Title: Like A Shot

Pair: Xigbar/Xaldin
Genre: Introspective/angst
Prompt: Shot through the heart

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts is the property of Square Enix and Disney.


Xigbar watched as the newborn Nobody started to wake. There would be no mistaking him for anyone else, not with those sideburns. The one who had been part of Dilan had barely cracked open startling violet eyes when Xigbar dumped a bundle of black leather onto his lap.

"Welcome to the Organization, Xaldin- you're number III."

Xaldin only looked up at him with the confused look of a man getting his bearings in an unfamiliar world.


But the older man only gave him a lopsided smile. "I'm Xigbar." –Now-

Without another word, Xaldin donned the coat.


Whenever they had the time to spare, they always ended up on the practice range.

After all, whether it was the meticulous methodology of an experiment or shooting a hole in a target barely a half-inch wide, precision seemed to be a focal point of their daily activities.

Xigbar would shoot the mark from nearly 20 yards away and Xaldin would snort and throw a lance right after. Both always landed on the same dot.

They'd talk, sometimes- about the others, about The Plan, about being Nobodies. But they never talked about the thing that hung between them both, like a waiting steel trap, like one of Axel's little tricks. Just waiting to be sprung on them both.

But he knew, like the sharp-focus feeling of a laser-burst aimed, that Xaldin would always come to him. That he felt it, too.

But for now. Just for now…Not yet. When we have a heart. Yes, when we get them back. Then…

The promise hung in the air like an unopened present.


"I'll be leaving soon." Xaldin leaned against the railing with the casual grace of a panther.

"Yeah, where to?"

"The Beasts's Castle. He's going to make a powerful Heartless."

"Good luck-" Xigbar began, and then he hesitated, choosing his next words carefully. "You should probably make it quick before trouble comes along."

"What, the Key-Brat? You got away, didn't you?"

Only barely, the Freeshooter's mind supplied. Because he was confused and hurting for his precious friend.

The dreadlocked man must have caught on to that unusually solemn look. "I'll have to fight. If it's my turn… I can't help that anymore than the others could, Xigbar." He knew, then.

Xaldin knew, as much as he did, what would most likely happen. That the same fate dealt to nearly half of their group would now fall on his head.

"You shouldn't worry like that," Xaldin intoned lowly, suddenly closer than he had ever been, "when we don't have hearts."

There was no warning before the lancer crushed his lips against the other's, just a touch more forceful than necessary. Without thinking, Xigbar returned the kiss, pressing the other back into the wall.

It might have lasted an hour, or only mere seconds. He couldn't be sure- just that after a while- too short-, Xaldin pushed him gently away, no longer meeting his eyes.

He whispered a few words that Xigbar couldn't quite catch and before he could think or respond or throw out a comment, any damned thing at all

Like a shot through the heart, he was gone.

And there were no second chances this time.

It's not fair that you go before I do, Three.

Like a shot …


Three days later, Xigbar confronted the Keyblade master in the Hall of Empty Melodies and died.


Like a shot through the heart he was gone.


A/N: Well, this is the first time I ever did this pairing, so I hope I got the characterizations right- I also had to check a couple of bits of info here and there, but otherwise, it flowed quite well, all things considered. Originally done for the request of one marmaladecat.

Comments appreciated, as usual