Chapter Seven:


The four Mates and one entered Harry's bedroom. Draco dragged Harry and Charlie with him, while the two eldest prepared for their evening absolutions. He knew they were all tired but he wanted one more discussion between them before they did their evening absolutions and went to sleep.

"Shade, sweetie, before we retire I'd like to discuss our bonding, the restoration of Charlie's health and the possible consequences," Draco started, causing the adult to pause their activities and join the youngsters on the bed.

"Why? Are you afraid I won't be able to take it? I'm not going to allow Charlie to slip away," Harry answered vehemently.

"I know sweetie, but I believe we do not only need to bond before we start healing Charlie and I do not believe you need another mate."

Draco raised his hand to forestall any objections from the others.

"Look you need several mates, initially Gaia told you, you need a Werewolf and a Veela, a Vampire and a Fae, a Gryphon and a Chimera, or a Centaur and a Goblin. Am I correct?"

Harry nodded in affirmation.

"Then you upset the balance by not only choosing father, a full-blooded Fae , and Uncle Severus, a full-blooded vampire, you also choose me, a Fae/Veela hybrid. The way how I see it Charlie really loves you and I would like you to consider making him a true mate after we have restored his health."

"Why? Why are you suggesting this, Dray?" Harry asked confused.

"If I know my son, I believe he thinks you can love Charlie, perhaps you already do?" Lucius interjected.

"I... I don't know. He's always been... he's the twins' older brother and Bill's brother. So he should be my brother too, right?"

The three men groaned.

"Shadow, by your own logic that would make Weasel and Percival your brother too," Snape said.

"Those traitors are no family of mine," was the snarled reply.

"Then why is it that you insist Charlie must be your brother by the same standards?" Lucius queried.

"Are you afraid the twins and Bill won't approve?" Draco asked, not giving his mate a chance to answer his father.

'The deer caught in a spell' look told them that that was precisely the problem. The three mates were arguing with Harry, trying to convince him that his brothers would not object. When Voldemort strode into the room carrying a pensive.

"Son, if you are kind enough to look into my pensive, you will have all the proof you need to make an informed decision. After which we can perhaps all go to sleep."

The Slytherins had the grace to look sheepish, they had made such a racket that the had apparently woken their Lord. Harry swatted his father's arm before entering the pensive, trusting his father to keep his body safe.

When Harry emerged from the pensive a few minutes later he strode purposely to Charlie without a word. Ignoring the whiskers, the smoke and even the large sharp teeth, Harry kissed the dragon... hard. Charlie mewled under Harry's administrations. "I love you Charlie. Make love to me?"

The others were horrified, dragons were rough and aggressive creatures even during mating. To their surprise, Charlie-the-Dragon gently carried his mate to the bed before slowly transforming into a humanoid dragon.

The tenderness surprised them all but Draco had an idea. Perhaps they could help Charlie. If he could be gentle then perhaps there was still more of Charlie in the dragon than they previously thought. Quickly undressing himself he slowly approached the bed.

"Charlie, will you allow me to join? Allow us to be mated as well?" he asked while he stood in front of them in all his naked glory.

The three adults had their wands out in order to hex the Weredragon if necessary. But Charlie looked tenderly to his mate, growling softly as if to ask if he was okay with it. Newly bonded Harry understood the growls. Receiving soft growls in return Charlie backed up in shock before slowly turning to the young Veela hybrid. Another soft growl could be heard from the dragon.

"He's asking if you are sure you want to be his mate, Dray," Harry translated.

"I have never been more sure. I want to be mated to both of you."

Charlie gently guided Draco to Harry. Draco understood this to mean that he needed to tend to their mate. As Draco feasted on his mate, Charlie started to work on him.

The adults watched in amazement, a soft golden glow seemed to radiate between the three.

"Perhaps the two of you should consider joining them," Voldemort ventured pensively, "Charlie seems to regain more and more of his humanity with the bonding. Perhaps the secret of regaining a Were-dragon's humanity lay in a loving bonding with his Mates."

Lucius shared a look with Severus, to do as their Lord suggested would mean they would no longer have their raven-haired beauty for themselves but they would truly need to share. They would all be equals and, in the case of Lucius and Draco, they would lose their paternity bond. Could they give up that much of themselves?

Lucius pondered a moment longer while Severus started removing his garments, like the younger two had before him. He knew he would no longer be Draco's godfather after the bonding but as a full Mate he would be able to protect and guide him none the less. He was slightly surprised that his natural instincts did not protest, the boys on the bed smelled every bit as delicious as his raven-haired love did. Perhaps it was the fact that the three of them were already bonded that allowed for this.

"Charles, would you allow me the honor of bonding with the three of you?," Severus asked in his formal way.

The humanoid dragon turned to fully face the Vampire. Charlie studied the creature in front of him and after a seemingly long while he nodded. Charlie directed Draco to lie on the bed and Harry got up to work on his young Platinum Mate, knowing his Vampire would claim him while his Dragon claimed the Vampire.

"Lucius, why are you hesitating? I can see you too wish to join your loves. Is it because of Draco or because of young Charlie?" Voldemort queried, knowing fully well both issues were bothering his friend.

The Dark Lord was hoping he could get his right-hand man to open up, out of the corner of his eye he could sense the four on the bed listening attentively.

'Sweet Merlin, they've already bonded with him and he doesn't even realize it. Lucius had better get that stick out of his arse before he harms my son!' Voldemort thought worriedly.

"My Lord, I find myself worried for the first time in my life. Is this truly what Draco wants? What if Charlie will not accept me? I'd lose not only my son but all my Mates. What if I'm not good enough for them and they decide they no longer want me?" the platinum-haired wizard was rambling in his obvious distress.

