Grave concern is evident upon the faces of all as three courageous super heroines require immediate medical attention. Both the invisible jet and the Hawkship could return the group to Earth within an hour, but the best hope is right on hand. A gracious Phranyx 1 offers his remarkable talents to heal the trio of women who are the saviors of his world.

Although Wonder Woman requires far and away the most extensive treatment, Phranyx 1 must tend to Batgirl first. Babs Gordon possesses no meta-human genes or abilities. As such, the poisonous bites from the killer ants work more rapidly against her body. The heroine's knees and lower legs have begun to swell up noticeably. Her skin suffers from countless grisly lesions which are every bit as painful as they appear.

A light blue aura emanates from the alien's hands as he gently brings them to rest upon Batgirl's knees. His eyes are closed; his deep concentration resembles meditation. To the amazement of Earth's heroes and heroines, the open wounds on Barbara's flesh begin to close. The gross complexion and bloating of the skin subsides as the natural color and shape of her legs return. Fortunately, Gordon had not yet incurred any bone damage, so she will be able to walk freely within a day.

Phranyx 1 vows to address the Congresswoman's severely broken collarbone, but he must first turn his attention to the most grievous injuries. He gazes down at the sedated form of Supergirl. Thoughts swirl in his mind of the frantic scene nearly two weeks earlier when he tended to this same young woman. Her cardiac arrest had been so devastating that it actually had required him to perform surgery. He had to make physical contact with the vital organ itself in order for even his remarkable healing powers to take the necessary full effect. Given Kara's invulnerable body, the aliens had to travel at maximum speed to the closest red sun star system to allow the incision to be made.

The Phanosian places his right palm atop her crushed cheekbone and his fingertips graze her left eyebrow. Under any other circumstances, Supergirl's eye injury would be irreversible. She would be permanently blind in her left eye. The alien is able to prevent such a sad fate. He repairs the damaged eye socket. So doing relieves the trauma and permits the swelling to diminish. Phranyx 1 refrains from mending her torn retina in this initial effort. He believes that it is best for Kara's Kryptonian metabolism to aid the early healing process. Tomorrow he will restore her sight.

Wonder Woman's condition is very distressing. Having regained her powers, Diana's immune system fights to ward off this horrible malady. This battle is physically exhausting, even to the princess of the Amazons, and she lies unconscious as her abductor tends to her. Phranyx 1 attempts the same treatment method which he utilized with Batgirl. Her skin shows definite signs of improvement and the bloating of her legs decreases significantly. Nevertheless, Phranyx 1's expression and demeanor do not indicate satisfaction or success.

"I was afraid of this!" he laments to Diana's worried friends and colleagues. "What is it? What's wrong?" Donna Troy implores. Phranyx 1 sighs momentarily. "I can remedy the damage to her muscles, nerves, and tissues. The bones in Wonder Woman's legs are another matter. They have degenerated into what is essentially a gelatinous state." he replies. "There is no solidity left to them. Her hips and pelvis suffered some such damage, but I was able to reverse that. Unfortunately, there is no bone foundation left in her feet and legs upon which to rejuvenate them."

"So you're saying she's crippled?" Wonder Girl snaps as tears roll down her pretty face. The alien nods affirmatively. Dick Grayson consoles Donna as the group is momentarily stunned by the news.

"Now hold on a moment!" Hawkman suddenly insists. "You said that you can't reverse this degeneration in Diana's lower limbs, because there isn't any true bone matter left. Can't you graft bone samples from other Amazon donors to provide the necessary starting point?"

A feeling of optimism spreads throughout the room, for most everyone believes that Katar's suggestion has promise. Alas, Phranyx 1 thinks otherwise. "For a normal being, I would proceed in exactly that manner, Hawkman." he explains. "The meta-human gene is vastly different however. It is largely unique to the individual. This is evidenced by the wide spectrum of abilities that meta-humans possess. The downside is that the same uniqueness which makes Wonder Woman a great champion also makes her incompatible, even to her Amazon sisters. I have heard some of you laud the princess with such praise as 'There's nobody like her!' That is all too true and sadly it is this very fact that works heavily against her in her current condition."

"There must be something we can try." Black Canary argues. "The Amazons have advanced medical techniques. Perhaps they might be able to help Diana." Wonder Girl agrees that this is worth a shot and the group prepares to travel back to Earth. Phranyx 1 encourages them to make the return trip, but he offers a potential solution which just now occurs to him.

