Killing Time

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Warnings: Yaoi, violence, language

Note: Riku may seem OOC at first, but his true character comes out more once he opens up to Sora. So please don't yell at me for making him too quiet/mean/whatever


"Johnson White was found dead this morning after having disappeared two nights ago. Officials say that there was no actual bullet inside him, but the wound is clearly from a gun…Needless to say-"

A silver haired man scowled and grabbed the remote, switching the flat screen T.V off. "Fucking reporters." He grumbled, throwing the remote back down on the leather couch. He stood, stretching his muscled arms over his head. He glanced around the apartment flat and sighed.

He was exhausted but he couldn't sleep. He could never sleep.

He slumped his way into the bedroom, ignoring the luxurious bedspread out for him. No matter how soft the mattress may be it couldn't chase away his nightmares.

He slipped into the large bathroom, rummaging through the cabinets. "Where is it?" he hissed under his breath as he blew a strand of hair out of his green eyes. Finally, he found what he was looking for.

A small medicine bottle.

He unscrewed the cap and shook out a small pale pill into his palm. He grabbed a glass from the counter and filled it with water, downing the pill with a large gulp.

As he slammed the glass back down the buzz of his cell phones vibrate filled the silence. He stared into the large mirror, frowning at his reflection as he ignored the silent ringing.

There were dark circles under his vibrant eyes, enhanced by the paleness of his skin. He sighed and reluctantly answered his phone. "What? Yeah…uh huh…got it." He nodded to himself, still staring into the mirror. With a click he hung up and snapped the phone shut. His assignment had been moved up. Pity. He had really been looking forward to having the night off.

He wandered back into his bedroom and shifted through a pile of papers that cluttered his desk. He grinned when he pulled out the right one and smoothed out the wrinkles.

The crinkled paper held a picture of a young teenage boy smiling. He studied the picture, memorizing the boy's features.

Blue eyes, messy brown hair, slender, and average height for a 16-year-old boy.

"Looks like I'll be seeing you soon, Sora." The silver haired man whispered, dropping the paper and letting it flutter back to the desk.


Sora sneezed, causing several heads to turn to look at him. He grinned sheepishly and flushed. "Um, sorry."

"Need a tissue?" The teacher asked, looking up from the book she had been reading out loud.

"No, that's okay." Sora scratched the back of his head nervously.

The teacher nodded and returned to her reading, allowing the brunette to let out a sigh of relief and return his attention to the window. Only five more minutes until the bell rang then he was free to go home.

He glanced at his wristwatch and frowned at how slowly the seconds seemed to be going by. "Come on, come on!" he muttered.

Finally the shrill ring of the bell echoed through the halls of the school. Sora leapt from his seat and grabbed his books, stuffing them into his bag.

"Don't forget, your essays are due tomorrow first thing." The teacher reminded her class just as Sora went bouncing out of the room. He froze in the hallway as her words registered.

"Aw, crap! I haven't started it yet!" he huffed, wild hair drooping slightly.

"Hey man! I bet you haven't even started the essay yet!" a blonde boy laughed, grabbing Sora and ruffling his hair.

Sora scowled, pushing his friend away. "Have you?"

Tidus grinned. "Nope!" he answered proudly, puffing out his chest. "Don't plan to either since I have soccer and swimming."

A red-haired boy approached them. "I already finished that last week." He said, grinning when Tidus scowled at him.

"Shut up. Sora and I are gonna shun you since you're a nerd." Tidus sniffed. "We don't associate ourselves with geeks named Wakka."

Wakka rolled his eyes before turning to Sora. "You coming to soccer practice?"

"Can't. I'm actually trying not to fail."

Tidus sighed, patting Sora on the back. "Don't kill yourself dude."

"I'll try." Sora laughed, turning away from them and shifting his bag higher up his shoulder. "See you guys!"

They smiled and waved before disappearing in the mass of students eager to get home.


Sora was a little nervous and maybe a bit frightened.

His parents both worked late so he had dropped by the mall to do a few errands and it was getting to be a bit late.

He had always been scared of the dark but Sora had a feeling that it was more than the dark that was scaring him now.

He swore that he heard someone following him. Sora chewed his bottom lip anxiously, glancing around and clutching the bag of groceries he had bought. "Shit, I wish I was home already." He moaned, walking a bit faster.

There it was! The sound of a second pair of feet following him!

He let out a loud sigh of relief when his house came into view, just down the street. Sora hurried down the pavement, passing under dim street lamps as he nearly ran.

