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It had been eight months and Don had put the incident mostly out of his mind. Or at least he tried to. There were still flashbacks of the warehouse and the desert. Times in his life when he'd had the least control over his own destiny thus he was having trouble dealing with them. Not enough to cause him trouble in his work but it was still on his mind. His family and his team were unaware of his struggle and he was going to keep it that way.

He was early as usual, sitting at his desk reading the morning briefing reports from across the country when one item caught his attention.

NY:NY – Witness Steven Andrew Shelton 41yrs shot execution style in safehouse. Special Agent GERHARDT badge number 783126 also executed. Nil suspects, nil witnesses. Investigations continuing. Notification of funeral arrangements for Special Agent GERHARDT to be advised. END.

Don's blood chilled. This was too much to be a coincidence. Telford, it had to be. A call to the FBI in New York soon confirmed that the MO was the same.

By the time Don's team had arrived for work he had already made a copy of his file and packaged it for immediate dispatch to New York. Perhaps they would have better success than they'd had. He also requested that they send him everything that they gathered on their case. His failure to solve that case, plus the new death of another agent weighed heavily on him.


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