Kate's POV

Ice blue eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses, sandy blonde hair, and a license to kill… what name comes to mind? James Bond, right? Wrong. Though most people know my brother, few realize that he even has a sister. I suppose you hear more about the reckless double 'O's rather then the higher up ones.
I'm 005, Kate Bond, though our new agents (008 and 009) enjoy calling me by my hair color. Like my brother, I have ice blue eyes that get lighter or darker by my emotions and sandy blonde hair that is layered and comes to my shoulders. I'm 22, four years younger then James and it drives him crazy that I'm so much younger than him and I became a double 'O' first… I'll never let him forget that.
Other then my brother, the only double 'O' that I get a long with is 006, Snapdragon or Snaps. She and I just seem to get a long.
There's a lot of "Double 'O' Drama"; I can't stand 009(Dyna Taylor), who started the whole Blonde thing. Dyna likes James, who hates her and 008(Jack Claney). Jack likes Dyna, who also hates 006(Snaps), who is my best friend… yeah, drama…
Each double 'O', aside from normal skills, has something that they excel in. I'm a silent assassin, basically if we need someone killed and don't want to draw attention I'm sent. Snaps is the best sniper, she can hit anything from a great distance. James is good at "sending messages" (kills that need to be seen or noticed.). Jack… I'm not really sure what he does… and Dyna is a bomb expert, this is why I think she obtained double 'O' status because none of the rest of us have had formal training with bombs, just basic.
You may be wondering where 001 – 004 are now. Well, 001 is our leader, M. 002, Thomas Oleson, died before my time. 003, William Webster, is now the man who makes all of our gadgets, we all call him Web (he just turned 56). 004, Ripley Jones (58), is in charge of our arsenal of guns.

Snaps' POV

My name is Snapdragon Madison. No, I'm not a rapper, and no, I don't curse my parents for giving me that name. It's this simple, my close friends call me Snaps, my enemies call me Madison, which makes me feel like the Mermaid in that old Tom Hanks movie.

I am a Double 'O' agent for MI6, the British government intelligence system. Being a double 'O' means I have a license to kill, and I'm not afraid to use it. My best friend, also a Double 'O', is Kate Bond. We are the exact same age (as in the exact same birthday), but she became a Double 'O' around five months before me, making her 005 and me 006. Yes, we came before James Bond, and we've never let him forget it, either.

He is, or course, Kate's older brother, by four years, and he and I had had an…interesting relationship.


I was walking into MI6 to speak to M about becoming an agent. I had on a pair of dark blue sunglasses, khaki cargo pants, and yellow button up. I met James on his way out and he introduced himself. I knew immediately that he was Kate's brother. He asked my name, and I told him.

"Snapdragon? Your parents must have gotten-"

"Don't even start on the name. I like my name, I've always thought it unique and self-defining."

"But, I-"

"I've also always promised myself never to name any children I may have something normal and commonplace, like…James, for instance."

He smirked at me then, and I had noticed his ice blue eyes for the first time. Whether he was looking at me with admiration or annoyance, I didn't know.

"Good evening, Mr. Bond."

End Flashback

Since then, I've become closer with James, though it is our extreme enjoyment to torture one another and bet our lives on Poker (I usually win). I've found myself daydreaming about him lately, though, flirting with him intentionally and worrying about how I look around him. He's always been so kind to me (despite our bickering) and we have a great many things in common.

It has not taken me long to realize that I'm falling in love with James Bond

All great epics begin and end with love, and so is the case with this one.