When he reached the porch and fumbled with his keys to open the door he turned back to glance at the road.

A young man was standing in the middle of the street right in front of his house. Sora nearly dropped his bags when he realized that the man was staring directly at him. The man had his hands shoved in his jean pockets. Blue tinted shades were perched on his nose, hiding his eyes from view. He was staring up at the starry sky with a blank look on his face. Sora let out a sigh as he slipped into his house. He must have been mistaken, the man wasn't looking at him at all! He leaned against the door, still unable to shake away his anxiety.


Sora jumped as his cell phone sprang to life, shattering the silence with its ring tone. The groceries fell to the floor and vegetables rolled across the carpet. Sora cursed fumbled to pull his cell out of his pocket. "Hello?" he asked rather breathlessly.

"Sora? Man, you sound like shit!" Tidus's cheery laugh sounded over the line.

Sora let out a sigh of relief as his lips twitched into a weak smile. "Yeah well…" he trailed off as he bent down to gather up the fallen groceries strewn across the floor.

"I just finished soccer practice and I wanted to know if you finished the English essay yet." Tidus inquired hopefully.

The brunette bit his lip. "No. I just got home."

"You serious? What were you doing?"

"Getting dinner." Sora grumbled as he finished gathering up the groceries.

"Oh…damn. Who am I gonna copy then?"

Sora shrugged as he made a 'mmm' sound and cradled the bags in his arms, using his shoulder to hold the phone to his ear.

Tidus sighed heavily. "Well…call me when you do finish it, okay?"

"Yeah sure. It just might be really late at night." Sora walked into the kitchen and dropped the bags on the counter. "Or really early in the morning." He added after a moment of thought.

"Doesn't matter." Tidus huffed. "Listen, I got to get going to swimming now. I'll be back at seven."

"Got it." Sora said before taking the phone and snapping it shut. He set it on the counter along with the groceries and grabbed his bag. He turned to walk out of the room, and with a determined nod of his head he trudged up the stairs to his bedroom.

As he moved through the dark hallway upstairs he debated the topic of his essay. "What was I supposed to write about again?" he grumbled to himself, kicking his door open and flinging his bag inside. "Crap, I actually forgot."

With a sigh he dropped himself heavily on his bed and buried his face into his pillow. All he wanted to do was sleep.

But soon all thoughts of homework and sleep were shoved out of his mind as the cool tip of a gun pressed lightly against his head. Sora stiffened, inhaling sharply.

"Don't move." A soft voice ordered him from behind.

"How'd you get inside?" Sora whispered, desperate to turn his head around and peek at the man standing over him.

The gun was pressed harder into his temple, making the teen wince. "Get up." The voice commanded tonelessly.

Sora took deep breaths as he forced his frozen limbs to move. Tensely he slid off the bed and stood, turning slightly to stare at the invader. It was the man that had been following him.

He was surprised and slightly embarrassed to notice that the silver-haired man was actually quite handsome up close. He should be looking for a means of escape, not checking out the creepy stalker guy with a gun!

"What…d-do you want with me?" Sora struggled to keep his voice steady as he eyed the gun. If the man hadn't killed him yet then maybe he wasn't going to die…maybe he had a chance…

Blue eyes flickered to the doorway, debating on if he could make it or not. The man followed his gaze and smirked.

"Don't try it. Won't work." He grabbed Sora's shoulder and roughly turned him around so his back was facing him. Sora stared fearfully at the wall, wishing he would stop shaking. He didn't like not being able to see the older man.

Behind him he heard the sound of cloth ripping accompanied with the feeling of cool hands binding his wrists together. Gathering his courage he spun around and kneed the man sharply in the stomach. The man grunted and stumbled away from him.

Sora scanned the room frantically and noticed the gun lying innocently on the bed. Nearly hysterical with fear Sora dived for it, hoping to knock it out of the man's reach. But before he could so much as brush it a hand grabbed him roughly by the back of his shirt and shoved him to the floor.

The brunette cried out as he landed painfully on the hard wood floor, head knocking against the ground. Dazed, he was only vaguely aware of pale hands tying his ankles together.

He felt himself being picked up and slung over the man's shoulder like a sack of flour. He swallowed hard as he bit back his pride and did the last thing he could. Scream.

His kidnapper flinched as he bellowed and thrashed. He didn't even stop to catch his breath as he was dumped back to the ground. There was no way the neighbors wouldn't hear him!

