POC2: So, this is drabble number one, Glinda's POV, during the song 'March of the Witch Hunters.' This is my new pet project; I now write Wicked drabbles when I get bored in class. In general, the drabbles in this story are what the characters are thinking during the songs; the things that they don't say. The first few lines, just in case you are unsure-

R: As in, in case you're a bigger moron than I thought,

POC2: RANDOMLY, BE NICE!! The first few lines are to the witch hunters, the last is to herself. Elphaba is my Wicked muse. Say hello!

E: Yo.

POC2: This is my first drabble, it's usually stories-

R: That are just as pointless.

POC2: Shut up, Randomly. So, anyways; hope you like it! To the disclaimer!

Disclaimer: The author is poor. She owns nothing.

POC2: That's not true; I have plenty of money!

R: Not enough to be sued, though.

POC2: Well…

E: Can we just start the story?

M: Meow.

POC2: Midnight says "Okey Smokey"

W: Okaaaaay… *coughcreepcough*

POC2: What?

You fools! Who made her what she is?

You cowards! Could you say all this to her face?

You traitors! How many of you knew her when she was a child?

You liars! Don't you know in your hearts she's right?

You monsters! Can't you tell it's an innocent you hunt?

You fools! When will you open your eyes, and look for the truth?

You are all fools, cowards, traitors, liars, monsters! And me, I am no better; for when have I told what I really know?

You fool! When will you get the courage to do what is right?

POC2: Well, sadly enough, it looks like my comments are longer than the story itself, so I'll end it now. Review!