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"Help us Rose! We need to think of what to do! We have no time left!" Alice cried out.

I just sat there holding my Bella. My brain had shut off completely. I felt as though I was watching my life in slow motion with the volume off. Everyone looked sort of blurry, and I saw mouths move quickly, but heard no sound come from their lips. I saw Bella's tears slide one at a time down her pale cheek. I could not contain myself any longer. I began to cry out. I grabbed Bella and held her, taking in her scent and trying to calm her. "I love you" I mumbled over and over. "I love you…"


Alice's point of view

The plane was going down, getting faster every second. Bella completely fainted, and Edward was in complete shock, unable to talk or move. Rosalie was picking at her manicured nails and complaining and Emmett was trying to convince her that now was not the time to think of herself. I realized that it was up to Esme, Carlisle, and me to figure out what to do. We needed to find a way to keep Bella alive, and we had less than a minute. Why couldn't I have seen this! I could not under stand. Yet I did not have time to dwell on it. Time was almost up, and I had two lives to save.

(A/N: Alice knows that Edward would kill himself if anything happened to Bella. Therefore, she has two lives to save. Kay, just thought I would clear that up in case you are confused… yeahh, anyways)

Rosalie's point of view (This is what is going on in Rosalie's brain at this moment):

Ugh. She is a stupid human. Why the hell do they care if she survives? My favorite dress is getting destroyed, and I am dealing with it. Why can't everyone else just acknowledge the fact that she is not going to make it? Ew, is my nail polish chipping? (A/N: that was absolutly pointless, but I wanted to do it anyways. Get over yourself)

Emmett's point of view:

"Rosalie!" I snapped. "Honestly, can you please help out a little? You cannot always think of yourself!" She glared my way, and then went back to picking at her nails. She is not used to being told what to do. Gosh, my wife can be such a pain.

Alice's point of view:

"So what are the options?" I asked Carlisle. "We need to do something like, NOW!"

I was standing in the isle, but suddenly, the plane jerked forward, and I found myself sitting on the floor. I looked up to find everyone staring at me. Edward had been shaken out of his state of shock, Bella had woken up, Rosalie looked away from her nails, and the plane was going to hit the water in seconds. I looked behind me to see a couple dead passengers lying on the isle towards the back of the plane. Some must have had a heart attack while others… must have killed themselves. I gulped. Bella's heart was going erratic, and she was clutching Edward. Tears were sliding down her beautiful face, and I knew that there was no other option; Bella was going to have to survive. Period. But how?

Esme's point of view:

I knew that we were seconds from hitting, and I could not bear to watch my son's life destroyed. I knew that he was nothing without his Bella, and we, as a family, had failed him miserably. Why could we not think of some way to keep her alive. Ugh. I must keep my composure for Edward's and Bella's sake. I must…

Edward's point of view:

I glanced outside, and realized that the plane would go under in less than five seconds. I glared at Bella who was clutching my arm, and decided to take my chances. Nothing would hurt me, and this might be my only way to save Bella… so I clutched Bella tightly, and when we were about two seconds from landing, I threw myself against the small window with all my might. Suddenly, we were falling. I heard Bella scream, and grabbed her tightly.

"I love you Bella!" I said, and with that, we hit the still water with a thud. I looked up and saw that the plane was going to hit us if we could not get out of the way in time. I needed to move NOW!

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