Only a moment later a wad of cloth cut off his screams, shoved gracelessly into his mouth. "That shut you up." The man growled, picking him back up and hurrying out of the house before anyone saw him leave.


"That him?"

"Who else could it be, dipshit?"

"My, you have a temper Riku."

Sora groaned as his eyes fluttered open. The voices around him sounded strange, like they were echoing. As he struggled to clear his mind he wondered when he had fallen asleep.

"Look, he's awake."


Sora frowned as he tried to focus on where that voice was coming from. It sounded vaguely familiar…

Slowly his vision cleared, revealing an expensive looking apartment living room. His head thudded dully as he fought to sit up. He groaned again. Why was his head so heavy?

Hands snagged his shoulders, pulling him upright and leaning him against the sofa he only just realized he had been laying on. A grinning face peered at him from above. "Hey there, I'm Axel." The man introduced himself, green eyes studying Sora's face. Sora stared back at him, not sure what to make of the strange red-haired man.

"Where am I?" he finally managed to ask, surprised at how dry his voice sounded. He looked around the room for a possible escape as Axel answered him.

The room was large and nearly bare. The floor was carpeted an off white and the walls painted the same dull color. A few black armchairs were scattered across the room and a flat T.V was hung on the wall, looking dusty and untouched.

"This is Riku's little hole." Axel replied, bouncing on his heels.

Riku grunted as he settled himself in an armchair and glared at his red-haired friend.

Sora turned his attention on him and frowned. "Are you…going to kill me?" he asked quietly, fists clenching. A dull fear wrapped around his mind as he struggled to find emotion in his kidnapper's face.

Riku didn't reply right away. He pulled off his shades and set them down on the glass coffee table. He brought his hand to his lips and pulled the black gloves off with his teeth.

"If I was going to I wouldn't have bothered bringing you here."

"So why did you bring me here?" Sora snapped, his fear making him impatient.

Riku shrugged as he folded his gloves carefully and set them beside the sunglasses. "Orders."

Sora stared at him with a bewildered expression before turning to Axel. "I don't understand. Let me go."

Axel smirked and leaned back against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest. "No can do, kid. You're just going to have to hang out here until boss tells us what he wants with you."

"God knows what he wants with a runt like him." Riku muttered, running a pale hand through his hair.

Sora scowled, feeling his headache grow worse. "I'm not a kid or a runt!" he glared at both of them.

Axel stared at him before laughing and turning to Riku. "You see that? He even pouts like Roxas."

Sora was tempted to protest that he was not pouting, but that he was glowering at them in what he considered a very threatening way. But curiosity got to him first. "Who's Roxas?"

Riku waved a dismissing hand at him. "No one.

Axel frowned at him and turned to Sora, shaking his head. "Don't mind him. He just kinda hates Roxas. And as for who he is, you'll see." He grinned and pushed off from the wall. "With that said, I must leave you two to yourselves." He bowed sarcastically before excusing himself from the room.

Sora listened to his muffled footsteps through the apartment soon followed by the sound of a heavy door opening then slamming shut.

He got up slowly and as soon as he was on both feet he swayed, stomach heaving. Sora groaned and grabbed the arm of the sofa to support himself. "What…did you do to me?" he hissed, turning angry blue eyes on Riku.

The silver-haired man was regarding him with a bemused look. "Nothing. Just gave you a little pill to knock you out for a bit."

Sora's knees finally gave out and he sank to the ground. He stared at his upturned palms, frowning. Fear coiled around him, constricting his chest. Only the dull pain in his head stopped him from having a complete panic attack.

Okay, stay calm. You'll find a way out of this. Just think clearly. Sora told himself furiously. You don't know where you are, except that you're high up in an apartment. You have no idea who these people are or what they're going to do with you. Shit.

"I want to go home." Sora said quietly.

Riku snorted as he slid out of the chair and walked over to stand over him. "Stop whining. You're not going home. Deal with it."

Sora turned his gaze back to the ground. He was starting to feel sick.

He heard Riku walk away and sighed, some tension leaving him.


Sora looked up, frowning. Riku was back and holding an ice pack out to him. Hesitantly, Sora took it and looked up at him questioningly.

"It'll make your head feel better." Riku muttered, turning away and walking out of the room.

Sora clutched his fingers around the white ice bag before pressing it gingerly against his head.

"Thanks." He whispered to the spot where Riku had been standing.


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