Dean woke when the chair he had placed beneath the door knob rattled but lay there holding his breath, hoping that she would just go away. If it hadn't been for the storm he would have taken Sammy out the window earlier instead of waiting for their father, but even at 9 he knew how dangerous it would be for them out side.

"Dean, open this door." the shifter said "I'm very disappointed in you. "

He didn't say a word. He didn't dare to so much as breathe. She had found out somehow… she had seen the writing on the wall, he was sure of it. He turned over and shook Sammy awake, shushing him immediately "We have to get out of here." He whispered.

"Why?" Sammy asked, rubbing his eyes.

"I'll explain when we get home." Dean said as he got up and frantically searched for Sammy's shoes, then started to help him get them on and tied.

"But we are home Dean"

The door rattled once more then flung open, the chair under the knob skittered across the floor as the shifter entered the room.

Sam screamed, and moved behind Dean, which was exactly where his brother wanted him.

"Arent you a bit old to be scribbling on the walls?" She asked.

"Dean didnt write on the walls." Sammy said "Those were there already, remember mommy, we found them in here already" Sam didnt understand, and he was very much afraid.

"Its okay Sammy." Dean said as he backed away from the shifter, keeping Sam behind him as he went, directing his brother steadily toward the window.

"All you had to do was believe, Dean... all you had to do but you couldnt even do that" She accused "This is why I didnt want him here yet. Either of them." She told Sam

Sam trembled where he stood behind his brother, he had never seen any one so angry, never heard that tone of voice directed at him or his brother. Thier father had been angry lots of times. But he had never frightened the boys, had never looked at them the way his mother was looking at them now.

"Thats not our mom, Sammy." Dean told him "Its a monster that can look like any one it wants to."

Joshua parked his car behind the priest's and looked over at John. The younger mans features were hard, cold, even though his eyes betrayed some of the worry he was feeling. The two men checked the rounds in thier weapons then looked to one another and nodded before silently getting out of the car and walking toward the house. Josh gave John a hand sign, indicating how long to wait before busting in to the house and John gave a curt nod before pressing himself against the wall to the side of the door. He counted down the alotted time as his former Sargeant made his way around to the back of the house and the back door.

He moved to stand in front of the door, as the seconds counted down, and exactly on thier mark, John and Joshua kicked in the front and back doors. "Honey I'm home" John called out, his tone revealing all he was feeling inside.

"Dad!" both boys called out in unison, and John was up the stairs, taking two at a time, His broad shoulders seemed to fill the door way of the childs bedroom, as he stood before them, gun raised, ready to fire, dark eyes fixed on the creature between him and his boys. Mary's face, god it was Mary's face, her eyes... his gut twisted in knots as he looked at her.

Lightening and thunder, one on top of the other filled the room first with bright white light and then pitch black as the power went out, his moment of oportunity gone. John swore "Dean, get your brother out of here, now" He said, then groaned as he was struck by the shifter, whose eyes adjusted much quicker to the darkness than Johns could.

Dean didnt waste a moment, as he grabbed up Sammy and set him in the window sill, one hand firmly gripping the younger boys waist band. "Okay, kiddo, reach out and grab the limb, "

"I'm Scared, Dean" Sammy admitted as he looked down at the ground below.

"I've gotcha, you're not gonna fall. Dont look down, now come on. I cant get out until you do, okay. I wont let anything happen to you." Dean said, glancing over his shoulder occasionally trying to see the fight that was playing out behind them.

Sammy did as his brother told him, and reached out to grab the limb and slowly put his feet out to the one below it. He had never been allowed to climb trees. Dean had said he was too little, and not here he was straining to keep a grip on the limb above while his toes scraped at the one below, to move him further along.

"okay Sammy, hold on tight, real tight cause I gotta let go just long enough to get outside. I'm right behind you." Dean told his brother and slowly released his grip on his brothers pants and pulled himself out of the window "I'm almost there, Sammy, hold on." Then he felt it, the ice cold hand gripping his leg and Dean grabbed onto the limb and held on for dear life, Kicking at the hand that held him, knowing it wasnt his fathers. He cried out involuntarily as the grip tightened painfully and began to pull, but Dean didnt let go, and he didnt stop kicking.

The struggle shook the limb the brothers were perched on so precariously and Sammy screamed as he lost his grip on the upper branch, and fell, grabbing onto the lower one clinging desperately, as his little body was racked with sobs of terror.

"Sam!" Dean screamed and let one hand free of the limb to reach out and grab his little brothers collar. "Hold on Sammy, Hold on!"

Nana yelped as she was kicked by the shifter, slamming into the wall. "you leave my dog alone!" Sammy yelled, distracted from his own fear by the knowledge that the sheep dog had been hurt.

