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Chapter 1

The blonde shinobi stood near the gates of the sleeping village, veiled in the shadow of night as he took in the sight of his old home. As he took a moment to reflect on how long it had been since he left that place, he couldn't suppress the tinge of loneliness that crept up his spine as he drew closer to the village gates. He remembered the day his life was changed forever.


After Naruto and company had defeated Akatsuki's Kakuzu with his newly acquired fuuton rasengan shuriken, Naruto realized that perhaps he wasn't strong enough to face his old teammate again, at least not quite yet. He trained constantly as did Sakura, preparing for their next possible encounter with the diabolical Akatsuki or even Sasuke if they were lucky enough to find him. Over that period of time Sakura had begun to open up to Naruto, even going as far as joining him on a few dates. Even stranger, they actually began hanging out together when they both weren't busy training, something that Naruto found himself enjoying even more than their actual dates. He began to notice her change in behavior towards him, gearing towards closeness he only dreamt of before. Although it felt great, he had a horrible feeling in his gut that it would end up hurting him some way down the road; he killed those thoughts as fast as possible. One evening after enjoying a wonderful night out on the town, he walked her home from one of the best dates they had yet. Both stood idly in front of her apartment, reaching it a minute earlier while preparing to say their goodbyes.

"I had a great night Naruto. I was surprised you knew how to dance like that," she said while blushing at the memory of their rather intimate dance positions only hours earlier, having had dinner in one of the most splendid restaurants in the village.

"While traveling with the pervert, I kinda learned a few things when we stopped in towns. I usually had to baby sit him when he went to dance clubs, claiming he had important 'research' he needed to do" he said, filing it in with air quotes and everything. She laughed after a brief story of how his old sensei's face would be black and blue by the end of the night from all the woman he asked out, their reactions similar to his date's past "answers" when turning himself down.

"I really had a great time tonight Sakura-chan, I hope we can do that again really soon. Good night," he said as he lightly bowed his head, closing his eyes for a brief moment. Before he had time to react her arms wrapped around his neck, her body pressed tightly against his chest.

"Did you think you could get away so easily without properly saying goodbye?" she asked in a silver voice. Her pink lips held a sexy grin as she watched his eyes open in confusion, clearing savoring the shock in his eyes. As he opened his mouth to question he felt her soft lips touch his own, holding his neck in place in her delicate arms. Instinctively he glued his arms around her lower back, pulling her fiercely into his chest while returning the kiss with equal tenacity. It seemed like minutes passed before she slowly leaned her head back, gradually breaking the kiss and resting her forehead against her date. Their eyes bore deep into one another he guarded his arms around his waist, nothing but their breaths felling a sound.

"Now, you can go"

After that night, they would appear to be friends at Naruto's request when seen in public; he didn't want her burdened by the village's hate for him, even if it had subsided tremendously. When they were in private, things were a different story, something the blonde teenager still found himself questioning. A few months after their first kiss, a tip from Jiraiya regarding Sasuke's whereabouts was filtered in to the shinobi of the Leaf. When he heard the message, Naruto secretly left that night without informing anyone including the Hokage; not even his girlfriend. A month had passed without any word if the blonde was alive or dead when suddenly a figure appeared at the village's front gates, another figure lying limply over his shoulders. As soon as the entrance guard spotted him, he passed out without saying a word.

Everyone learned quickly that Naruto had returned, but the other fact was almost unbelievable; Sasuke was finally back. They both had suffered tremendous wounds, and as for how, no one knew. After recovering them from the front gates they were immediately hospitalized and both slept for weeks. Sakura and the other rookie nine with their respected Jounins visited them as often as possible, most coming to see the recovering blonde over the returned traitor. Sasuke was the first to wake and was questioned immediately about what had happened to the both of them. Orochimaru was also a fairly popular topic among the interrogators. After a very long talk with the Hokage and shinobi interrogators he was declared a Leaf-nin once again, facing no charges of treason. One change that was necessary if he were to be reinstated as a Leaf-nin was the removal of his Curse Seal. Soon after their talk, Tsunade got to work with the help of Shizune and along with almost every medic nin in Konoha on the removel process. It took the combined chakra of many ninja, but after a laborious ceremony they managed to remove the curse seal from his shoulder. He was then released from the hospital and allowed to move back to his old house in the Uchih.a sector.

