POC2: Well, the first was happy, the second was sad, and this one… I'm not sure what this one is. Hope you like it!

Morrible, just after "Wonderful" and the rest of that scene.

That was… unexpected.

Of course, it should not have been.

I taught them both, so I should have seen the signs of Elphaba and Fiyero's love.

In retrospect, they're obvious, and I missed them completely.

I must be getting old.

Well, no matter. It's happened, and now I'll have to deal with the consequences.

Glinda's heartbroken—you see, this is why you should never fall in love.

Perhaps I'll teach her that someday. Besides, Fiyero was unworthy.

Then again… what was that old saying about the fury of a woman's scorn?

I think I can turn this to my advantage.

W: This woman is hilarious. In a slightly morbid way.

POC2: And very fun to write for.

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