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"Albus, you have to listen to me. That fat blubber that is supposed to be his caring uncle abuses the boy," Mad-Eye Moody told his long time friend after the Order meeting that was held after the students were safely escorted back to Platform 9¾.

Fawkes listened intently from her perch, as she continued to calmly preen her feathers, to the conversation Albus had with the man.

"Alastor, my old friend, you must be mistaken. Tell me what has happened that makes you warrant such ill thoughts?" Albus asked kindly, his face kind and concerned perhaps even a tad worried, though mentally the aged wizard was scowling.

'I really have to Obliviate that Potter boy the next time I see him. And I'll send an owl later to those disgusting Muggles to take more care when they condition the boy. Perhaps I should send them on a holiday then get Severus to baby-sit. No, that won't do that blasted Vampire would know the truth from the magical imprints in the house. He'd run straight back to Tom with the brat in tow. Then all my hard work will have been lost. What if… yes, that is exactly what I'll do. And without his Wolvesbane the filthy wolf will hurt that blasted boy but not to badly if I place the correct charms on the house. Then the brat will run back to me, hurt and betrayed by his last link to his parents. The one he looks to as a father figure of sorts. Then he will be under my control again till his luck has finally run out and Tom finally kills them both.'

Albus Dumbledore smiled slightly as he pictured the boy raped then impregnated by the pregnancy potion he would get Lily's sister slip him.

"Albus, how can you smile at this?" Moody roared furious.

"Now, now, Alastor, I was merely smiling as I thought of a perfect solution to ensure young Harry's safety under his mother's protection.

I shall personally contact the Dursleys and inform them that Remus shall be joining Harry for the summer," the older wizard told his colleague jovially. That seemed to placate the ex-Auror somewhat,

"Yes, that would be brilliant Albus. Merlin knows what Remus would do to himself; he's been fighting off the depression that threatens to seep in now that the last member of his pack is gone. Perhaps being near to his cub would help him focus, after all the boy's just prone to unhealthy amounts of self-guilt according to Granger."

"I see," the Headmaster said thoughtfully before steering the conversation into another direction in relation to the war and Voldemort.

Not hearing anything more than the usual drivel between friends Fawkes thrilled a few notes then flew out the window. The wizards presumed she was going out for a fly or even hunt but in reality Fawkes, who was really a Phoenix-animagus and spy for the so-called Dark Side, fire-flashed directly to her mate.