Things The Reader Needs To Know

Now this is going to be an Epilogue of my story but it's also going to be a gift to Alucard1024 who said it would be cool to know the history behind Gloria (Lilly's mother) and her father, Gui'antrino. I really wanted to write it so that I could show you just what I had in mind and to explain why Lilly has so many human features but not as many Yautja features. I really hope you enjoy this last bit!

Oh and if you're still reading this than Lilly should be making her appearance soon in the Sequel, Second Best. I plan on making an alternation between Lilly and Butterfly in Second Best as soon as I put Lilly in it. It'll also explain a lot about how her and Setg'-in faired through the trials of Lilly being accepted!

So I hope you enjoy this!

Thanks so much to those of you who have stuck with me! I really appreciate it all!

Warning: This chapter contains mild gore and hinting at sexual situations between a human and a Yautja.


The first time I ever saw a Xenomorph was during my years as a young child with my uncle and aunt. My parents were not your normal type of people so my uncle took me away from them when I was young when they started to talk about the Earth being a Mother and things like that. They were kind enough to me but they were both scientists at a laboratory where they had caught one of the beasts and held it captive from the rest of the world.

My bright blue eyes had fallen upon it as it squirmed in the large glass box. Well, my uncle had told me it was ten inch thick plexi-glass, whatever that was, and that the thing would never be able to escape. He said that it was the best find since the atom and my small brain could comprehend as the nightmare turned its black as night eyes on me and I shivered. This thing was a creature of another planet; it would bring great pain later in my life; I knew this without even looking into the future.

I grew up around these things; the science, the technology, the torturing tests done on the creature, the irony of knowing that something horrible would come out of it. I was very wise for my age. I knew that this creature would be the death of me in the end. I would die by his clawed hands. I had accepted my death at the age of ten and I then moved on.

The first time I had seen the forest where my parents had lived I could smell the way it twirled around me and leaned in to touch me. I actually belonged. My white blond hair stood on end as I looked out at the trees, the grass, the plants that all responded to me in such ways that made me feel more comfortable than any other place and I soon learnt to live in harmony with the same place my parents had grown up in. My skin prickled at the thought of living in this place of growth and constant life. I would sit for hours in the grass staring out at the area around me even when everything was wilting and withering away in the dead months of the winter.

Winter was my favorite season though. It looked as if all of the trees were shedding their old skin and gaining new pelts and coats to become completely different people. It was like being reborn and as they shared their energy with me I grew stronger. Everyday I could do a little more. The first day I would lay my hand upon the grass and it would lean towards me. The second day I would hold my hand against the dead leaf of a tree and it would gain slight shine and go back to creating water and chlorophyll all over again.

In a few months, I could grow plants with a mere thought. It started with grass then went to flowers and continued until I could grow a tree that would take centuries in just a few hours. It was invigorating and when I finally came of age I moved into the forest. I didn't know what I would do but I built a house with my bare hands. Well, I had help with those special little tricks I had picked up; it was in my blood to control the land. I wanted nothing more than to connect with it in such a way that I could never be torn away from it.

"Gloria, are you sure you want to do this?" her aunt had asked me as I stood outside of my freshly built house that lay in the middle of the forest away from everything. My aunt and uncle hated the fact that I was wasting my time in the forest when I could be anything; I was a smart girl and had a quick mind but I wanted nothing more than to be where I belonged. The forest was my home; my parents had known this but they had been taken as crazy.

"Yes, this is my home, I belong here," I whispered to the two people who had acted as my parents. I hadn't taken a second to fit into my new surroundings even as I felt that something would happen. It did happen as well. I had been sitting out in the yard planting in my garden when I felt someone's eyes on me. It had come up so quietly; he had come up so quietly and as I looked up at him he tensed. He had been watching me for Gaia-only-knows how long and I felt a pang of slight fear rush through me.

He didn't show any sign of hostility though so I went back to my gardening. I just felt that he wasn't going to harm me in any way. He just stood there watching me work as if he knew I was different. When I went back into the house he was gone. He hadn't made a sound when he walked away but I knew he was gone even before I entered my house. I had a feeling I would be seeing him again though.

The next day, as soon as I went outside to pick berries he was there. He just stood there on the edge of the forest around my small clearing and I smiled at him before walking on my way. I felt him following me as if he were intrigued by me or something. It was kind of cute the way he hung back in the treetops as I picked my berries then went out to hunt. He seemed to perk up when I grabbed by bow and arrow.