"The only sure source of matching bone matter is Wonder Woman herself." the alien elaborates. "Marrow and small bone fragments can be extracted from her arms, shoulder blades and rib cage. This will not be a miracle cure. Even my healing touch can not rebuild her afflicted limbs expeditiously; the damage is far too extensive. It will take considerable time for her bones to regenerate, but given her extraordinary physiology, there's a good chance she could fully recover."

With the JLA's consent, Phranyx 1 proceeds with his operation. His surgical skills are highly developed to appropriately complement his supernatural healing abilities. He introduces healthy bone and marrow samples throughout Diana's legs and feet. The procedure takes several agonizingly long hours to complete.


"Phranyx, how is she?" Donna Troy demands as the alien steps away from the operating table. His expression is non-committal, thus leaving the group all the more anxious. Phranyx 1 groans. "The good news is that Wonder Woman will regain the use of her legs, and with luck resume her Justice League career." he begins. "The bad news is that her recovery will be long and tedious. She will not be able to place any weight or strain upon her legs for a minimum of two months. It may take as long a year before she can endure meta-human exertion. Let me also say that this is not a conservative estimate. I am taking the subject into consideration. Were she anything short of Wonder Woman, I would state unequivocally that she would never walk again."


Two weeks have passed since the gallant trio of super heroines escaped from their exile in the Blessed Land. Supergirl has fully recovered from her eye and facial injuries. Congresswoman Barbara Gordon has returned to Washington DC. She is back on the job, but still recuperating from her 'auto accident'. Her shoulder is still a bit sore and she wears a sling to aid the healing process. Babs figures to return to action as Batgirl in another week or so.

Princess Diana convalesces on Paradise Island. She undergoes three daily treatments underneath the ingenious purple ray, which she herself has helped to perfect. Her recovery is aided by the presence of Phranyx 1, who becomes the only man other than Steve Trevor to set foot on Themyscira. Showing due concern for her daughter's well-being, Queen Hippolyta has lifted the ban on male visitors to allow the him to attend to Diana. Donna Troy and several members of Hippoltya's royal guard keep a close watch on the alien to ensure that his movements are restricted to the infirmary.

"I just wanted to check in on you one last time before we depart." Phranyx 1 notes. He wears a special light-weight device of Thanagarian design which spans his forehead. It serves to protect his mind from the debilitating effects of Earth's atmosphere. His mystically glowing hands provide excellent therapy for Diana's legs, which remain rigidly stiff and feel like dead weight to the Amazon. "You're coming along quite well." he observes. "Your bones are solidifying, albeit slowly. Everything else is nearly back to normal, including the cartilage, which is very encouraging."

Wonder Woman listens intently to his words, but she still doesn't completely trust him. This is, after all, one of the three men who abducted her. She is now aware of the motivations behind his actions. She understands that along with Babs and Kara, they have saved an entire race from extinction. This is very gratifying to Diana and makes her pain and current hardship easier to endure.

Truth is the very essence of what Wonder Woman stands for. As such, Phranyx' deception and heavy-handed tactics are pointedly disturbing, despite noble intentions. Both Batgirl and Supergirl have chosen to avoid the aliens, who remain in Justice League custody pending extradition to Phanos. Kara and Gordon resent the Phanosian trio and have been intentionally indifferent towards any overtures of appreciation from them. Initially, Diana's attitude was very similar. Circumstances have brought she and Phranyx 1 together in close proximity over the past fourteen days, however. As such, the princess has developed a bond of sorts with the visiting heroes. She disagrees with their methods, but respects the impetus behind them.

"My brothers and I are being escorted back home to answer for our crimes." Phranyx 1 explains. Diana is already aware of the social nature of Phanos. She knows that Phranyx faces the death penalty for their transgressions. "Well, at least there are reasons behind your behavior." Diana responds. "Your defense counsel should be able to make a compelling argument on your behalf."

"The laws and customs of our planet are much different than Earth." the alien notes. "We have no advocate to argue on our behalf nor do we need one. We are guilty as charged and readily accept the punishment that awaits us."

