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I was laying in my bed completely awake, because Tori's disturbing dream kept going threw my head. Hey Emerald are you awake? It was certainly not Tori's voice in my head, I rolled my eyes and sat up. No...go away. There was a long silence I began to wonder if she was actually starting to think that my unconscious mind could answer her.

Tomas wants to go make the elves angry to a normal person that would be the worst idea humanly possible since they could literally squash us; but to me a not-so-normal person it sounded rather fun. But me being a considerate person decided I would spare Eragon and Murtagh the stress.

So I got dressed and escaped, I say escaped because I have about seven guards guarding ever possible aria that could be used as an exit for me, much quicker then I normally did. The fact that Eragon and Murtagh thought that a couple of guards could keep me in my room was actually insulting.

Tori, wake up! in return I got a grunt TORI GET YOU'RE FAT BUTT UP AND GET OUT HERE BEFORE I DO SOMETHING UNTHINKABLE TO YOU!!! to this I got a reply.

Alright I'm coming! Although her voice sounded rather scared and edgy it was still a reply. To think I could scare a big strong Dragon...it was unheard of. But just about unheard of as scaring my big, bad teachers (whom I trend to scare everyday.)

The next thing I new Tori was hovering over me I fully expected flames to be shooting out of her nostrils. But her being loyal chose not to turn me into human popcorn. Instead she nearly squished me with her tail then accidentally tried to decapitate me with her claws.

When I finally managed to get out of the grips of death I scrambled up onto her back and called Bloody murder!!! As loud as mind talk would let me.

In return I got several curse words from Tomas and Star, Melly, Aly, and Wes I'm sure just about had their hearts in their mouths when I'd rudely awoken all of them.

We're gonna go burn some Elvin trees wanna help? I exclaimed. If Murtagh and Eragon had been listening they would have been able to stop us. But they wernt so neather of them attempted to stop us.

I'm sure they would be angry in the morning when they had to come bail us out of the murderous hold of the elves. But that didn't come to mind as I flew twards Tomas and Star, who were waiting on a hill.

When we landed I did one of my flip-off-dragon-back-dragonriderish tricks landing flawlessly on my feet. Tomas was all smiles as Star was rubbing her hands together gleefully.

"I can't wait to see the elf queen ladies face when she finds out" I smiled with her. Just about as excited as she was. It didn't take long for Wes and his hawk to show up although I had absolulty no idea how he'd managed to get here so quickly.

Melly came flying in her face red with rage. I ducked my own head trying to scramble behind Tori before she saw me. I was unsuccessful.

"Emerald!" She steemed "don't ever, ever, ever do that again or I swear" her hands were shaking in a strangle hold in the air "I'll, I'll, I'll" and then she rambled off on all the painful way's she was going to kill me. After a while she calmed down enough for me to notice that Aly and Hoof had arrived.

That's when the horse for the first time in the entire time I'd known the creature opened its mouth and spoke "ridiculous honestly. Aly why must we play along with their ludicrous and very ill thought threw plans?" were he'd learned such a high and mighty way of talking was a mystery to me.

I narrowed my eyes on Hoof thinking of a whitty comment to make back. None came to mind.

"Right are we gonna do this or what?" Wes asked. His hawks head was bobbing up and down like he agreed. I still had no idea how Wes managed to keep up with all of us. We all had useful creatures and he had a hawk.

As I stared at Davie expecting the hawk to suddenly reveal why he was useful to me it turned its little head towards me and for a second I thought that it might speak also.

"Yeah!! Lets go now!" Melly exclaimed her wings snapping out. She was in the air before I could even mount Tori. Wes and Aly rode together as Star tagged along with Tomas her wolf running at an alarming pace on the ground.

My view on animals had permanently been changed. Now anytime that I looked at an animal I would expect it to open its mouth like Hoof did and start talking in a very intelligent way.

When we reached the Elvin forest, which had a long name that I had forgotten we took a very long time in choosing the trees we would burn and an even longer time deciding how we would burn them.

It was an almost even tie between me using an explosion spell, the dragons blowing fire on them or making Melly mad enough to blow the trees up.

In the end we decided to us my spell.

And so we all went deep into the forest got onto a high place were we could watch the trees blow up and then bang, bang, bang, bang. Tree bark was flying and a couple other trees that we hadn't meant to make burst into fire also burst into fire.

And before we knew it we had managed to create a forest fire. And their we sat our mouths hanging nearly to the forest floor.

"I'm out of here!" were my only words and with that we scattered.

...Needless to say...we were planting trees for the next week...and all the elves wanted to kill us...and so did Eragon and Murtagh...but they wouldn't...because were special...and their not...