I know, how clique but I didn't think taking a gun out against a helpless animal was really hunting. Plus, it was a lot more fun to do it the real way. I felt like an old Native American standing in the forest with my bow drawn with an arrow at the end staring at the deer that stood not too far away. The creature didn't bother me at all; he just sat in the trees watching me.

I drew back slowly and released. The arrow pierced the deer right in the head, killing it instantly, and I went to collect my kill. Right as I was two feet away the creature fell to the Earth softly on the other side of the animal. He had red skin with brown and green speckles going down his outer thighs and arms and sides. His mesh suit was made of metal and he had armor on all of the important parts of his body. His muscles were toned and beautiful and his chest was a softer red color. His face was covered in a mask that had a huge claw mark across it diagonally. It looked like someone had raked a Xenomorph talon right through the middle of it. It only made him stand out more though.

We stared at each other a long time until he leaned down to pick up the kill holding it out to me. I felt honored and took the kill wrapping it around my shoulders to carry it away with the creature behind me. He walked silently as I lugged the heavy carcass to my house and set it on the ground taking out my knife to skin it but he held out a hand to stop me. Pulling out a kid from against his belt he sat there pulling out instruments that looked far too complicated but I watched him in awe as he showed me how to skin the deer while burning the skin so it didn't bleed.

He also ripped the head off of the animal straight through the spinal cord and I was slightly surprised at the strength of the creature but watched him as he cleaned the skull for me instructing me with his fingers about what to do. I could see that he was an expert at this so I watched closely so he wouldn't have to show me again unless I desperately needed the help. When he was done he held up the clean white skull and spine to show me and I smiled brightly. Sure, it wasn't what I had in mind but when I took the skull and held it in my small hands he seemed proud of me. I could almost feel the vibes coming off of him as he stood up and disappeared into the woods.

I waited for him all night. I couldn't wait to see him again. When I heard a small noise, a very slight one, I ran out to the yard and there he was sitting in front of a fire with his own camp set up and I smiled brightly. He looked up at me and made a curious clicking noise as I stood there in my silky night gown with a shawl wrapped around my shoulders. It was a warm night so I discarded the shawl and walked over to sit down on the opposite side of the fire that he had set up.

There was silence for the longest time as I looked at his dreadlock-like hair then down to the trophies that he wore on his belt and hair and neck. I was very interested in their stories but kept my distance staring into the fire when I suddenly heard a hissing noise. I looked up at him as he pulled the second tube off of his mask a hiss of some released air making my head tilt in curiosity. He held his strong, clawed hand against the sides of the mask and pulled away to show his true face and I felt my heart pound loudly against the inside of my chest.

His mouth was a set of four mandibles that spread out to talons and protected a set of sharp teeth that hide a maul that would make any normal person cringe. She felt that it was beautiful as he looked at her with his dark yellow eyes making her smile. Her body moved to sit next to him their eyes staring into the fire a purring noise coming from deep within his chest calming her enough so that she yawned and laid down with her body stretched out against the grass next to the warm fire.

The next day, I awoke with a blanket over my body but it was burning up so I moved to push it off finding that he was sitting there staring out into the forest just resting. The fire was still going and he was roasting some of the left over meat on a stick. I sat up to sit next to him yet again and something amazing happened. He started to speak a weird language to me. I couldn't help but stare up at him strangely but he looked down at me and I knew I was going to learn this language; I had to.

For the next week I slowly started to get the hang of his language. When he would say something he would point at what he was talking about and I would catch on to little words here or there then it became that I could say them. I would speak slowly and steadily but he understood me by the sixth day. Of course, I was only good at pup-talk, as he called it. He was patient with me though sometimes he had to walk away because he just couldn't stand how slowly I talked to him.

I chuckled lightly as he commented on the way one of the men he had killed had called out for his mother. It was a very choppy sentence for me and I accepted his way of speaking. It went silent for a bit but I soon I asked him for his name and he looked down at me his mandibles flaring slightly in a crooked, twisted smile. "Gui'antrino," he said in his gruff voice and I enjoyed the rough sound of it.

"I'll call you Gui," I tell him with a chuckle at the look he gave me but he didn't say anything about it. "Gui…when are you going back?" My voice was small and hesitant but as he looked down at me he gave me another smile. I was slightly taken aback when he leaned forward to lay his hands on either side of my hips leaning in close. I could see the depths of his eyes and I could feel his breath on my face as he whispers one small sentence into my heart.

"Not until I mate with you."

I know it's probably wrong for me to sleep with a man of a different species but I couldn't help but fall in love with him the week we were together. I loved how close I got to him and the feeling of becoming one with him was like taking a step into paradise. My body was free.

