Title:School Wars (May change)


Summary: "Once upon a time, there were two men..." AU. Neji/Ten, Sasuke/Sakura, Shika/Ino, Naruto/Hinata

By:Shikamaru Nara's Fangirl

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For starters, "To Be Or Not To Be" is... granted, its a little bit AU (Alternate Universe for those of you who don't know.). But, let's face it; every fanfiction story is a little bit AU. But this story is completely and totally AU. Don't like it? There's the back button.

This is my first multi-pairing story! Yay! Go me! And yes, Tenten and Neji are sophomores.

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Neji/Tenten (duh)




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Once upon a time,

There were two men.

These two men were

Daisuke and Hiroshi

They had grown up together.

From the time they were in diapers,

To the time they were withering, old men.

They had grown up together.

That did not necessarily mean that

They liked each other.

Hiroshi had dated Daisuke's sister,

Izumi. For a while it was fine;

The couple was happy.

Daisuke didn't approve.

He had told Izumi that she should

Not be dating such a low-down

And vile man. Of course, Izumi,

Being a woman in love, refused to

Listen. Daisuke was frustrated, but

Did nothing to sabotage Hiroshi

And Izumi's relationship. For three

Years, the couple was consistent and

Very happy. But then Izumi had

A very mysterious disappearance.

And no one had ever seen her again.

Daisuke knew that the last person to

See her had been Hiroshi. And thus,

He was blamed for Izumi's disappearance.

Naturally, Hiroshi said no. He did nothing

To Izumi. After all, why would he? He was

Planning to purpose to her.

Daisuke was angry and frustrated. He had a

Firm belief that Hiroshi had killed Izumi.

And it stayed that way even as the two had

Grown older.

When they were both thirty, the town

Had built two high schools.

Daisuke had become principle of one.

Hiroshi of the other one.

One school was called,

"Konoha School for Girls"

The other,

"Konoha School for Boys"

Even after fifteen years,

Daisuke still maintained a

Firm belief of Hiroshi being to

Blame for Izumi's disappearance

Eventually, Daisuke's anger…

Spread among his students.

And a war between

Konoha School for Girls


Konoha School for Boys


Fifteen Years Later:

Konoha School for Girls

Room #8

12:00 PM

"And that's the general idea." A young girl with brown eyes and brown hair that was, for once in a lifetime, down, who went by the name of Tenten, smirked. "At least that's what my grandfather used to tell me." The blond on the floor "Hm"'d quietly. Just think... this whole place was created by a couple old farts."

"Ino! The school wasn't created by old far… old people; it's just been in a war with the boys' school next door because of them."

"It's not technically a war, because no one's died." Tenten stood up on the bed she was sitting on, while she told her three friends the tale of Daisuke and Hiroshi. The rosette-haired girl sitting on the computer desk let out a shriek. "Tenten! That's my bed you're putting your dirty shoes on!" Tenten gave the girl a bland look. "Chill out, Sakura. My shoes are clean." She paused. "I think." Holding onto the wall for balance, Tenten looked at the bottoms of her shoes. "Oh… I didn't know I stepped in that…"

"What?! Tenten!"

"I imagine that when the boys get here for the school dance and the big basketball game this Saturday that there will be conflict." A shy voice came from the bed in the corner. Ino turned from watching Sakura try to pull the older girl off her bed to the girl with almost-white eyes in the corner. "Hinata's got a point." Ino straightened and turned around. "Hey, Tenten, you've been here a year longer than we have, why bother having a dance with the enemy school?"

Tenten successfully kicked Sakura off her. "Ha! I win, Pinky!" She hopped from Sakura's bed onto her own. "Tenten! You left dirt!"

"Shake it off, Pinky!"

"Stop calling me that!" Letting her legs go out from underneath her, Tenten plopped down onto her bed and just now seemed to register Ino's question. "Why? I dunno. I just go to them."

"I thought you hated dances." Ino said, crawling over to her nightstand. "I do, but Principle Tsunade demands that you go to the international dance." Tenten paused, thoughtful. "Actually, this is the first year of both the dance and the big basketball game."

"You will be playing in the big game, right, Tenten-chan?" Hinata asked.

