and he expected me to stay there with him all night so he could keep an eye on me? Turning to lay on my side, I kept my back to him and shivered lightly as a calm spring breeze swept over my bare arms. Damn, if only he would let me go get a blanket then I would feel much better about this situation. Through everything I finally fell asleep in the cool spring night of the forest that was around my hut and the two of us. His breathing helped to calm my rising anger and my eyes got heavy before I finally fell into sleep's arms. It was slowly getting warmer and warmer as I slept and I turned into the warmth that was offered to me until the dawn broke around me.

For a second as I opened my eyes I didn't know where I was. The birds were awkwardly silent around me and a large thing was wrapped under my neck to support my head as I had my hand on something. I took in a deep breath hoping and praying it wasn't what I thought it was that I was holding. Of course, my prayer landed on deaf ears when I looked up to see the large alien sleeping peacefully. My hand was on his chest plate and his body was so warm that I didn't want to move even if I could have. He was holding me to his large body with his hand that was on my waist almost incasing the rounded area of my body. A deep thump crashed through my body at the thought of his muscular form so close to mine the heat radiating into me. It almost made me want to go back to sleep but I wouldn't fall to sleep, not yet. My eyes got heavy and I was scooted closer to the large form frightened when he turned over slightly; I was afraid he was going to turn over and lay on top of me but instead he embraced me like a lover would.


I don't understand why I had fought my way against the hive of Kainde Amedha only to end up at a small hut. I had traveled far across the galaxy to fight for my right to gain a trophy and yet here I was at some ooman's hut standing like an l'ulij-bpe with a large gash across my stomach. She was a woman who reeked of fear but didn't move away from her spot staring at me in utter amazement. Her hair fell down her back in a way that was common among oomans and her body was just a red form on my scanners. I ignored her, or at least I tried to, and staggered on my wound dripping of blood but she ran for me. I stopped her in her tracks with my maul slicing at her. She fell back but stood up instantly to walk into the house. I figured she was just going to go in there and stay away from me so I sat down and examined my wounds. Of course, I was wrong yet again. She came running back out with a bag of things that smelt like the earth before I let her tend to my wound.

I knew I wouldn't live if she didn't help me with her ooman ways and it made me ashamed to call myself a Hunter. She worked quickly and effectively but once the needle jabbed into my tough skin I grabbed her upper arm feeling the heat and beating of her heart on my large fingers. We glared at each other for a long time and after a while I released her tiny limb. She was too strong. She was stubborn and wouldn't let me out of her sight even if I had tried. She was my only hope and I watched her with my yellow-green eyes. Her hand pushed me back to the ground; I felt the softness of it and let my body melt into the earth below me. She was very interesting to me as I watched her hands work the wound to where it would close up enough so the skin would heal just right. I would have a scar; she didn't need to tell me this. I had plenty of scars along the skin on my legs and under my breastplate. There were a few on my back as well and when she was done I closed my eyes under the helmet that supplied me with plenty of Nitrogen from that of my home planet. I was so far away from home.

She tried to get up but again I caught her. There was no way I was letting her get away! She was too dangerous to let loose. I had a distinct feeling she wasn't a woman who would let me control her. Of course, I didn't want to control her in any way but if I couldn't trust her then she was going to stay right there where I could see her. The young woman didn't seem like she enjoyed the idea of staying out in the grass with me so I just smirked behind my mask and closed my eyes watching her from my mask. She kept her back to me the whole time until she finally lay down and tried to sleep. I was slightly confused when her body started to shake and her breath came out as a white mist. My head tilted curiously and reached out with a hand to touch her skin only to find it cool and covered in little bumps. I didn't understand at all but she didn't look comfortable. Knowing she was fast asleep I pulled her closer to my body that was heated by the mesh suit wrapped around me perfectly to fit every contour. Instantly, her body turned to mine a soft hand lying against the part of my chest that wasn't covered by a metal plate. She gave a small noise that I registered to be a good sign.

I gave a small sigh of frustration at my current position. Why did I even bother with oomans like this young woman who smelt oddly of the forest. Her hair was spread around my upper arm that I had wrapped up under her as to support her head. She wrapped herself around me practically and it wasn't all that bad. I actually enjoyed her body up against mine and her soft breath caressing my bare skin. It was like holding a small animal such as a ca'ht. He could smell her faint scent that got caught in his mask and made him drowsy. She really did smell like the earth they were laying on. It didn't take long for me to fall into a deep sleep her body pressing against mine to guard herself from the wind that blew across her bare skin. Maybe I should have let her go back into the house to get something better on but I still couldn't trust her. She did try to help me after all. This planet was swarming with people who wanted my race as lab experiments to see what made us tick so I had to make sure she didn't want to turn me in for those pieces of paper called mun'ee.

The next time I awoke there was a slight squirming beside me and I looked down to see the young woman locked in my arms. She looked a bit on the frightened side though no fear radiated off of her. Maybe she was just surprised but she hadn't seen that I was awake so I sat there for a little while longer watching her. It didn't take her long to figure out I was watching her. In fact, it took her mere seconds before she felt my gaze on her. Her eyes were wide with surprise at me just watching her. I had been pretty rude the day before with her and her touches but now I was much better. I felt better as well. My wound wasn't healed but it was better and I wasn't in as much pain thanks to her. She was a miracle worker in my eyes. Then again my methods of healing were crude and involved a lot of pain; her ways were simpler and were brought from the earth around her. She was a woman of the nature.

Her closeness to the old ways was probably the reason why I held to her a few more minutes staring into her beautiful eyes. She truly was a beautiful creature now that I looked at her without the hindering of my pain. I trilled to her as we pulled away from each other her head tilting to the side a cascade of hair billowing down across my arm as she pushed herself up on her elbow. My muscular arm and shoulder made her appear to be puny but she was large in her own ways. The way she looked at me made her seem to be so much stronger. She was confident and this brought on a kind of purr in my throat. Why? It was only normal for me, as a male, to search for strong, honorable woman to mate with. This girl, I wanted to know her name so badly but to ask might be something that the oomans didn't see as a custom. Female oomans were especially strange to me. I didn't understand them at all and this was the first one I had been around for a long period of time without running away. We male Yautja never hunt females in any race unless they attack us first. Women back home are very strong and larger than we are so it is normal for them to rule over us.

The oomans seemed to do things different with their women. This woman didn't seem at all afraid of my height but there were some who would cower in fear at even the smallest man. It was strange to see and it angered me to no ends. Women were equals if not higher in my homeland and I respected them with the utmost courtesy and if I didn't then there was a good chance I would never have pups. That would be bad for my family who were waiting for me to return home from my Hunt. Of course, I would be delayed a little now but seeing as I had good company I didn't complain much about it. This woman would help me; I could feel it inside. I just needed to think of something to repay her back with. I was someone who liked to repay a person for their good deed to me. What was the ooman saying…you scratch my backside I scratch yours? Oh well, it didn't matter. I wasn't too excited about learning the ooman ways anyways.

She finally pulled away fully sitting to raise her hands above her head a few bones cracking here or there. Her ooman voice lifted up to speak but I understood very little of her strange words. "Man…hard…sleep…that…my back hurts…" was all I got out of what she said and it made my head spin. I couldn't quite grasp it and tilted my head in curiosity at what she was trying to get at. She looked at me and with a wave of her hair brushed the subject aside. It must not have been important. Maybe she had been talking to herself. Either way, I hadn't understood a lot of it. I really don't know how the translators did what they did.

To Be Continued

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