Okay,well I don't know.

I always love vampire stories,and I just finished reading Twilight,which is amazing by the way,go read it.

and I thought,crap...I want to write a vampire story,only they both hate each other

and here it is.


Gaara-...-sighs- wow...er...let's make him 110,but he looks 17

Sasuke-210 and looks 17



Chaper One:Confrontation

Sakura's POV.

I hate him,I hate him.Every bit of my body hates him.He's too quiet,he acts like he owns the school.How can someone be like that?he never smiles,he never talks.He is just there,and he has perfect everything.I was tapping my pencil on my desk and stared outside the window only to see the sun setting.

It was all his fault why I am here in detention in the first place.


I was sitting in my desk,currently in Composition,and next to who?Sabaku No Gaara.He irritates me.Just then the unexpected.I accidenlty dropped my pencil,and he picked it up for me.I couldn't help but glare at him,he did the same.

"You...are so...WHY DON'T YOU TALK!"I shouted,I quickly covered my mouth with both my hands and the class was staring at me.Kakashi stopped writing on the board and turned to look at me.

"Haruno.Detention"He said to me as he turned around and began to write,the students also turned around and stopped staring at me.All but one.Gaara gave a small laugh and looked away from me.

"Sakura,you're hopeless."Sasuke said from infront of me,where he sits"ignore him.He's not worth your time-"

"I KNOW HE ISN'T!"Is houted once more,I hit my head on my desk.I really do have to stop shouting.


Normal POV.


Sakura looked away from the window and looked at the clock on the wall hovering above Kakashi"Sakura you may go now"he said not looking up from his papers.She nodded and walked out the classrom.She wandered the halls not wanting to go home and they led her to the cafeteria.

She stopped once she got inside and found Gaara sitting on top of one of the tables reading.She couldn't move,her unjust hatred for him didn't let her.Gaara looked up from his book and saw her,she was glaring at him.

"You're pathetic you know that."Sakura's eyes grew wide,did he just talk?

"Wha-what?"she said still amazed.

"You look at me with hatred and I guess you blame everything on me,am I right?"he said closing his book.Sakura still stayed in her place,but stiffened once he got off the table and walked towards her.She dropped her books and didn't bother to pick them up.His viridian eyes were staring right at hers.Two words popped into her head once she saw his eyes glaring at her:Cold and Pernicious.

"...I suggest you move from al the seats that are close to me,you value your life right"He said,venom dripping from his voice,he caressed her cheek and began to laugh at her reaction.She slapped his hand away.

"You don't scare me,and I'm not the pathetic one,you are"she said picking up her books.Gaara couldn't help but give a sly smile as he picked up one of her books.

"My,my.Stephen King?...a little demented in the head now are we-"

"I am not demented.YOU ARE.he is a fantastic writer"Sakura said getting up and snatching her book away from his pallid hands.He still had that same smile on his face.

"I was actually talking about him."Sakura's eyes grew slightly wide and she felt her cheeks warm.

"What ever"she said as she turned to walk away,but Gaara grabbed her shoulder,she swore she felt something weird once they made contact.She turned around to see him with a very serious face.

"I meant it when I said move away from me.If you still want to live,obey what I just-"Gaara was cut off by something he wasn't expecting,his face was tilted to the left,Sakura had just slapped him?!

"Don't threathen me,and don't even touch me"Sakura turned and began to walk away calmly,Gaara rubbed his cheek and watched her disappear.

"...You will definately be next..."he muttered darkly as he walked towards the table he once sat at and picked up his book.

"I don't think killing her would be good"Gaara turned around and saw Sasuke"sure her blood smells great...but...remembered it's against the rules to kill a human"he said as one of his fangs peeked out of his mouth.

"Who said I was going to kill her,Uchiha"Gaara said smirking letting his fangs show.

"The nerve of him..."Sakura muttered as she got near her house,once she opened the door she couldn't believe it"What are you doing here!"she walked inside and slammed the door shut"MOOOOOOOMMM!!!"she shouted.

Gaara sat there patiently on her couch"You walk awfully slow."he said looking around her house.White walls,wooden floors,black furniture.Hmm,nice.

"Sakura?"her mother said from the kitchen"what is it-"

"HE IS IT!"Sakura said pointing an accusing finger at Gaara who stared at her.

"You do know it's rude to point,especially if the person is infront of you"Gaara said matter-of-factly,he stood up"I just came to give you this."he held out his hand and a book was there.Sakura looked at her pile of books she held and her Edgar Allen Poe-which was in Gaara's hand-was missing,she took it from him catiously.

"Sakura,apologize"Her mother,Melody,said.Sakura looked at the wooden floor with pink cheeks.

"I'm..sorry.."she said lifting her gaze back at him,Wha-I'm saying sorry and he has the I beat you smile on his face..that..ego he has...I just wanna smash it!'DO IT!!DO IT!!

"It's perfectly fine,thank you Mrs.Haruno for the tea,but I must go now.Family expects me."he said giving a bow,Melody couldn't believe his manners,he turned to Sakura and gave her a bow also.Only he lifted his head and rose -where he would have-an eyebrow"I'll see you tomorrow in school."he said as he stood up straight and walked out the door.Sakura froze,was she crazy?when he was JUST talking to her,did his eyes turn RED?!she shook her head,that can't be.Wait.She sighed,just like it can't be that a girl can have natural pink hair.

"Who was that"her mother said chopping up some carrots for the chicken soup.Sakura shook her head.

"A pain in the-"


"IT'S TRUE!! he is just...god I want to stab him in the face..I mean-"

"SAKURA!"her mother put down the knife and place her hands on her waist"go to your room,I'll call you for dinner,think what you just said-"

"There's nothing to think mother,it's quite self explanitory-"

"GO"her mother pointed to the stairs.

Gaara walked down the sidewalk,quite swifly,luckily it was already turning into night and no one was there watching him-

"-Gaara-kun?"Gaara turned around and saw Hinata"er-I..I just wanted to tell you that...Neji-kun said he wanted to talk to you...privately.."she said in a whisper.

"Neji?-sigh-May you please tel him I'll see him tomorrow."he asked,more like demanded actually,she nodded"Thank you,oh and Hinata.."she turned around to look at him"be careful walking home at night,vampires might just get you"he said with a few chuckles.Hinata gave a smile,but didn't know that he was actually dead serious.

Gaara's eyes flickered red as he watched Hinata go away,he ran to his house,and by run I mean he practically FLEW to his house.

"What took you so long."Temari said not looking up once the door opened,she was looking at a picture-not telling muhaha-.

"People got in my way-"

"You didn't kill them did you.."she asked a bit scared and looked up to see his eyes flahsing red"calm down,it was just a question-"

"Yes but your tone disgust me.I said I would never drink human blood again and I WON'T"Gaara walked upstairs,but the doorbell rang"Answer it-"

"Actually,it's for you"Temari said as Gaara stared at her.

"For..me...?"he walked downstairs and his eyes grew wide.

Well,what do you think so far...

No,Hinata is not a vampire,and she doesn't know Neji is one either,or anyone for that matter.