This whole chapter will be done in Sakura's POV-mostly..

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SPOV-Sakura's POV

GPOV-Gaara's POV

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Recap:"Sakura"Gaara said moaning in between their kisses,"you're the best thing that ever happened to me.."he said his voice thick with affection.Sakura took his face into her hands and gave him a long kiss,"I'll love you..unitl my last breath takes you from me"she said as she continued to kiss him,"I actually breathe"she said and with that said.Gaara felt a tear of his roll down his cheek,she wipped the blood away and they stared at each other.Gaara turned to look at the lights and they were gone in a glash.

Sasuke knew this would be happening-that's why he's sleeping downstairs.
Chapter Eleven:Expiration.


I felt my cheek oddly warm and slowly opened my eyes-the window was open.The sunlight filled the room and nearly blinded me-wait.Turning around I saw no one,"..Gaara.." my voice let out,it was small and scratchy.I cleared my throat,no response.My heart began to pound against my ribs so much that it hurt.

"Gaara!"I let out again,a bit stronger,no response.I got out of my bed in a hurry and put on some clothes as I searched my room.No one but me was in here.

My eyes grew wide and I looked at the clock-7:30,""I repeated to myself and ran out of my room.

Nearly rolling down the stairs I caught myself on the rail.Sasuke was sitting on the couch with his head bowed and his arms resting on his legs,"Sasuke"he turned around and looked at me,he stood.

I nearly threw myself at him,"where is he!..where'd he go-why didn't he say goodbye!"near the point of sobbing he wipped away my tears.He kept staring at me with a blank expression and then I understood.

"You're...not..going to tell me"I said knowing that it was true-I pulled myself away from him and took a few steps back.Hands curled around my shoulders-I looked up and saw Temari.

"Sakura..he made us promise that we wouldn't-"

"Temari.I need to see him just..just one more time.."I began to sob so my words got cut off and distorted.My legs were weak and I landed on the floor and both stood there.Not saying a word.

"Sakura.."Temari's voice spoke to me,"I understand what-"

"No.You don't understand..."I shot a glare at her and used the couch for support as I stood,"don't say that you do.Please.Tell me where he went.."

"Sakura we can't tell you-"

"To the forest."Sasuke said looking down at the ground when I turned to him.

"Sasuke"Temari scolded.He looked at her and then back at me.

"Go to the entrance of the forest.Keep going straight,and then make your way to the hill..and a house will be up there.He is there"Temari shook her head at him.He handed me a stake,I took it.

"Use the stake for protection...Go ..Sakura.."he said smiling at me,I gave a smile back and dashed out of the house.

"She'll see him die"was the last thing I heard when I ran out,the wind was harsh.I cursed at it in my mind,"Sorry..sorry..excuse me.."I said as I bumped into people on the sidewalk.I turned to my right and ran in the narrow alley as I jumped the small fence leading a short cut to the forest.

Don't come..I began to hear his voice-I laughed at myself for how crazy I was turning out to be,"I'm mental"I whispered to myself removing my pink hair that blocked my view.Sakura,please don't come-It'll be harder for you-"I need to see you"it disturbed me that I was answering to a voice that wasn't really even his-but I did so anyway.

Smiling,I saw the entrance and ran to it-Sakura don't!run back!please.His voice was begging me to turn back,I smiled at myself and stopped at the entrace.Savoring it.

"Sakura leave."I turned around and saw Kankuro standing there looking at me,"you can't be here.."

"I'm going to see him whether anyone likes it or not"I said turning to the forest but he grabbed my shoulder.

"I'm afraid not.You cannot come in here-and if it means killing you.I'll do it"he threatened.I glared at him and smirked.He loosened his grip.

"Don't fuck with me right now."I said taking out the stake Sasuke gave me.Kankuro gave a shaky sigh and looked at the ground,"I don't want to kill you-you're his brother..I just need to see him."I said.He took his hand away from my shoulder and walked away.I gripped the stake and ran into the forest.


"Be quiet"

Please- I love you.

"I do too"

Sakura-this is irrational.I had you.

"I have to see you"


Why are you doing this Gaara?

I've gone mad...I looked around in the corners of the dark cell and didn't see her pink hair and viridian eyes.Why am I hearing her voice,"because I love you.."I said to her-though it was just my imagination.The cell door swung open and there stood Kankuro looking at me as I sat on the cold floor..

"...What.."I said as he didn't say anything for a moment.

"...She's coming.."he said,and with that he grabbed my arm and walked me out of the cell.My hands were tide behind my back,it was useless to escape-wait.I didn't want to...hell,I want to be with her,but this..cannot change.

"She threatened me..I don't know,Gaara..she's..not herself."he whispered to me as he looked around making sure no one was hearing.The hallway lights glared down at us both and we passed many rooms where screams were heard.

"..not..herself..?"I questioned myself.

I love you.her voice whispered at me,but it was dark and scratchy.I shuddered at the thought of her being anywhere near that.


GO BACK! I don't want you to see me die.

"As long as I see you"I jumped over tree roots and crouched under branches.I was close-I saw the white house which resembled more of a mansion.

Sakura don't-

I stopped in horror as I heard a piercing scream go throughtout the forest-I looked around and my gaze went back to the house.I nearly dropped the stake in my hand but gripped it again,"Gaara..?"I said in a small voice.I began to run again towards the house and was near the entrace.


