Written for a prompt from drabblebabies.

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"I was thinking I'd pick you up after work, maybe?" Will asked, leaning against Warren's side as they sat side by side in the cafeteria. "Then it's off to that movie I promised you, then back to my place for a very very fun night of scrabble with the folks before they go to bed and let us have our own brand of celebration."

Warren nodded. "Sounds good to me."

"What are you guys celebrating?" Magenta asked, looking up from her history homework.

"Our birthdays are both this weekend," Will grinned. "Mine's tomorrow, Warren's is on Sunday. We figured we'd combine our Saturday into one big birthday bash for the two of us."

"Hey, what birthday is it?" Zach spoke up, looking up from his task of attempting to copy Magenta's history homework.

"Sixteenth," Will said, as Warren said simultaneously, "Eighteenth."

The other two looked at them blankly, then Zach said slowly, "You're two years apart?"

They both shrugged.

Magenta frowned. "Will, I know you're moved up into our year because yeah, your birthday is the very very beginning of the year so it was easier for you to just be in ours, but Warren... if your eighteen this weekend... you were moved back a year."

Zach perked up. "Hey, yeah!"

"So," Magenta frowned, crossing her arms. "How come you're a year behind?"

Will, Zach and Maj all fixed their eyes on Warren, who looked calmly back at them. "Why do you care?"

"We're your friends!" Zach beamed, bouncing in his seat.

"Yeah," Warren snorted, crossing his arms. "Fine. I was in juvie. I missed a year there, so I had to come back to Freshman when I came back. Stayed in Hero track cause I'd been sorted the year before anyway."

Will gaped at him. "You were in Juvie?"

"Yep," Warren said casually.

"Why?" Magenta asked at last.

Warren glanced away, lips pursed. "An idiot starting bugging me about my dad. About how he was... yeah. About jail, and supervillains and a lot of other crap. Then he said one thing I could never forgive, and I roasted him. He ended up in the hospital with third degree burns, I went to juvie for six months." He shrugged. "Whatever."

"So what'd he say that you couldn't forgive?" Zach asked, in a hushed, awed voice.

Warren paused, then smirked. "That my father was the Commander's bitch, and that if I wasn't careful, I'd be his son's bitch."

They gaped at him.

He shrugged. "Turns out the kid was right. I sent him a thank you card, but he never answered. Dunno why."