Kagome jumped out of the bone-eater's well carrying a new backpack.

'This is the frist time in two years that I had a different bag,' she thought.

Picking up her new black backpack, Kagome headed towards the village to see her friends.

"Hey Inuyasha?" asked Shippo.

"What?" he asked back.

"Is Kagome coming back soon?" Shippo questioned.

"I'm back now," said a voice. Shippo and Inuyasha looked over at the doorway to see Kagome.

"KAGOME!!" exclaimed Shippo as he jumpped into her arms.

"'bout time you came back," said Inuyasha," I was about to drag you back here myself!"

'Gee, nice to see you too,'thought Kagome," If your going to be like that, then I'll give Shippo your ramen." Inuyasha gave her the usual 'feh' and went to sit in his favorit tree.

"Good one, Kagome," said Shippo as he dug through her bag.

"Thanks," she replied," Where's Sango and Miroku?"

"They went to vist Sango's village," he said still digging through her bag.

"Hey I'm going to see Inuyasha,'kay?" Kagome asked.

"Yeah, okay," Shippo replied taking out a lolliepop.

Kagome walked to the God Tree when she didn't find him at his tree.

'What's his problem?' Kagome thought,' He's been more distant than usual.'

"What do you want?" came an annoyed voice. Kagome looked up to see two yellow eyes looking at her.

"Just to check up on you," she replied casuly. After his infamis 'feh' Inuyasha jumpped down from where he was siting.

"Like I need to be checked up on," he chided," Just leave me alone." Kagome was about to say something, but he already vanished into the forest. She walked back to Kaede's hut.

When she got there Kagome found Shippo asleep by the fire.

'It is getting dark,' she thought,' I better get my bath before it's to late.' Grabbing her bath-stuff, Kagome made her way to the hot-spring in the forest.

"Sesshomaru-sama?" asked a little girl.

"Yes, Rin?" Sesshomaru replied as he kept on walking.

"Is rin ever going to get a new mommy?" she asked as she looked up at him with big pleaeding eyes. Sesshomaru suddenly stopped and turned to Jaken.

"Jaken," he said in cold voice.

"Y-yes Lord Sesshomaru?" he squeked.

"Watch Rin," he answered," If anything happpens to her you'll live to regret it." And with that the great lord Sesshomaru walked off leaving a VERY scared toad demon.

'Rin's starting to ask to many quetions,' he thought,' she may not get a mother right now,but I can get her a playmate.' Sesshomaru analized many people and deemed them unworthy for his ward. He was starting to get annoyed when he got a whiff of a very relaxing scent.

'Who is this?' he wondered,' It seems familier, yet I can't remember who it belongs to.' Following the cherry blossom and villina scent, he came to a hot-spring.

"Where will I go?When I don't see you there?" came a voice like a songbird,"What will I do, if I can't find you?" The song went off to humming.

Sesshomaru looked down into the hot-spring to see his half-brother's whench.

'How is it that this 'human' can sing and smell like a goddess?' he thought,' she will make a good playmate to Rin.' Sesshomaru jumpped down, without a sound, by the hot-spring. Kagome, who had her eyes closed, didn't see him land next to her.

"Tell me, where is my weaklin half-brother?" he asked. Kagome jumpped up and spun around. Only then relizing she had no clothes on, went back into the water.

"Go away,Sesshomaru!" Kagome exclaimed, ready to throw somthing at the demon lord.

"I am not leaving without what I came for," he replied clamly.

"And what, may i ask, is that?" she asked.

"You," he said as if it was nothing. Kagome looked at him, then at her clothes. She tried to grab them and run, but Sesshomaru got them frist.

"Unless you come willingly, I will gladly burn your clothing," Sesshomaru threathed calmly. His claws started to glow a toxic green as he burned the red tie that was in front of her shirt.

"Fine! I'll come," Kagome replied taking her towel," That's my only pair of clothes here and if you destory them I'll have nothing to wear."

"Get dressed," Sesshomaru ordered, tossing her the clothes," We leave immiditly." Kagome didn't like being ordered around, but she did as she was told.

"Yeah, yeah," she whispered," What ever you say,'Sessy'." Sesshomaru, who has exalent hearing, decided to ignore that little nickname she just gave him.

After Kagome was dressed,Sesshomaru, without warning, wrapped his tail around her and took off in the air towards Rin and Jaken.

Inuyasha came back to Kaede's hut to find Miroku and Sango back. Shippo was still napping in Kagome's sleepingbag.

"When did you get back?" Inuyasha asked. He sat down by the fire Kaede had built an hour before.

"Just a little while ago," Miroku replied as he grabbed Sango's butt.



"Hey, where's Kagome?" Sango asked as she moved the unconsist monk.

"I thought she would be back here by now," Inuyasha replied," I better go look for her." He tookoff to the spot he last saw her at.

'She's ether here or the hot-springs.' he thought. Inuyasha came to the God Tree to find out Kagome wasn't there.

