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This is not an AU. This fanfiction takes place when the cast is older and out of Hogwarts. Lord Voldemort has supposedly been defeated, for Harry destroyed the last Horcrux. Now they all go on about their merry little lives.

Harry sighed as he opened the door to his office. He threw his cloak on the hanger and began to walk to his desk, but stopped when he looked up to see two people in his office that usually aren't there. One, a dastardly beautiful witch with wide blue eyes worthy of a veela and shining blonde hair, whom Harry had seen in magazines and pictures before, was sitting on the edge of his ebony desk, gazing questioningly at him. The other person was a wizard that Harry knew well, Rufus Scrimegour, the Minister of Magic.

"Hello, sir." he said, then nodded to the witch. "Miss. May I ask what you are doing here?"

"Harry, don't be so suspicious." Rufus chuckled. "I've got a job that requires your expertise."

Harry straightened. "And what exactly would my expertise be, Minister?"

The man walked over and clapped a hand on Harry's thin right shoulder. "Don't be modest, you know what I mean You're exceptionally good at sneaking around, and oobserving people without anyone noticing! Theif stuff, right?"


"I thought so! So, I thought you could help out our Miss. Lovegood here with a bit of a stalker she's seemed to pick up, hmm?" he asked, gesturing over to the witch on Harry's desk, who was dressed from head to toe in white, sparkled robes with a pale blue hem.

His green eyes snapped over to her at the name. "Lovegood?" Harry questioned. "Luna Lovegood?"

The woman slid of the desk, reaching out her hand and grasping Harry's. He couldn't help but notice that her hands were extremely soft and very thin. "Hello, Harry." she whispered with a dreamy smile. "Long time no see, hmm?"

He stuttered as he shook hands with his old schoolmate. "Err ... Hi, Luna, err ... I'm sorry I didn't recognize you, I ... err..." he trailed off. How couldn't he have seen it before?!? Her wand was tucked behind her ear, she still wore very large radish earrings, her robes were spangled cleverly, and her unforgettable, quirky stare was still in place. Harry reprimanded himself. You're supposed to be an Auror, and yet you can't even recognize an old friend?!

"That's ok, Harry. It's expected. Ever since I got out of Hogwarts my looks have changed quite a bit. No harm done."

The Minister's beady eyes darted from inbetween the two young adults. "You two know eachother?" he asked incredulously.

"From school, Minister, sir. Harry and I went to Hogwarts together, although he was a year ahead of me. I guess you could say that we were good aquaintances."

Harry let go of Luna's hand and turned to his boss, smiling. "Friends and allies. That's what we were."

He could see Luna smile brightly out of the corner of his eye at his words. Perhaps she still felt bad about not having many friends back at Hogwarts, Harry guessed. He felt slightly dazed at her smile, and smiled back before listening to the Minister's response.


"Yes, allies. You see, back in my fifth year, Luna fought alongside me in the Department Of Mysteries."

His eyes widened and he turned to Luna. "You did?!"

"Yes, I did. But, um, Minister?"


"We're supposed to be discussing Harry's job."

"Wha? Oh, ah, yes, your job, Harry." he murmured, facing Harry. "Basically, Miss Lovegood has a very dangerous, obsessive stalker. The Ministry has hired an Auror, you, to protect her until we can catch this stalker. So you'll follow Miss Lovegood around, protect her, watch her, accompany her to places, things like that. Got it, Potter?" Harry ran through it all in his head. It seemed easy enough, even if he thought it was a pure waste of his time, to follow around a starstruck witch who is bombarded by paparazzi 24/7.

"...Got it. When do I start?"

"Now. Miss Lovegood will fill you in on everything else you need to know. G'day." he said, and dismissed himself from the office, glancing at Luna once more before closing the door behind him.

Harry slowly turned to face Luna, who had sat herself back on the surface of his desk. "So ... erm ... what exactly am I to do now?"

"Oh, it's as simple as the Rotfang Conspiracy. You just follow me wherever I go, take me to the places I need to be, and pretty much be my bodyguard. At the end of the day, you'll come back to my house, where you'll sleep in the guest room, and then---"

"--Whoa, whoa, whoa, I didn't sign up for an all-night deal."

