I'm pounding on the door right now. I can't believe Glinis! She's locked me in here! It's so cramped in here. My glove must be dirty because the end of it keeps bumping in a vacuum cleaner that is littered with dust. I jiggled the handle. The door is locked. It's getting hard to breathe now and the darkness isn't that great either.

I am so stupid! The one night I don't take my claustrophobe medicine. God, I am such an idiot! "Help!" It sounded like somebody else screaming. My voice was weak and bleak, my vocals devoid of air. My eyes began to slip close as I slumped against the door. My pounding became a rhythmical thumping.

My body fell into a pair of strong arms. "Daph? Daphne?"

Sweet, sweet Ian. You save me once more. I'm sorry about everything I did. I should have never tried to fit in.

"Daphne, honey. Come on, wake up."

Mom. I hope I don't get an earful from her when I do wake up. I want to wake up, but my body is too exhausted.

"Daphne, come on. Open up." Mom pulled down my chin and I could hear the faint rattle of pills.

"What the hell are those?" Ian's stunned voice would have made me smile. If I was conscious.

"Daph's claustrophobic. I guess she didn't take her medicine this morning." The plastic capsules glided against my tongue. I began to feel lighter, but I was still exhausted. "Ian, take her to her room. She must still be tired. I'm gonna go have a talk with Glinis and Henry." Mom, go you!

I could feel my body pulled up and the bouncing that came with the movement.

It wasn't long until I was released from Ian's arm to the confines of my bed. Ian still hadn't left me. Quite the contrary. He lied beside me, pulling me close to him. He kissed my forehead and brushed my hair.

I'm thinking of adding a section about Daphne when she wakes up. I dunno, maybe if I get enough reviews? LOL :-)