Wonder Woman is astonished at how calm Phranyx 1 remains while discussing his short-term future. She feels an urge to criticize the rigid Phanosian legal system, but she restrains herself. The Amazon appreciates the fact that different cultures have different values. "So ..." Diana counters, "your unconventional actions lead to the salvation of your world and your reward is a death sentence? How exactly will the three of you be remembered by your people? Will you be heroes or villains?"

"We have already been branded as pariahs." Phranyx 1 answers. "Our government demands our immediate return. We have been permitted to remain on Earth this long only because of your urgent need for my unique healing skills. Now that you are well enough that Amazon methods and your own hearty constitution will do the rest, we must journey home at once."

"This isn't right!" Princess Diana proclaims. "Perhaps you should die based upon the traditional mores of your people. That really isn't for me to determine. It is an injustice, however, that your many years of heroic service go unrecognized. People should be remembered for the sum of their contributions, good and bad."

"I'm going to Phanos with you!" Wonder Woman declares to the shock of Phranyx 1. "If you won't speak in your own defense, I will!"


The judiciary chamber, located in the heart of the capital city Phortham, is an antiquated structure. Modern marvels of architecture surround the tiny courthouse. One doesn't have to be a native of Phanos to recognize that this hall symbolizes the relative value that its people place upon litigation. On this world, the law is supreme and unyielding. Its presiding elders expeditiously adjudicate on all criminal and civil matters. Appeals are simply unheard of.

The typical legal proceeding is of little interest to Phanosian citizens, for there are no lawyers to engage in dramatic battles of wit. It has been decades since a case has drawn a capacity crowd to this site. Today, the courtroom is packed with onlookers spilling out both the front and side doors. The renowned heroes Phranyx have turned bad and they are expected to face capital punishment shortly after the formal proceeding concludes.

The Justice League of America has escorted the three prisoners back to Phanos as per an extradition agreement. It was understood that the foreign contingent would simply deliver Phranyx to the Phanosian authorities and be on their way. Outworlders are not generally welcome on Phanos and their attendance is unprecedented in the judicial chamber. Wonder Woman has submitted a formal request through the government to address the high court. Given her legendary status and the principal role she played in saving the Phanosian race, the council of queens makes a noted exception for the Amazon princess. The injured heroine is accompanied by her sister Donna Troy and JLA colleagues Superman, Green Lantern and Zatanna.

Diana's friends don't particularly sanction her decision to travel to Phanos for this proceeding, but they all respect the sense of honor which drives her. The visitors are all expected to remain hidden in the background while Wonder Woman alone approaches the court. As such, Green Lantern and Zatanna combine their ingenuity to create a green energy chair for the Amazon. It comfortably supports her mending frame and floats through the air as per the heroine's telepathic wishes.

Even in her depleted condition, there is a grace to the princess of Themyscira which is apparent to the entire audience. Diana commands the room from the moment she enters. Energy abounds through the hall until she begins to speak. Suddenly, a universal hush stills the audience as they listen intently to her every word ...

Thank you madam justices for allowing me to address your noble court this morning. By my own admission, I am a novice when it comes to the laws and customs of your people. Should I err in protocol or in any way project presumptiveness, I apologize. Your methods are different than those of my world, but I fully respect your rights to govern yourselves as you see fit.

The facts of the case have already been presented and do not seem to be in any real dispute. Phranyx did intentionally recruit three alien females, I being one of them, to undertake a dangerous mission in their stead. This matter was deemed internal; the very act of even seeking our aid is therefore considered criminal. The impending death sentence for these men is solely based upon their recruitment of Supergirl, Batgirl and myself.

I am not here to debate the appropriateness of your punitive system. Phranyx understands his crimes under Phanosian law and accepts his fate. He may very well deserve to die; that is for you to judge. I do wish to draw your attention to the full scope of contributions Phranyx has made to your society over the years. I urge this court and the public itself to consider the good and the bad when passing judgment, both now and for the ages.

The Phranyx brothers have served your society with distinction since entering adulthood. They have bravely and selflessly worked on behalf of the whole. Their special talents have made them legendary amongst your people.

Your beautiful planet faced the grave prospect of extinction due to an unconscionable evil unleashed by your misguided neighboring worlds. Everyone sought the solution to save your planet, yet it was Phranyx who felt the greatest burden of all. As the resident heroes, the safety of the public is their utmost responsibility. They risk their own lives to protect the innocent; it is inherent in the job.