Luna smiled, her eyes as dreamy and captivating as ever. "Too late, Harry. Besides, the Minister said that you don't have anyone or anything to come home to at the end of the day, so what's the big deal? Do you still have Hedwig?"

He nodded.

"She can stay with us. I've got an owl, too. Five of them, actually. Hedwig can keep company with them. Any other pets?"

He nodded.

"Like what?"

"Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes."

"Wow. He gave it to you in his will?"

"He didn't have a will. Fawkes chose me."

"Even more amazing. But, uh, you can bring Fawkes along if you like, nothing in my house will mind."

" ...Alright." Harry sighed, giving in. "So what now?"

Luna jumped off the desk, back arching. She landed directly in front of Harry. He noticed that she was only a few inches shorter then him, which was saying something, since Harry was about 6 foot even. "I've got a banquet to go to tomorrow after a photoshoot. Therefore, we are going to have to go shopping. I doubt you have anything fancy, do you?"

"Erm, no ... why?"

"Because you'll be going with me, idiot! I need a nice dress and robe, and you need some dress robes too. Oh don't be silly, I'm paying for it." she said as she noticed Harry filing through the money pouch attatched to his belt.

"So ... when do we go?"



In Diagon Alley, Harry began to notice that Luna was very different than she was at Hogwarts. She didn't talk of absurd creatures and theories. In fact, Luna stayed kind of quiet. They walked through the crowds, quite a few heads turning and people shouting as they passed. Luna kept her hood up to cover the sides of her face, and kept a deathgrip on Harry's right arm as they barreled through the alley. The two stopped in many shops, most of them extremely expensive or extremely odd. Harry realized that they were now headed into Knockturn Alley.

"Uh, Luna?"


"We're headed for Knockturn."

"I know."


"We're shopping." she said simply.

"In Knockturn?"



"For clothes."

"I got that."

"Then what's the problem?"

"Knockturn's a dodgy place, Luna. I don't think you wanna go in there."

"I do it all the time."

"...Alright." he replied as they passed the askew sign, that now read ' ockt rn'.

They passed an old man with moldy teeth, whom Luna greeted warmly with a hug before walking on down the line of blackened shops. "Did you know that man?" Harry asked as they turned a corner.

"No, I didn't."

His eyes widened. "Then why did you hug him!?!"

"He looked like he needed a hug."

"That's dangerous!"

"You're the one that's supposed to protect me from danger." Luna replied cooly. She looked up. "Ah, here we go."

She yanked harry into a shop titled, 'The Bloth-Drikkan Click'. Harry had never walked into a store so Gothic and elaborate. The carpet was made of red velvet with swirling black designs that moved when you stepped on them. The walls were draped over with silk shawls of midnight blue and silver. There were no windows besides a stained-glass skylight that Harry was sure he had seen back in Hogwarts in the Slytherin common room in his second year. Everything that wasn't an article of clothing stood on a marble pedestal of it's own, that rotated slowly to give a full view of the item. Clothes were lined on racks against the walls, and Harry could see no sign of a register.

"Isn't it gorgeous? A little too plain, for my tastes, but this place has excellent dress robes, Harry."

Wait ... plain?!?

Luna took Harry by the arm, and lead him into a backroom that was concealed by a flowing silk drapery. It was full of dresses of every size and colour, shape and ... errr ... something else. There was a folding barrier near the corner for changing.

"I find all my dresses back here." she stated as she began to browse.

The blonde girl finally picked a few dresses to try on after what seemed to Harry like hours. He thought it was stupid that he had to accompany her on a shopping trip anyways. Luna appeared from behind the folding barrier.

"So ... what do you think?"

Harry turned around, a barely audible gasp escaping his lips.

Luna was wearing a glittering, baby-blue dress that ruffled to a diagonal end at her knees, showing off a small slit of her right thigh. It was lined with white glitter at the hems, so sparkling and breathtaking as if it was magical. (Which, Harry guessed, it was.) The top fitting her form extremely well, and matching elbow-length gloves adorned her forearms and wrists.

She was gorgeous.

"Luna, you ... you look amazing."

She smiled. "As good as a corkscrew?"

"Uhm ... what?"