'This only means one thing,' Inuyasha thought,' She's at the hot-springs, I better be careful...'

Inuyasha peeked through the bush he was hiding in,to see if Kagome was safe. When he looked, he only saw the steamy water and Kagome's baththings.

'Kagome wouldn't leave her stuff behind,' Inuyasha thought. He sniffed the air to find Kagome's scent an hour old.

"She's not anywhere near here," came a voice. Inuyasha turned around to see Kikyo and her shikigamie.

"What do you mean," Inuyasha demanded, not caring if she came to see him.

"Why, Inuyasha," Kikyo replied," this is the frist time you've ever acted like that towards me." Inuyasha extened his claws at her.

"Tell me damit!!" he yelled.

"Take a another sniff, Inuyasha," she said," This time, seperate my reincarnation's scent from the others." Inuyasha did as she instruted,but only to find Kagome. Sniffing once again, he seperated Kagome's scent to find his brother's.

"Sesshomaru! I'll kill that bastered!!" Inuyasha yelled as he took off towards Sesshomaru's castle, leaving Kikyo behind.

"Come," she said to her shikigamie," We must tell the others about this." They walked off to her sister's hut to get the rest of Inuyasha's group to follow.

"I'm getting worried," said Sango," Inuyasha and Kagome haven't come back yet." Miroku sat next to Sango to calm her down.

"Don't worry so much," he replied," Inuyasha will protect Kagome no matter what." Ususaly, Miroku would have sat close to her to grope her, but at times like this he's a real gentalmen.

"If they're not back by the time the sun comes up," Miroku stated," We'll go look for them."

"They probley won't be back for many days," said Kikyo's voice. Miroku and Sango looked towards the doorway to see Kikyo, her shikigamie, and soul collectors.

"What are you doing here!?!" snarled Sango as she and miroku prepared to fight.

"Put down your weapons," Kikyo ordered," I am here to give you some information." Sango and Miroku relaxed just a little but they still didn't trust her.

"What kind of information?" Miroku asked.

"My reincarnation was taken by Lord Sesshomaru," she stated plainly," I told Inuyasha, and he went after her."

"Why should we trust you?" spat Sango," You hate Kagome, why do you want to save her?"

"If anyone is going to kill her," Kikyo replied calmly," it will be me." She walked out of the hut and continued her traveling, leaving the others to think.

"If what she said is true," strated Miroku," We should towards Sesshomaru-sama's castle."

"I guess we have no choise," said Sango," Let's go." They grabbed their belongings and started towards their destanion.

Sesshomaru reached the campsite by the time it was midnight. looking behind him, he saw Kagome fast asleep. She had put her head down on his tail and tried to sleep to make the trip go

by faster.

"Lord Sesshomaru," said Jaken," why is there a human with you?" Sesshomaru gave Jaken a stern look.

"I-i'm sorry Lord Sesshomaru!," he squaked," Please forgive this unworthy servint!!" Sesshomaru walked by him without so much as a glance.

"Rin," he clamly," I found you a playmate." Rin jumpped up from her spot by the fire.

"Really!?" she exclaimed," Thank you, Sesshomaru-sama!!" He watched Rin hop around the fire before he dropped a sleeping Kagome in front of her.

"OW!?!" Kagome yelled," what'd ya do that for!?" Jaken ran over to her and hit her in the

head with his staff.

"Do not talk to Lord Sesshomaru with such disrespect!!" Jaken exclaimed. Kagome didn't say anything, instead she grabbed Jaken's staff and whacked him over the head.

"Hit me again and I'll make sure you wish you were dead." Kagome said in a deadly clam

voice. Jaken shrank back from her into the shadows. Rin saw the whole thing and started laughing .

"Sesshomaru-sama," Rin said ," Rin likes her." She ran over to Kagome and started to talk a mile a minute.

'Now that Rin has someone to play with she might stop the questions,' Sesshomaru thought. He watched Rin and Kagome talk about things and annoy Jaken.

'Jaken might have some trouble with the two of them,' he thought as he went off to patrole his bounderies.

"Rin, how did you come to live with Sesshomaru?" asked Kagome, curiuos as to why Sesshomaru had a 'human' kid as his ward.

"Sesshomaru-'SAMA'," Rin corrected.

"Right," Kagome laughed," Sesshomaru-sama."

"Sesshomaru-sama saved Rin from the wolves," she said happily. Rin smiled at the memory. Kagome decided to drop the subject after Rin gave her the same answer over and over, instead she decided to teach her how to speak correctly.

After a couple of hours, Kagome sent Rin to bed as she stared into the fire.

' So, Sesshomaru came and got me to be Rin's playmate,' she thought,' I wonder what Inuyasha is doing...' Kagome silently nodded to sleep by the fire.

Inuyasha felt as if he would never find Kagome again. He had completely forgotten about Kikyo, even though he never did before.

'Sesshomaru,' he thought,' I'll kill you, you bastered!!' He kept going until he caught Sesshomaru's scent almost beside him.

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