Voldemort refrained from answering his friend as he noticed his son and Mates silently approaching their wayward Mate. What happened next made the Dark Lord experience something between a full belly laugh and shock.

Charlie scrunched his face in deep concentration before blowing a heart-shaped ring around his wayward Mate through his nostrils.

Draco embraced his father from behind whispering seductively, "There was a time I needed you as my father, but that time has long past. Lucius, be our Mate, my lover. I need you, Lucius."

Lord Malfoy froze upon hearing Draco's words. However a slap from Severus brought him back into motion. "Severus!"

"That was for even entertaining the thought that any one of us would change our hearts," the potions master spat.

"You told me you still wanted to be my Mate. And just because I stepped over to Charlie first, you think you have the right to walk away? Let me clear up one thing, you, Lucius Malfoy, are ours," Harry snarled, his emerald eyes glowing dangerously.

The elder Malfoy took a long look at each of them before turning to his Lord, "My Lord, would you please excuse us?"

Voldemort smiled before turning to leave the room, but not before giving Harry a wink. His son smiled softly in return.

The next morning five refreshed young men came out of Harry's bedroom. Where they were greeted by the rest of Harry's family.

"Look at you," Ginny teased, "my brother is actually glowing. And the rest of you are faring no better."

"I should say so," Charlie responded, sending those who weren't at the actual bonding in shock.

"Charlie! How?" the redheads exclaimed.

"Let's just say that even a Dragon's curse can be lifted when Slytherins come into play," her older brother replied mischievously with a wink. Luna merely cocked her head to the side a she studied the five in front of her.

"Hmm, clan, we need to name our new family members."

"I propose we name them the same way we named ourselves," Ginny answered.

"Agreed. Bill, we've all undergone a sibling-bond with Shadow. Will you do the same?"

"Only if Shadow agrees to bond with me," the Cursebreaker responded solemnly.

"Of course I'll accept you as my sibling, you always were my older brother. Now we're just making it official," Harry replied while he cuffed the Cursebreaker on the head.

"Ow, what did you that for?"

"For thinking I wouldn't accept you as my brother."

"I suppose I deserved that one then," Bill answered wryly.

"Now that that is settled we can decide on names," Ginny interjected before the boys could fool about.

"I'm called Burn due to the fact that my temper tends to burn away any obstacles."

Those present nodded their heads in agreement. Ginny Weasley's temper was legendary. Not one of them, the Dark Lord included, looked forward to facing her when she lost it.

"The twins," she continued, "are called Serpents together but on their own, Fred is called Venom. While George responds to Poison. They are as slippery as a snake yet their vengeance can either kill or incapacitate, slowly or swiftly, their prey on a whim. My Mate is Neville a.k.a. Devils Snare. His profound knowledge of Fauna would put even Madamme Sprout to shame. As calming as Chamomile he might seem, beware of his thorns. They are more deadly than Magical Poison Ivy."

"I am Mist," Luna took over the introductions, "known for my vagueness. I am the Spy of the Clan. I am also a True Seer and the sister of Gaia. Draco has been named Dragon by Shadow. A fitting name considering his strength and ferocity concerning his own. Severus Snape, thou art a Master of many things but deception being the greatest. As such we name you Deception. Lucius Malfoy, a passionate man, dedicated and loyal. Strength be thou name. And of course our true dragon, Charlie. You were willing to sacrifice your very self. Through a miracle that not even the gods and goddesses had foreseen your Mates accepted you as a were-dragon. As such we deem it fitting to name you Miracle."

After introducing herself Luna's voice had taken on an ethereal quality letting those present know that she was no longer the one speaking but rather the Deities themselves had taken over. Only Bill was yet unnamed. But it seemed that the honor of naming him had befallen to Harry, who like Luna was glowing in trance.

"Brother to our brother, you were born William Arthur Weasley. Mate to Fleur Delacour, Cursebreaker and Protector of Innocents. From hence forth you will be known as Protector," Harry proclaimed in a deep voice unlike his own.

"Now that the naming ceremony is completed we once more thank the gods and goddesses for their wisdom," Ginny concluded solemnly.

They chatted a bit amongst themselves while the house-elves made their breakfast. It was Harry who noticed Luna's odd behavior at the table. He softly growled to his Mates so they'd know he would talk their sister.

"Hey Mist, I need to show you something. Would you be so kind to follow me?"

Luna got up without protest, knowing instinctively that her raven-haired brother wanted to know what was going on.

Once they were in Harry's sanctuary, Luna threw herself into her brother's arms and started sobbing. For a few moments Harry whispered nonsensical things to her till she recovered enough to explain to him what was bothering her so much that she broke down.

"Oh Shade, what am I going to do? I want Cissy so much but she's meant to be Siri's. And worse the gods showed me a way to save Siri from the Veil. But if I do, I'll lose her," the young Scandinavian wailed.

"Mist, are you sure? Siri was my parents' mate," Harry ventured carefully.

"Aye, the gods were quite clear on it. Siri must mate with Cissy if he is to return to the land of the living," Luna explained sadly.

"Do you truly think the gods would object to much if he entered a triad instead of a partnership? Cause if I know Siri, and I think I do, he wouldn't object to having two beautiful ladies by his side. I merely ask that you consider the possibility. I know you would never do anything to harm any of our own, lest he be a traitor. Both Cissy and Siri are clan, even if they are not aware of it."

Luna smiled dreamily before embracing her brother in gratitude.

"You have chosen well, my brother. Your Mates compliment you. I sense the difference in each of you."

"Thank you sister. Now let us return to breakfast before those clan-members of the redheaded variety have finished ours as well," Harry accepted with a laugh.

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