This is going to be very long. I'll try to post 1 chapter a week.

I should probably introduce myself first. My name is Katherine Mary Winchester, my family calls me Katie. I was born November 2, 1981. I have 2 brothers, Dean and Sam. My mom, dad, and twin sister are not here anymore. I'm writing this just to get it out of my head. I think it's time I let this stuff go. I figured it would be easier to share with strangers, specially since Dean knows most of it already. I'd tell Sam, but there are just too many things my little brother just doesn't need to know. Too much Laura wanted to protect him from. This is going to be very long, my entire life story to date.

I was exactly 2 years old that night, but I remember it all like it was yesterday. We'd had a completely perfect day. Mom threw Laura and me a small birthday party. Dad even got to take a couple hours off work so he could be there. My favorite present was a blue teddy bear that I got from my big brother, I named him Berry. Mom and dad bought it, but Dean picked it out so it was special. Laura got a brown stuffed dog from him, that she named Patrick. I know there was some other stuff from mom and dad, and dad's friend Mike, but those are the only ones I remember cause I still have them. After the party we went back to our normal routine. Laura went with mom to take care of Sammy, like always. Dean and I went into the backyard to play with his trucks, and a few other things girls didn't normally do. I always did like Dean's toys best and he always let me play with him.

At dinner time, dad came home. He could only stay long enough to eat cause he needed to get a car done for a customer by tomorrow. After dinner mom gave us all baths. Sammy first, then Laura and me, and Dean last. Dean wanted to stay up a little bit longer so she let him pick a movie to watch and said we all had to go to bed right after. The main reason Dean wanted to stay up was to wait for dad and mom knew it. We settled into our usual places. Mom on the couch with Laura right next to her, and me using Dean for a pillow on the floor. Mom always smiled at this. She used to say that if she didn't know any better, she'd think Dean and I were twins instead of Laura and me cause the 2 of us were practically inseparable back then.

As soon as the movie was over, mom took the 3 of us into Sam's room to say good night before she put us to bed. Dad came in a few seconds later, home late from the garage as always. Dean ran up to him and jumped in his arms while mom picked up Laura and me so we could kiss dad good night before she took us to our room. She tucked us in and said that angels were watching over us while we slept. Mom always said that to us. Then she left to go tuck Dean in and dad came to read us our bedtime story.

Laura woke me up a few hours later. She was upset and saying that there was some one in Sam's room and it wasn't mom or dad. I got out of bed and followed her to Sam's room. There was this guy in a long coat standing by the crib. He was saying something in this strange language we didn't understand. I think now that it may have been some kind of binding spell, but I don't really know for sure. Laura asked the man what he was doing to our brother. He turned around and just stared at us. He had yellow eyes. Next thing I know, Laura and I are pinned to the wall just to the right of the door. We couldn't move a muscle. We couldn't even cry out for dad to come help us.

Mom walked by a minute later. She thought the guy by Sammy's crib was dad and she didn't see us pinned to the wall. I think she went down stairs and saw dad asleep in front of the TV cause she came running back upstairs really fast and calling for Sam. She walked into the room and the door slammed behind her. Suddenly she flew backwards and hit the closed door really hard. I felt the vibrations through the wall, she hit so hard. Then she started sliding up the wall and she screamed. When she got up to the ceiling she started bleeding from her stomach.

Dad burst through the door a few seconds later, but the yellow eyed man had disappeared. He didn't see Laura and me stuck to the wall either. We still couldn't move. Dad walked over to Sam's crib to see if he was ok. That's when the blood started dripping from mom's stomach into the crib. Dad looked up and saw her there. He fell to the floor calling out for mom. All of a sudden, flames burst out from between mom and the ceiling. Sammy started crying. Laura called for dad to grab Sam. He looked over at us then, got up, picked up Sam out of the crib and ran into the hall. Laura and I were freed when the fire started so we ran out behind dad.

In the hall we ran into Dean. Dad handed Sam to Dean and told him to take Sammy outside as fast as he could. Then dad turned to us and told Laura and me to follow Dean outside and stay with our brothers. We ran down the stairs and out the front door behind Dean as fast as we could. We stopped a few feet from the front door and waited for dad to come out. He came out a few seconds later, scooped up the boys, told Laura and me to follow him, and we ran across the street just before an explosion blew out the windows in our house and the house next door.

Mike and his wife came and found us all sitting on dad's car. Dad was holding Sam and Dean was huddled next to him. Laura and I were sitting behind Dean, just holding each other's hands. Mike told dad that we could stay with him for awhile. Mike's wife took Sam from dad's arms, Mike picked up Dean, and then dad stood up and grabbed Laura and me. Dad put us into his car, while Mike and his wife put Sam and Dean into their car. Dad took one more look at our house and then we drove away.