-1He knew it was wrong. He knew that if he got caught it would Dean that got into trouble for it, not him. But Sam did it anyway. He slipped out of his bed, and padded quietly down the hall on bare feet. He had to pull the stool from the kitchen over to the door to unlock the latch at the top, but quietly put it back and rushed outside.

The yard was small behind their rental house, but it was surrounded by tall shrubs and trees. One of the reasons his father had chosen it so that he could train his sons with out the neighbors seeing what was going on. Not that 5 year old Sam understood that. But it was the shrubs at the back of the yard that he ran to now.

She was there, waiting. Sammy had never seen anyone as beautiful as the lady. Except in the pictures his father kept of her, but even the pictures weren't as pretty as she was in person. She knelt down and opened her arms for the small boy to run into them, holding him close.

"Mommy" He said, breathing in the scent of her, resting his head against her and listening to her heart beat, the way he did when his Daddy came home from a hunt, that reassuring steady beat. "Can we tell Daddy now? He misses you so much Mommy. He thinks you died and it makes him cry when he things we're asleep sometimes. And Daddy doesn't cry even with the really big owies so I know it has to hurt lots and lots and lots"

"Not yet Baby. Not him or Dean. I want it to be special when I come home, okay Sammy?" She asked running her long fingers through his hair.

"Daddy says we're not supposed to keep secrets from each other. That secrets are what lets the bad things happen . "

"is my being back a bad thing?" She asked him with a smile.

"no Mommy"

"Then its okay. Its like keeping a surprise secret. You wouldn't tell Dean what Daddy was getting him for his birthday would you?"

Sammy shook his head "That would make it less fun when he …oooooh I get it now" He said smiling brightly "You want to make it special for Daddy. But cant I at least tell Dean? He misses you lots too."

"no baby, this is our special surprise. Can you do that for me Sammy? Can you keep it just between us, just for another night ?"

"Just one more night?" He asked.

"Just one more night… then we'll give your Daddy a really big surprise."

Sammy got up late the next morning, having been unable to sleep, waiting for the special surprise, and anticipating how happy his family was going to be. He couldn't wait to see his Daddy's face when he saw their Mommy again. He wanted to see his Daddy smile. Really smile.

"Hey sleepy head" Dean said as he was putting the pancakes on the plates for them.

"Where's Daddy?" Sammy asked.

"Right here, Kiddo" John said as he came out of the bathroom, toweling his face, to get the last of the shaving cream. He tossled Sam's hair and took his seat at the table. "I need you to stay at school today until Dean gets out of class. " Sam was in kindergarten and on half days, but there was an after school program that he could use for those days when he had to work.

"You're gonna be home tonight though, arent you?" Sam asked, an urgency to his voice that surprise the other Winchesters.

"Yeah, I'll be home for dinner, why? Everything okay?" John asked, brow furrowed in puzzlement.

Sam nodded his face brightening again. "I was just making sure" She had said they could tell tonight…tonight they were going to give Daddy the surprise. He had to be there to surprise him.

John left for work, leaving the usual round of orders for his boys to follow while he was out. Come straight home, do their home work, do their chores and then they could play outside, in the yard only until he got back around dinner time. Lock and salt the doors and windows, bad guys didn't just come out at night.

"So whats up with you?" Dean asked his brother as he helped him with his shoes.

"I have a big surprise for Daddy. I just wanted to be sure he would be home for it is all." It was okay to say there was a surprise after all, so long as he didn't say what the surprise was.

"Oh?" Dean said figuring it was something that Sammy was making in school. Little kids were always doing that. He remembered when he had been a little kid after all. "What kind of surprise is it?" He asked, handing Sammy his back pack and pushing the boy toward the door. They were going to be late if they didn't get a move on.

"I cant tell you. " Sammy said with a bright smile, very much excited about his secret "But you'll get to see it real soon"

"Sounds good, squirt. I bet its gonna be the best surprise ever." Dean said encouragingly. He liked it when Sammy was so happy and excited.

"It is, Dean. It really is."

The day seemed to drag by for Sam. He spent the day moving from one landmark to the next, getting to the end of class, then to the end of latchkey, then to the end of dinner, then it was a matter of lying in bed and waiting. Doing his best to stay awake waiting for his father and brother to finally go to bed and go to sleep.

He was tired as he slipped quietly out of bed and padded down the hall. He yawned so big that his little eyes watered as he moved the stool over to the door once more to unlock it. But it didn't matter how tired he was when he saw her standing there as before. He ran to her all but leaping up into her arms "Can we tell Daddy now?" He asked

"We will… soon… tonight even, but I want you to come with me okay? "

"I'm not supposed to leave the yard with out Daddy or Dean with me. " He said

"Baby… I'm your mommy right?" She said "Its okay to be out here with your mommy. Besides, we're just going to make sure that things are ready for your Daddy. I cant wait to see him but I want it to be perfect. Can you help me make it perfect?"

Sam nodded then with a big smile.

John groaned as the phone rang. One eye opened as he looked at the clock. 3am. Who the hell was calling at 3am. He reached over to pick it up "Yeah… what is it?" He asked groggily.

"Daddy… "

"Sammy?" John was awake instantly, as his blood ran cold. "Sammy where are you?"