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In the cellar of Naraku's castle Kohaku was sitting against the wall, his eyes dull with pain as memories of the past came back to him. He remembered killing his father and comrades, hoe he slaughtered them with his weapon. But most of all, he remembered how he stabbed his only sister, Sango. The pained look in her eyes as she watched him kill those closest to them. All the while the lord behind them laughed at their misfortune.

Tears rolled down his face, leaveing a clean patch on his other wise dirty skin. His heart was ripping in two as he remembered every other encounter with her. How he had hurt her and her friends, or how he had almost hurt Sesshomaru's ward, Rin. The little girl that knew that somewhere in him was his old self. The part of him that wasn't under Naraku's control. Kohaku screamed out in frustration as the power of the tainted shicon jewel started to take over him again.

"My my, look at that." Came a soft voice, " Alittle boy with the eyes of a lost man. How unusual." Kohaku looked over at the cellar door and saw a beautiful girl with firey red hair that came down to her hips. Her eyes were a soft gold while a golden pheonix with red faded wings adorded her forehead. Indecating that she was of noble blood. There were three red strips on her face stating that she wielded a posin like fire. (Think of Sesshomaru's posin but as soon as it enters your system it becomes fire.) The girl came a little closer, the dim light showing that she was wearing a gold and red men's fighting outfit. A Naginata was strapped tightly onto her back.

"Who are you?" Kohaku asked, " What are you doing here?" The girl laughed lightly, fangs poking out a little as she smiled.

"Feeling brave are we? Asking a demon questions when I could kill you for your disrespect." The demon taunted, " But I will answer you, young one. My name is Angel. I'm a Golden Pheonix Dragon demon."

Kohauku nodded, not trusting the demon in front of him. He eyed her with caution as she silently reached into her fighting gi and pulled out a scroll. She unrolled the parchment and quietly recited a language that he had never heard before. Kohaku suddenly gasped in pain as a burning fire rose up in him. His skin glowed a bright blue as it felt like every part of him was being ripped out by an unseen hand.

The first thing that happened was that the feeling of his fingernails being slowly ripped out, one by one as something else was put back in it's place. His teeth were next as blood rushed into his mouth, he felt his canine grow longer and sharper then they were before. Even his hair hurt as it was pulled from his head.

Angel just smiled as Kohaku screamed in pain. She glanced down at the scroll and saw the writing slowly disapper as the boy's apperence changed.

'This boy will be useful, and seeing as how I'm taking him from Naraku's control he should be gratful.' she thought as she sat down in front of the boy. 'After all, with me he'll get to see that sister of his again....if only for a while.' Angel was rosed from her thoughts as his screams quieted down till it was gone completely. There, in front of her, was a demon that looked like Kohaku, but at the same time didn't.

The demon in front of her had Kohaku's face but his hair was a bit darker and had a slight spike to it. There was a blue stripe on each cheek show that he could use a water like posin ; a silver fang a on his forehead. Showing that he was a servent to the Eastern Lord, whose family disappered long ago. His claws were a dark blue that faded to black and a sleek dark brown tail that circled his waist.

"Well? How do you like your true form?" Angel asked as she stood up, "Much better then your weak human one, no?" Kohaku nodded and stood up as well. He looked over his new body and couldn't help marvel at the power he now had.

"Why? Why did you do this?"

"Well, let's just say that I need you for something. Oh! That reminds me!" Angel turned Kohaku around and sliced open his back. Black blood ran free as she pulled out the tainted jewel shard, the wound closing as fast as it was opened. "Now you don't need this to live. Now, since I save your life and all, I guess you'll be working for me from now on. Kay?" Kohaku looked at her like she was crazy but agreed none the less.

"Good, now that, that's settled I need you to go and look for a dragon by the name of An-Un. He should be traveling with Lord Sesshomaru." Angel quickly pulled out another piece of parchment and scribbled something on it. "Give this to Sesshomaru-Sama, he'll know what to do." Kohaku nodded and proceed to walk out of the cell, his mind on the task at hand.

'Good. Everything is going according to plan.' Angel thought as she walked out also, ' now to find Naraku and have some fun!'

Elsewhere, Naraku felt a cold shiver go down his spine and knew that something was going to happen to him, and it wasn't good.

"DONE!" Soren said as she finished up Kanna's hair. The girl looked beautiful with her snow white hair pulled up in a ponytail, two brades lead up from the side of her face and into the ponytail before it sperated into little mini brades. On either side of her face was a small bit of her hair that curled slightly and framed her face. Her bangs were left alone.

"How do you like it, Kanna?" Soren asked the little girl. Kanna looked in her mirror and stared at her hair. After awhile she turned around and faced Soren. A small smile was apon her face as she gave her a hug. Soren was completely shocked that Kanna had smiled, since the little girl never seemed to show emotions.

"Thank you." came a small but soft voice. Kanna let go of her and sat back on the bed, her mirror beside her.

"Soren" Came Kagura's voice as she opened the door, " Master Naraku has given you permission to move to the garden if you wish. He deems you well enough to move around." Soren smiled and nodded as she got up.

"Kanna, would you like to join us?" Kanna nodded a little and grabbed her mirror as Soren held her other hand. Kagura looked on in amazment at the fact that her little sister was smiling. A small almost unnoticable smile, but a smile none the less. She smirked and knew that things were going to change soon, weither Naraku knew it or not.

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