Danny likes when things are cold. Warning: DARK Danny/Sam ONESHOT. Rated to be safe.

I've always been interested in the possibility that Danny's ghost half will someday take over his human side, this is sort of my take on what he would do if that were to happen. Inspiration struck suddenly, and I hope you have as good a time reading this as I did writing it.

I do not own Danny Phantom.

The grass was cold. He was colder. He was always cold, always had been cold, and always would be cold. That's how he liked it, he liked things cold.

She wasn't cold yet, but she didn't move when he kissed her lips. Her fingers didn't respond to his when he held them in his chilled hands. Such delicate hands she had, made now far more beautiful by the droplets of crimson. Red looked good with white, he decided. Ruby jewels on pale skin

But an emerald choker would look far more exquisite.

She would love it, he knew. She had always said that green would go so well with the black of her hair. He had never given her jewels before; he would make up for it now.

He trailed his finger down the side of her face, she wasn't cold yet. He hoped she would be soon. He knew she would be soon. She would be.

Wouldn't she?

He was suddenly very afraid. What if she wasn't – what if she was only…

No, not – not…


Asleep? She couldn't be asleep, that would be wrong. Wrong! He didn't want her asleep!

What – what would he do if she was asleep? He would have to redo everything; she would be expecting it.

He shook her desperately. Back and forth. Her head lolled over the grass. A droplet of blood unseated itself from the corner of her mouth and slid, marking a red trail down her cheek and pooling under her neck.

He yelled her name in her ear, and she didn't move. He smiled, relieved. Not asleep, definitely not asleep. Good.

His gaze traveled up to her eyes; open wide – staring. They had never looked more captivating.

He didn't care how long he lay next to her. Before, time had only ever mattered in relation to time spent with her. Now? Well, now time seemed like such a pointless fleeting idea.

He was quite content with one arm draped over her still waist. One hand stroking her black hair. Still entranced by her beautiful blank eyes.

When he felt her skin, she was cold. He smiled, this time triumphantly. Cold, cold, cold…

His eyes traveled up and down her dead form. Dead! He laughed in excitement.


Dead like me.

Now we can spend eternity together.


It's been a while, years infact, since I've finished anything. I'm really proud of this one, it's alot different from anything else I've ever done.

It's is also my first Danny Phantom fanfiction, The idea popped into my head and I just had to write it! Thanks to my sister and Beta kore-persephone, she did a wonderful job even though she knows nothing at all about Danny Phantom.

And as it's been so long since I've written anything I would greatly appreciate critiques, or any comments at all!

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