Naruto awoke from his slumber a week after Sasuke had been reinstated. He was discharged from the hospital after informing the Hokage of the grim details that had transpired in the last month. He explained how he and Sasuke had fought again, and that Itachi had shown up which forced them to team up in order to fight him. After a long battle they had managed to wound Itachi severely, forcing him into retreat. Just wounding Itachi on such a level pushed them to their limits, both being grievously wounded by the end of the affair. Naruto explained that he made a promise to Sasuke that if he returned back to Konoha he would help him hunt down Itachi and destroy the rest of Akatsuki. Sasuke had agreed only if he was allowed to face Itachi alone, which Naruto bitterly agreed to.

So now the team was back together, although Sasuke was still his normal ghost-like antisocial self. It had been almost two months since Naruto had brought him back, which soon he began to notice Sakura's affection wane from him and flow back towards their raven haired teammate. He brushed it off thinking nothing of it, because he knew they both missed him very much and it was only natural for her to be so willing to make him happy. That was exactly the way he felt one morning while on his way to Sasuke's house to pick him up for their morning training. This particular morning he decided to arrive an hour earlier than there usual meet time, toting some breakfast for the both of them. He walked into the Uchiha district, looking around at the old buildings he passed until he finally reached his destination. He opened the front door and walked in, setting down the box with two covered containers of ramen along with two drinks.

'Hmmm…. I know it's always quiet here, but damn it's creepy walking in here alone' he thought to himself as he looked around the dim surroundings. As he made his way down the hall towards Sasuke's room, he noticed his bedroom door had a sound suppression seal above it, something he didn't remember being there from the few times he had entered his comrade's home. He glanced at the writing and could tell it was fairly new, with the chakra residue being so fresh it seemed like it was made less than a day ago.

'Odd…" he thought while staring at the new seal. Truth be told, he usually would wait outside the front door for his teammate, but this time he was going to scare the heck out of him since he figured he would still be sleeping. Very gently he gripped the door knob, rotating it slowly while pushing the door open into a very tiny crack. As soon as he had breached the opening his ears were filled with the sounds of tired breathing, a woman's moaning making the hair on his neck stand on end. He heard the sound of skin smacking against skin, and with the other sounds in mind he was pretty certain what was going on. He smiled evilly to himself as he thought how much better this was going to be, thinking of his escape route while preparing to move. He moved his head to get a better look. Suddenly his heart skipped a beat, his blood rushing from his face and leaving him almost a sickly pale color. He saw Sakura on her back, naked with a Sasuke on top of her both being naked with her legs wrapped around his waist, pounding against each other while she moaned as he impaled her over and over. With insane stealth and speed Naruto was back outside, replaying what he just saw in his head, too shocked to register what he had just seen.

And then it hit him.

He had to hurry before he lost all control. As he ran to the training ground farthest possible from the village he could feel the rage bursting inside him, tearing at his insides while trying to escape and be used to decimate anything that got in his way. He kept remembering the kiss he shared with his cherry blossom that night, the happy moments with her being shattered right before his eyes. As he arrived to the training ground a few miles outside of town he finally felt his own killer intent rolling off of him, wave after disgusting wave of pure anger.

'Kill them….….They're laughing at you….Everyone's laughing at you…..' The fox's voice swirled in his head, laughing manically at what he too also witnessed only moments ago. He could feel the demon beginning to establish control over him, though he was resisting the tainted power with all his might.

'I'm running out of time.'

He created a shadow clone and started forming Rasengans as fast as possible, destroying the landscape as he screamed at the top of his lungs. The demon struggled fiercely to make the blonde his puppet, but the rapid loss of chakra would inevitable fail him if he didn't hurry. Naruto could taste his blood as he bit down on his lip, pausing for a brief moment as he gathered as much chakra from his reserves as able. He pushed his chakra into one last Rasengen, forming it into an Odoma Rasengen, hoping he wouldn't die from the power he wielded. He jumped to the base of a small cliff and launched the blue sphere into a rocky wall in front of him, destroying every bit of it in his wake. The shadow clone disappeared and he fell to his knees gasping for air.

"I can never love again…never" he vowed, and promptly passed out, falling down on his chest from chakra exhaustion. Blackness enveloped the blonde as he was covered by debris from the destruction he inflicted.

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