He gulped audibly. His hands were as sweaty as hell. Hands shaking, he slowly opened the door.

There, in the office, an older man appeared to be working, as usual working nights went for professors. The older man looked up from his writing, his sleek shiny black hair shining in the dim light of his office. His exasperated expression told of restless nights of grading, his hair looking slightly windswept, with several strands of black hair on his tired face.

"Why," the professor began calmly and stiffly, ignoring his own obvious look of discomfort, "what brings you so late at night to my office, Potter? Have you a question for your Potions exam?" The professor looked exceptionally patient, despite his usual cold and loathing demeanor.

This, however, did not calm the apprehensive student. He wiped his sweaty palms on to his robes distractedly. He bowed his head rather timidly, despite his usual sinewy and demanding character.

"Uh, Sev—um, I mean, Professor Snape, I—" Harry stuttered uneasily, not entirely comfortable with the professor's presence, even though it had been his own choice to come.

"Please, Potter, I'm feeling a bit exhausted today. I feel as if I might regurgitate at the sound of another Professor Snape today," Severus cut off Harry tiredly, waving his hand in a dismal way. "So please… call me Severus for tonight," Severus said, insinuating a new side of his dark personality. Harry bit his lip.

"Oh—of course, Prof—I mean, S-Severus," Harry stuttered yet again, now wringing his hands. Realizing that this was going to take longer then he thought, Harry decided to get to the point. "Well, Pro—uh, Severus… the reason I came was to—to tell you something," Harry confessed, seeming rather jumpy.

"Well," Severus said, eyebrows furrowing, slightly confused as to why Potter was acting more jittery then he had ever seen him; he looked more nervous then the time he had asked Potter to demonstrate a love potion in private. "On with it, then," Severus encouraged, hoping that this whimsical occurring would soon pass. Things were starting to get a bit awkward, and the tension was starting to get to the usually unaffected teacher.

Harry constantly clenched and unclenched his hands, worrying his lip, oblivious to the fact that he was almost drawing blood. Sweat drops formed above his brow as the seconds continuously ticked by.


Hermione and Ron momentarily broke apart from their steamy make out session to hear the loud cry that had echoed through the halls of Hogwarts. Ron grinned as Hermione sighed and sneaked a Galleon into his back pocket.

"You win this time," Hermione muttered reluctantly, shaking her head in disbelief. "Though I must say, I didn't believe for a moment that Harry would say something so absurd… and to a professor, no less!"

Ron kissed the witch's cheek affectionately. "Yes, but I'm still wondering about which professor he told it to. And I have to admit, he yelled it pretty damn loud!" The redhead chuckled good-naturedly. "Bloody hell, I think my ears' gone deaf!"

Hermione smiled coyly. "Too deaf to hear my moans?" she asked, sliding her arms back around his neck. Ron gently nipped her neck, and smiled as she moaned appreciatively. As he dipped his head to claim her lips once again, he murmured quietly, "Don't tell Harry this, or I owe him two Galleons and a Sickle." Hermione giggled happily and replied by bringing him back into her warm embrace.

They didn't, however, hear a rather manly scream coming from Professor Snape's office, or the rather Ginny-like gasp from around the corner.