John pushed himself to his feet. His body felt as though it was on fire, and it was hard to breath, but that wasnt going to stop him. Nothing was going to stop him as he lunged forward, grabbing the shifter by the hair and pulling her back ward, breaking her grip on his son. Joshua took aim but couldnt get a clear shot at the thing as she seemed to wrap herself around Winchester, clawing, biting, gouging. THe blade in Johns hands was coated in blood, but still the thing kept at him.

Dean moved quickly, wrapping his legs around the limb he pulled "I gotcha, Sammy, I gotcha" He said "But you have to help me," He bent over, almost spilling himself over the edge as well, to grab the 5 year olds waist band once more pulling a little further upward "Pull your leg up. You can do it."

"I cant!" The panicked little boy screamed, his body shaking in the cold rain.

"Yes you can! Come on Sammy" Dean pulled as hard as he could, over balancing the other direction, but getting his brothers chest back up on the limb at least and he leaned forward, pinning the younger boy there, while Sammy finally managed to get his little legs over the limb. "We gotta move" Dean said and got to his feet, his own body trembling with the exhertion of it all, and pulled his brother up with him., holding onto his shirt, directing him quickly toward the trunk, where they could sit, recoup for a moment before making thier way down.

He pressed his back against the large trunk of the tree, and pulled his little brother to him, holding on tightly. "I just... I just need a minute to catch my breath." He told his brother "you okay?" He asked and Sammy nodded, even though his teeth were chattering.

Joshua took aim and fired, hitting the bitch in the leg, the only place he could hit without hitting John as well. He knelt down to pick up the gun that had been lost to John in the struggle. She howled in rage, an inhuman sound and picked John up as if he were a child and threw him at Joshua, knocking both men into the hallway,

Dean rested his head back against the tree and held his breath. He stared at the window, unable to see within, but the sounds of fighting had stopped and he was waiting, praying to hear his fathers voice. To see his fathers face.

Lightening lit up the sky once more followed almost instantly by the crack of thunder, but it wasnt Johns face illuminated in the window. It was the shifters, her face contorted by rage and something else. No longer the beautiful face he remembered of his mother. It was her features but something in the expression looked so completely inhuman that it took his breath away.

Sammy screamed, a pure piercing shriek that only comes from small children and frightened rabbits, as the thing came out the window. Her movements were sinewy, exagerated and unnatural. Like watching some 4 legged spider make its way out the window and into the tree.

Dean was on his feet instantly, pushing his little brother further up the tree. On the ground they had no advantage, but here thier smaller weight and mass would let them go higher into the tree than the creature coming for them. He hoped.

John took the gun from Joshua and once more they exchanged a look and a nod and the older of the two headed down the stairs at break neck speeds, while John forced his broad frame through the window, taking a literal leap of faith, and lunged toward the tree. His hands grasped the limb and he pulled himself up moving to a secure location, watching as his boys moved dangerously higher in the tree. He moved cautiously finding his footing and hand holds by the braille method not once taking his eyes off the scene above him. He braced himself - kneeling on one broad limb, shoulder pressed against the trunk and aimed upwards, waiting for the right moment, the moment when his boys were clear, and fired the gun twice.

The creature arched backwards, shrieking as the bullets struck, losing her grip on the tree and falling in what seemed to John to be slow motion to the ground.

"Dean! Sam!" He called out. "You boys alright?" Two more gunshots were heard, and John looked down to see Josh and Pastor Jim standing over the creatures body.

"Yeah Dad... we're fine" Dean said, finally daring to breath. "Come on Sammy. Lets go home" He said as he helped his little brother out of the high branches. He moved a little below him so that he could make sure he didnt fall, his father doing the same for him the rest of the way to the ground.

With his boys both safely on solid ground John sank to the wet grass and pulled his sons to him, holding to the tightly as the rain fell around them. "Dont ever do that again... dont ever run off like that again." He said, but the thunder was gone from his voice. "I almost lost you." He kissed both of thier heads, and stood slowly, reluctantly, as Joshua approached.

The older man gave the boys a cursory glance, and when he was sure the only blood on the boys actually transfer from their father he looked up at John. "Jim and I will deal with things here."

John nodded his thanks and started to lead the children away toward the impala.

"What about Nana... we cant leave Nana... She was hurt, I heard her yelp" Sammy insisted.

Jim and John both looked confused But Josh nodded "We'll take care of the dog, Sam. You two boys need to go home and take care of your father right now."

Sam and Dean exchanged looks and looked up at thier father, who chuckled "I'm fine boys. Lets just get you home" He said and opened the door of the black impala, he spread a blanket over the back seat and got the boys to sit on it then bundled it around them, and draped another over thier laps. "We'll be home in no time." John said as he got behind the drivers seat, and looked into the rear view mirror at the boys sitting there. His entire world bundled there in woolen blankets. "What do you say we go visit Jim for a little while."

The boys nodded and John smiled, starting up the car. "good."