"Nevermind, at least I look good. Because this is the one I want."

"Alright, let's go buy it then."

After purchasing Luna's dress robes and Harry's as well, they left Knockturn and Diagon Alley via broomstick. At first, Harry wondered where Luna learned to fly, for she dipped at odd angles and always kept her right arm at her side. Also, she didn't straddle her broomstick the same way most people did. Luna sat sideways with her legs folded under her, so she was perched on her knees. When questioned, Luna simply stated, "Just in case a Snorkack comes by." As if Harry knew what that meant.

Eventually, Luna pointed downward and shouted, "That house by the lake, Harry!!"

Both of them swerved and tilted down, aiming for the castle-like house that was next to a large, black pond through the clouds. They reached it faster than Harry had anticipated, and he had to pull up so he wouldn't crash into a sculpture of a house-elf that looked suprisingly like Dobby.

Harry dismounted his broom silently, careful not to let the bags he was holding be jostled too much. Unlike Harry, Luna crashed headfirst into the ground, her slim body arching off the grass as she tumbled forward. Her legs buckled when the broom zoomed out from under her. Harry caught the broom as it swept by his face, running over to help Luna. Luna's skirt had flown up, showing blue panties with large purple radishes all over them. Harry blushed and supressed a laugh.

"Are you alright?"

The blonde recollected herself, taking Harry's hand and standing up. She burst into laughter. "That was so much fun! We should do that again!!"

Harry gave her a look of confusion before looking up at the building they were in front of.

A huge, stone mansion stood before them. Blue tapestries hung from every stained-glass window, striped with dark gold. The entrance was a handsome set of ebony double doors. Harry took to note that the knocker was shaped like a Raven, and that it stood in front of the Hogwarts insigna.

"You ... You live here?!" he gasped as they walked through the entrance. Harry's emerald eyes took in everything there was. He was suprised that it wasn't as odd as he suspected from Luna. The floors were lined with black velvet carpets, and on the walls hung portraits of famous witches and wizards. He recognized quite a few, especially Dumbledore's painting and a painting of a young Tom Marvolo Riddle.

"Yes, I live here." she said, her voice airy as they began to ascend the main stairs that were in front of them. Harry was just following where Luna went, trying to look at everything at once without being rude or obvious. Harry lived in a large house, but nothing like this! "This way, Harry."

Harry glanced over and followed the blonde head in front of him down a darkened corridor. There was a door labeled, 'Quibbler Offices' on the far right. "Your father still working on The Quibbler?" he questioned with a grin.

Luna stopped suddenly. "No, he's dead. I took the job up and business is going quite well."

"Oh ... err ... that's, um, good then ..."

"Thank you."

"No problem."

"Here we are."

Harry looked forward. The two were in a long, thin hallway, lit with glowing blue candles against the walls. "Where are we?"

"West wing." Luna said, opening the door to her right. "Come in. Put the bags on the bed." Harry walked inside. They were in a cozy bedroom with walls lined with even more portraits of people, including another portrait labled 'Albus Dumbledore'. Harry recognized two people, a witch and a wizard, who both had the same physical attributes as Luna. "Those are my parents." she added dreamily, cocking her head over to the paintings that Harry was staring at. "Their faces are all around the house. Feel free to go to them for advice if need be."

He did not understand what she meant once again, but thought it better not to ask. Harry looked to his right, spotting the blue-sheeted bed and placing Luna's bags on it. "So ... this is your bedroom?"

"Yes. Your's is right across the hall."


"It's quite late, actually. Why don't you take your things and go to sleep?"

"Err, alright then. Talk to you tomorrow?"

"That would be lovely." she stated, dreamily yet again as she swept over to her warbrobe. "Close the door on your way out, and have a nice night, Harry."

"You too, Luna."

"Oh, and Harry?"

Harry looked back right before shutting the door. "Yes?"

She smiled, her teeth pearly white and her wide eyes sparkling. Luna looked like a true model. "Thank you for doing this. Maybe I'll be able to rest easy tonight, knowing that you'll be here."

He nodded and smiled back. "Not a problem." he whispered before shutting the door, and walking across the hall to his new bedroom. There's something off about her ... what happened to the girl I knew at Hogwarts?

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