Ok, this is a song-fic set to my FAVORITEST song in the whole world, "Somewhere" by Within Temptation, with my favoritest TB character, Alan! This will have multiple chapters, btw. Pretty please review:)

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Lost in the darkness, hoping for a sign
Instead there is only silence,
Can't you hear my screams...?
Never stop hoping,
Need to know where you are
But one thing is for sure,
You're always in my heart.

Jeff stared Alan's portrait in his office, taking a weary breath. Rubbing his eyes, he tried to rid of both the tears and the exhaustionthat threatened to overtake him. Worry had consumed his life, and no part of it could be normal until he found his son. Almost two weeks ago, he'd received a call from the headmaster of Wharton Academy. He'd never forget that call for the rest of his life.

I'll find you somewhere
I'll keep on trying until my dying day
I just need to know whatever has happened,
The Truth will free my soul.

Jeff reclined lazily in the sun, listening to his sons play in the pool. Scott had said Jeff seemed too stressed, and decided to give him the day off, taking over in the office. So, there he sat, lounging in the sunlight.

However, Scott suddenly came from the back door, holding a wireless phone. "Dad, it's the headmaster at Alan's school, he says he needs to talk to you right now," Scott told him, extending the phone in his direction.

Jeff groaned, "What did he do this time?" When Scott shrugged, Jeff reluctantly took the phone. "Hello?" he answered.

"Hello, is this Mr. Tracy?" the headmaster asked, seeming a little worried.

"Yes," Jeff answered, also becoming a little worried himself. "Did Alan do something wrong?"

"No…" the headmaster trailed off. "Mr. Tracy, perhaps it's best if we meet in person…"

Now Jeff was really worried. "Headmaster, with all due respect, I'd rather know what's wrong with my son now."

He could hear a heavy sigh, then a long pause. Looking up, he saw Virgil, Gordon, and Scott watching with great curiosity. Finally, the headmaster spoke. "Alright, Mr. Tracy, I'll be forward with you. We believe your son has gone missing..."

Jeff couldn't speak. He was far too shocked. He could see from the corner of his eyes his sons becoming worried and climbing from the pool. "W-what?" he finally answered. "What do you mean missing?" Jeff yelled.

"What?" each of his three sons yelled in near unison.

"That can't be…" Scott muttered, exchanging horrified glances with his two brothers.

Lost in the darkness, try to find your way home
I want to embrace you and never let you go
Almost hope you're in heaven so no one can hurt your soul...
Living in agony 'cause I just do not know
Where you are

Jeff had every team he could get a hold of try to find his son, and yet no word had come yet, no signs, no clues. His son had simply vanished.

But that's not to say he knew who it most likely was. The one person that hated Alan most, that would die to have him in their clutches. The Hood. Ever since the day in London where they had captured the Hood, he'd taken a vow to take revenge on Alan. It was surprising to Jeff, how much hatred the man carried towards the boy who had even saved his life. But now he had Alan, and Jeff hardly knew what condition he would next see his son.

Suddenly, the phone rang, making Jeff jump in his chair. He hurriedly answered, anxiously saying, "Hello?"

"Mr. Tracy? This is detective Haxton of the FBI," he began. "We have news on your son…But," he stopped for a moment. In that brief moment, Jeff felt shock, elation, and fear at once, and it nearly overwhelmed him. Then the officer continued, "But he's being held hostage…by the Hood. He's being held for ransom in an undisclosed location…"

"Is there any way I can talk to him?" Jeff asked anxiously.

"Yes, we have a two-way video feed from his location, and he said he'd only speak with you," the officer confirmed. "We'll have you patched through in a moment, sir."

"Thank you, Haxton," Jeff said graciously, awaiting the communication. Soon, the Hood's malicious grin was visible on the office screen. He was standing in a dark, empty room with a black cloak on, his face the only visible color in the room. Jeff wanted with all of his might to strangle the man to death with his bare hands. At that moment, his four oldest sons came rushing into the room. They positioned themselves around the screen, each with glares plain on their faces.

"Aw," the Hood mocked. "Isn't this cute? The Tracy family is all together...Oh, wait, you're missing something…" he trailed off, stepping aside to reveal Alan bound and gagged to a chair. His head was lowered, though he still had consciousness. His clothes were ripped and torn, blood seeping through in places. Much of the skin they could see was covered with bruises and cuts, and a small trickle of blood was coming from the corner of his mouth.

"Alan!" each of the Tracys yelled. Alan lifted his head weakly, and in his eyes, Jeff could see remorse and guilt within them.

I'll find you somewhere
I'll keep on trying until my dying day
I just need to know whatever has happened,
The Truth will free my soul.

Wherever you are, I won't stop searching.
Whatever it takes, I need to know.

When Alan lowered his head, the Hood began to laugh. "Poor Alan," he sneered. "Abandoned by his brothers, spurned by his father, left alone in life…Why, I saved this boy from you, Tracy!"

Jeff's entire body stiffened. Two days before Alan disappeared from Wharton Academy, he and Alan had gotten into a large argument that hadn't been put right. The day he disappeared, Jeff had wanted to call Alan, though decided it best to let him cool off. During the argument, Alan looked for his brothers' backup, but never got it. Jeff felt so ashamed, and knew his sons were too.

"What do you want?" Jeff growled. "I can give you any amount of money."

"My dear Jeff," the Hood laughed. "You think so rudimentary. It's not money I want…"

Jeff gulped, waiting.

"I want you to relinquish International Rescue."

"What?" each of the boys yelled, though Jeff stayed silent.

"It's your choice, Jeff," the Hood smirked. "Your son, or the world's safety…"

Alan's head shot up as fast as he could without forgoing all of his strength. "No, Dad! Don't do it! I'm not that important!"

Jeff looked at Alan, shock in his eyes. He could see Alan's were filled with compassion and tears. "Don't do it…"

None of the other boys could speak. They had no clue what would happen. Jeff's mind was racing. How could he make a decision like this? But after a moment, he knew his choice.

"How will I know Alan will be returned safely?" Jeff said more calmly than he'd expected.

"Dad, no! Please don't!" Alan yelled, trying desperately to talk his father out of his decision. Jeff admired his bravery, though his mind was completely set.

I'll find you somewhere
I'll keep on trying until my dying day
I just need to know whatever has happened,
The Truth will free my soul.

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