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Magenta knocked on the vending machine for a moment, glowering at it, then brightened when the very last Caramilk bar fell into the hopper like it was supposed to. Grabbing it, she was about to open it when Will dashed up, searching in his pocket for change.

"Hey Will," she said, lightly.

"Hey Maj," Will panted, checking his change. "Shoot. Can I borrow a dime?"

"Sure," she nodded, dropping a dime in his hand.

"Thanks," he muttered, and turned back to the vending machine, eyes widening in horror. "Shit!"

"What?" Magenta asked, starting to unwrap her chocolate bar.

"There's no Caramilk left!"

"Oh yeah," Magenta nodded. "I got the last one."

Will turned to look at her, eyes wide. "The last one?"

"Yeah..." she broke a piece off of it. "So?"

Will stared at the chocolate bar. "I'll pay you for it. Double. I'll even return your dime!"

"No way," Magenta snorted, nibbling on the square she'd broken off, licking up the spilled caramel. "I love these things."

"Yeah," Will sighed. "So does Warren. Like, a lot."

She shrugged. "And...?"

"Stronghold?" Warren suddenly turned the corner, hands in his pockets. "What's taking you so long?"

"Magenta got the last Caramilk bar," Will sighed. "And she won't let me buy it off her."

"They're my favourite, and it's mine fair and square," she said, stubbornly.

Warren looked at her, looked back at Will, then back at her again. "Right. Give me the chocolate bar?"

She snorted. "Yeah, right."

Warren frowned. "Give me the chocolate bar, please?"

Magenta shook her head, snapping off another square. "Not happening."

Will gave her an entreating look. "Please?"

"Nope," she said, grinning now. It was amusing, watching them grovel.

Warren pursed his lips. "All right. Hand over the chocolate bar, and I won't roast you alive."

Magenta paused at that one. Anyone else, and she would've laughed. With Warren... she believed him. "Fine," she muttered, handing over the rest of the chocolate bar.

Warren immediately grabbed it, snapped a chunk off and placed it on his tongue, then grinned at Will. Will leapt forward and pressed his mouth to his boyfriend's, and Magenta could only watch in wide-eyed amazement as they kissed furiously, melting the chocolate and caramel as they did, resulting in a slightly sticky, very sweet kiss.

When at last they ended it, Will smiled sheepishly at Magenta. "It's tradition. Look, let me pay you back..."

"No, screw that," Magenta laughed. "You do that again, and I'll consider it payment in full."

Warren smirked, and snapped another piece of chocolate off. "You heard the girl, Stronghold. Kiss me."

Will laughed, and saluted. "Yes sir!"