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Kingdom Hearts: Nobody's Angel


"Life . . . definitely sucks."

In the mysterious train, only one passenger is in there. Her name is Suki. Suki was an orphan girl from her home called Seidou Village. She was now fifteen years old, with snow white short length hair with bangs, pale skin, has a pair of heterochrmia eyes, one on her left is green, and the other is blue. Lot of people says she has weird eyes. She wears a simple white t-shirt, a short leaves white hooded jacket with pink linings, and a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers with green linings.

Seidou Village was a calm, peaceful place that was like an endless paradise. To tell you the truth, Suki wasn't born there. Long time ago, when she was somewhere around eight or ten years old, a kind man name Takeshi found her, unconscious, near his house. When she woke up, she had amnesia; all she remembers is her name. It was weird though, she wonders why she only remembers her name, but not her past.

But, sometimes, living in Seidou village is a very difficult life. Every year, kids always made fun of her, almost every adult ignore her. She never had any friends, though. The only friend she has is Takeshi. His was a kind man, and he was like a father to her. Takeshi was a tall, late 20s man, with short black hair, brown eyes, an Asian face, and pale skin. He mostly wore men's kimono, kataginu, and a hakama. Beside, he's a teacher of sword fencing class, a place where people fight like samurais. Suki always call him 'sensei' than 'dad' or 'father'. And Suki was a high-rank student there, some kids got jealous of her.

Takeshi was getting worried about Suki, due to that she's been harassed by kids. So, he thought that he and Suki would move to a place called Twilight Town. But Suki don't want her sensei get the responsibility, she have no choice but told Takeshi that she will move there by herself, and let Takeshi stay in Seidou Village. He was shocked when he heard what Suki said. And Suki was upset when she said that. But it was her only choice; it's for his own safety.

Things were always quieter in the train, and she didn't mind that. She was always alone. Even though she had Takeshi, she still feel lonely inside. Now she abandoned Takeshi, she is now alone. She doesn't care about it. Its part of life, life can be harsh, but it's time that we move on.

When she looks out the window, she has arrived to Twilight Town. She grab her bags (Takeshi already told Suki that he already sent some boxes of her stuffs to Twilight Town), and went off the train. After she got out of the train, she saw the train left. She sighs then went out of the Train Station.

"So this is Twilight Town," she said when she's at the Station Plaza, "better go find my apartment." Now she'll begin her new life soon.

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