"Well, I don't like to brag…"

"Yes, you do." Both Sakura and Ino said, Sakura as she shook the dirt off of her bed sheets and Ino as she pulled out a draw from her nightstand and began inspecting all her nail polish. "Alright, so I do, but anyway, I will be playing in the game, yes. And not that I'm bragging, but the team is basically nothing without me playing." Ino, Sakura and Hinata said nothing. No matter how blunt and "in your face" it was Tenten had made a valid point. She was basically the only one on the team who didn't suck.

Once upon a time, Sakura and Ino had tried their hand at basketball.

Let's just say that it ended with a very frustrated and tantrum-throwing Ino and a bruised Sakura. Both of them had made a mental note to never play basketball against Tenten again. When Tenten plays a sport, she plays to win.

"Last year was a breeze." Tenten said. "It was easy to beat a buncha freshmen. Stupid freshmen." Two loud cries of "Hey!" filled the room, Hinata stayed quiet, but you could see that she was visibly on edge. Tenten chuckled nervously. "Oh, um, present company excluded, of course."

"I have a cousin who goes to the boys' school." Hinata said, quietly. The other girls paused in what they were doing; Ino was painting her nails a dark red, Sakura was getting out books to study from for her upcoming history test and Tenten was digging the basketball out from under her bed. "You have a cousin?"


"What's his name?"

"Neji. My father told me that he was playing for the boys' basketball team." Six eyes darted over to Tenten who had positioned herself in front of the door, basketball in hand. She dribbled on the floor; the ball echoed on the first floor's roof. "Neji… Hyuga, I'm guessing." Hinata nodded. Tenten scowled as she shot the ball. It landed in the hoop with a "swish!"

"I ain't afraid of no Neji Hyuga."

"Father says he's the best on the boys' team"

"I'll hand his ass to him."

"Tenten, don't swear." Sakura said, opening up her history book. "Anyways, Ino, Sakura, what about the cheer squad? You have our victory dance ready, right?" Ino smirked above her red nails. "We have a dance ready, yes." Sakura said. Tenten rolled her brown eyes. "Oh, please. With me, who, by the way, has never lost a game, playing on the girls' team…" Tenten shot the ball once more, then picked it up and tossed it under her bed. "Those guys don't stand a chance." Ino finished a bigger smirk upon her face as she finished with her left hand.

Konoha Boys' School


1:00 PM

The basketball team sat silently on the bleachers as the coach paced the polished wooden floor. "As you all know, the school dance and the big basketball game will be held at the girls' high school next Saturday. Now some of you, being freshmen, do not know the fact that those no-good, cheating girls beat us last year."

"I heard they beat us bad."

"Thank you, Naruto. Hey, why are you here? You're supposed to be in detention." Naruto shrugged; the sighed, but continued. "But, in spite of that, this year, we trained. We practiced. We have gone through months of grueling laps around the track to obtain physical fitness. And now we have two secret weapons that will help us win! Last year's MVP, Neji Hyuga," Neji smirked. "And Sasuke Uchiha."


"Hey! Why aren't I a secret weapon?!" Naruto yelled, standing up.


Slowly, a hand came up, grabbed Naruto by the collar and yanked him down. "Ahem, as I was saying… Neji, Sasuke, don't let the team down." The two teens nodded their heads. "And Shikamaru," the guy who yanked Naruto down lazily opened his eyes. "I see you sleeping up there. Have you done anything this season?"

"He's planned ways for us to win games against the other schools." A boy called out. "Ah, yes. So he has. Well, Shikamaru, can you come up with a plan for this game?" Shikamaru shrugged lazily, and then yawned. "Probably."

"Great. Get on that as soon as possible."


"I understand that some of you boys have family over in the girls' school. I also hope that you understand the severe beating they gave us. We got beat by girls."

"Got beat bad."

"Shut up, Naruto. Now as you know, the girls have an MVP of their own. A sophomore who goes by the name of 'Tenten'. She was on the team last year. She kicked our butts." The upperclassmen winced. "Now, somehow, we have to get rid of the girls' MVP. With Tenten out of the way, we'll get that gold trophy."

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