With your entire race threatened, Phranyx considered his three lives to be expendable. He would have willingly entered the Blessed Land, but he was realistic enough to know his own limitations. Phranyx reasoned that outside help, although prohibited by law and custom, was the best and perhaps only hope for the survival of the species. As such, he willingly sacrificed his own future to ensure the proliferation of his people.

One may choose to question his methods, but not the motivation behind them. It is true that your heroes abducted Supergirl, Batgirl and myself and forced the rescue mission upon us. You must know, however, that they were not of sound mind at the time. Their intent was to ask for our assistance. I can speak for both of my friends when I say that we would have willingly responded to such a request, despite the high risk. That's what we do.

In summation, I ask not that you pardon Phranyx; rather I simply implore you to consider his many achievements and the reasons behind his actions. Allow yourselves today and history tomorrow to judge these three men for the sum of their deeds, both right and wrong.

Thank you all for your time and courtesy.


The courtroom is virtually silent for nearly five minutes as the audience and justices all ponder the wise words of the spectacular Wonder Woman. Behind the bench, the judges whisper amongst themselves. They retreat into their private chambers to discuss the matter, something unseen for centuries because Phanosian law is not open to interpretation. The crowd anxiously awaits their ruling, which only now seems to be in any doubt.

"We have reached a unanimous verdict." the head justice proclaims when the group emerges three hours later. "We find Phranyx guilty of all charges and he is hereby sentenced to death!" A buzz fills the still crowded courtroom. The head justice demands quiet and proceeds with her statement. "We are very touched by the arguments made before us today by Wonder Woman. Phanosian law is very specific, however, and it can not be compromised regardless of personal feelings or extenuating circumstances. Phranyx must be executed. That said, Wonder Woman is correct in lauding his years of honorable service. It is wrong to discount this past, because of his transgressions. As such, the public record will remember Phranyx fairly. This court will also initiate a formal petition to declare a national holiday in memorial of Phranyx." The justice pauses momentarily before concluding. "This court is adjourned."

The Phranyx trio is led out the back of the building by a police escort. There are no restraints, for the heroes offer no resistance and are not considered a flight risk. The Earth contingent awaits him beyond the sight of the spectators. Phranyx bids them farewell, but asks a personal favor of Diana. "We would be honored," Phranyx 1 professes "if you would sit beside us during the execution process. It will commence very shortly." The princess nods affirmatively and Superman notes that they will wait in orbit and return for her.


The execution ward is an unremarkable room, small and non-threatening. There is no apparent means of inducing death as the Phranyx brothers calmly sit on the three provided chairs. Diana's floating support chair sets down facing the three men, who are seated in a semi-circle.

"What will happen to the men in the Blessed Land who de-evolved into Neanderthals?" Diana asks as a means of passing time in this very somber and awkward setting. "Unfortunately, they can not be saved" Phranyx 2 responds. "Their metamorphoses are complete and therefore irreversible." Phranyx 3 adds "They will remain in the Blessed Land, but completely isolated from those who venture there to procreate. They will live out their lives as peacefully as possible."

"It's begun." Phranyx 1 suddenly interjects. An eerie silver glow envelops the Phranyx trio as they composedly hold hands. "This is specifically tailored for our DNA" Phranyx 1 reassures the Amazon. "There is no danger to you." At their request, Wonder Woman places her hands atop theirs. The three men feel no pain; rather consciousness fades as their life signs mercifully ebb. "Thank you princess." Phranyx 1 struggles as his eyes grow heavy. "We will forever be in your debt!" Their heads all droop as the final flicker of life drains from their persons.

"May the glory of Gaea be with you in the afterlife." Diana whispers solemnly. She remains motionless for the next ten minutes, praying over the now deceased Phranyx. Wonder Woman's eyes open upon completion of her prayers. Small tears attempt to escape from her lower eyelids as she touches the ruby red star of her tiara to signal her friends. "I'm ready Donna." the pensive Amazon states. "It's time to return home."


Note to my readers : I would like to thank all of you for sticking with me during this story. When I began 'The Prophesy of the Hunt', I had a general idea of what I wanted to accomplish. As I continued writing, new ideas came to me which resulted in the story being longer than anticipated. (In fact, this final section detailing Phranyx' fate was a late addition to the outline. The concept didn't occur to me until after the first 13 chapters had been written.) Hopefully, you have found the conclusion to have been worth the wait.

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