When I woke up the next day I knew he was going to leave me soon. He looked down at me while we lay there naked my hands playing with the mesh that he had to leave on his body. I could see it in his eyes that he was going to leave me. I pressed my cheek up against his chest and refused to the tears that came to my eyes. I had to be strong for him.

It was a month later before he left me but the second I gazed upon his face I knew what was happening as we walked through the forest to the place where he had left his ship. I stood there holding onto his arms as he held me. He was staring down at me before leaning down to let me kiss his mandibles his hand coming down to lay on my stomach making me aware of one huge fact. "My child," he said to me before nuzzling my cheek and moving to go back to his ship.

I knew I would never see him ever again. It hurt my heart and finally as soon as his ship was cloaked and gone far away from Earth I cried. I fell to my knees and cried. The only man to have ever made me feel at home was gone and not only would I be alone forever but my child would have no father. My heart ached to hold him one more time just to have him there; I knew he would probably look down upon such weakness but I didn't care; I wanted him.

When my child was born eight months later, I named her after my lover's favorite flower, Lilly. I held her in my arms and saw how she looked just like a human. "My little miracle baby," I whispered staring down at the beautiful white hair that took completely after me her blue eyes speckled lightly with yellow that would soon disappear into the blue. She was one out of a million chances. She was a miracle, a never-could-happen baby. She had been born between the love of a human and a Yautja. She was beautiful; she looked completely human but I knew better. She would be strong like the Yautja and have the instincts of them. Her skin would be tough as rock and her body would never tire; she was a half-breed but she was the perfect daughter.

She was the perfect daughter for her father.

Little Lilly grew up by my side no matter what. I never let anyone take her away from me. Her grandaunt and uncle might try to get their hands on her but I held on tightly. She would never know what she was but she would understand that she was different. Even at a young age the child knew that she was not like other kids. She went to school but she never fit in. She hated them. I watched her grow to be a beautiful young lady; the men loved her but she shunned them.

"Wait for the perfect man," I had told her once when she was sixteen and trying to get the guys off of her back. "It may seem that he's far away but once he lands in your yard, you'll know." She only stared at me but I knew she understood. I understood that the next few years were the key to her survival. I had a feeling I wasn't going to last too much longer and that she wasn't going to see me after her eighteenth year on Earth.

On the day of my death, I packed up all of the diaries that I kept while I had been with Gui and all of the books I had written about him. I put them into a trunk in Lilly's room so that one day when she needed them she would find them. Perhaps, she would find her father through them; I highly doubted that but with her Yautja genes she would be able to breathe in their nitrogen rich air and so maybe she would be able to live with them. That was her family; they would accept her. She would belong there.

I held out a weapon for my daughter to take. The Xenomorphs were everywhere. They were swarming around the clearing. I had made sure to set up my barrier so as only to let a few in at a time but even with that I was failing. My daughter looked like a true Hunter with her body moving beautifully and gracefully against the disgusting creatures and I knew that when this was all over I could die in peace. Lilly saw me die. I know she saw the tail pierce through my back and out of my stomach. My blood dripped to the ground as it turned me around so that I was looking it straight in the eyes. It growled and I smirked.


I closed the diary. My mother had written all the way to her death. She had known she was going to die that way and as I stared at the last words I set it down. I could remember that day perfectly. She had expended her body with the last earthly binding that she would ever release. It wiped out all of the Xenomorphs within the city. She had almost wiped out the entire city as well but protected me and the house. I could see it so clearly now. She had known I was going to fall in love with a Yautja and go to their planet. She had known.

A hand landed on my shoulder, "Lil'lay, ready…go?" He used his choppy language to get through to me. I had only just gotten into the language and now that we were leaving together I would learn it well just for my mother. I set the book back into the trunk and stood back as I lit a match and set the house on fire. It went up without a problem and I watched as all of that was part of my mother disappeared in a wisp of ash and flame. I didn't want anyone finding those books and reading about how she had saved them. That was her dying wish. She would never want anyone to know about her love affair with Gui.

Setg'-in took my hand and lead me away from the fire as it went out with the help of some water that we had used to put it out. "Go…now…" he whispers to me and I nod my head climbing onto his back as he took off through the forest to his ship that was waiting for us. I knew that there was a huge adventure awaiting us when we landed on his ship but…I think I was ready. My mother knew I would be accepted so I had confidence that I would.

"Good-bye…" I whispered one last time to the world around me as I disappear.