That scream-who's scream was that,"That..was one of the screams of a vampire who..did what you did.."Kankuro whispered at me-I turned to look at him and he avoided me.

"So that's going to happen to me as well."I looked ahead of me and we were near the end of the hall and we passed the entrance door.


I began to hyperventilate and smile as I was a few steps away from the house.My heart stopped.I tripped on a branch and gave a scream as I closed my eyes.I was holding back more tears as I opened my eyes and looked at my arm.

A bear trap was around it,my arm was bleeding badly.I looked down at my leg and the same thing-a bear trap.Why is there bear traps on the damn floor.I looked up,bitting my lip,and saw a sign.



We reached the end of the hallway and he opened the door,I walked in and my eyes grew slightly wide when I smelled that familiar blood.Too late though-Kankuro shut the door.You couldn't smell it in here.She's somewhat safe from the vampires.

"I'm sorry.."he whispered to me,I gave a nod.


I quietly sobbed to myself and managed to sit up,I was trying to take off the bear trap from my leg-it wasn't working so great.

I got my stake and began to pick at the bear trap and it open up enough to let my leg go.I kicked the bear trap away from me and more tears ran down,more blood also.I began to work on the one gripping my arm.

Getting the stake and doing the same,picking at it making it more wide while I put my arm on the ground.I felt the sharp edges come out of my sking as I gave a cry.

I didn't stop,and finally my arm was cappable of squeezing out.I layed on the grassy ground and moved that bear trap away from me,I relaxed a bit.


The room was circular and only one light shone,it was in the center.Chains were on the ceiling and fom the corner of my eye I saw weapons.Torture weapons.Across the room was a long rectangular table with two vampires sitting there.They stared at me.

"Sabaku no went against the rules.."said a man with black hair and red eyes-he looked like Sasuke.Too much.I saw Neji sittign next to him avoiding eye contact,"as you know you deserve a punishment..shame you chose this one-but we respect it."he said and nodded.

Kankuro untied me and dragged me so I stood under the chains.He shackled my wrist so I hung in midair.I looked at Neji and he stared right back at me.


I whimpered to myself as I dragged myself across the rocky ground and reached the door.I placed my bloody hand on the knob and used it for support as I stood up.I stumbled inside and smashed against the wall,I tried to stand up straight and I also tried to walk.I used the wall as if it were a hand rail and looked at the hallway.About twenty rooms in one end,and one room in the other.

"You're there.."I said happily.

Sakura' go back!you're with vampires!

"No"I said loudly with a smile across my face,tears running down my already stained cheeks.


"Anything you'd like to say.."The black hair man spoke,Neji sat quietly.I cleared my throat and Kankuro got out a knife and ripped my shirt.He placed a stake over where my heart was supposed to be.

"I''d just.."I can't believe how weak I sound.


I kept on smiling but that went away when I fell to the white tile.I looked at the door that was just ahead of me and dragged myself-who cares about the pain.

I do..

"Gaara..I'm coming.."I replied and looked over my shoulder to see the white tile staned with drops blood,I turned back to look ahead.Reaching for the door.


"Like to say..."I heard someone by the door-Sakura.The door knob was being turned.Neji,Kankuro,and the man looked at the door also in curiosity-it slammed open.I looked over my shoulder and gave a small shiver at how she looked at me with a smile but it was gone,"..beyond words.."I said,her eyes grew wide terror and I looked back at Kankuro.My eyes grew wide.

(You'll get what he meant by that at the end)


The walls were splattered with his blood,and his head was bowed.The stake went through his back.I began to cry once more and I reached up to my face.I looked at my hand and it was covered in blood-but it was not mine,"GAARA!!"I shouted.

He swung back and forth,"GAARA!!"I dragged myself on the floor and reached his foot,I turned him around.His eyes wide and looking right back at me,I gave another scream as I looked away.

"Sakura!"a familiar voice shouted,"why are you here"I heard footsteps and someone put a hand on my back.I looked at saw Neji,"you're not supposed to be here."

"Neji-who is this woman"a man that looked oddly like Sasuke said,Neji looked at him.

"Her name is Sakura,Itachi..I can't have her here I have to-"

"Humans are not allowed in here..."

"I know..I'm going to take her home.."Neji said a bit scared of the man who held no expression.I looked back up at Gaara and he wasn't there.I looked around the room and Kankuro had him slumped over his shoulder.

" me stand.."I said a bit calmly,he held me up,"take me to Gaara."he hesitated but did so.Kankuro stared at me as I took Gaara's face into my hands and gave him a kiss.His lips were unbelievably cold,they always were,but not this cold.I put my hand over Gaara's eyes and close them.



Neji gave a sigh as I wipped away one of Gaara's tears,"I'll love you til my last breath takes you from me..remember?"I wipped away my own tears and Neji began to take me away,"No!No,Neji take me back to him!!"I shouted as he grabbed my waist and dragged me across the room,"NO!!"I kept on sturggling and looked at Kankuro.I was silent and watch his every move.

He took out the stake and Gaara immediately turned to ashes,I turned away and let Neji drag me away,"Gaara.."I whispered looking down at the ground.I clasped my hands over my face,and remembered what he said to me.

"My love for you is beyond words...beyond any I love you"

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