Survivor: Fuji (Alternate title: New Year Resolution)

Disclaimer: YES I OWN PRINCE OF TENNIS. not.

Every normal kid would make a normal New Year Resolution. Something along the lines of ride a bike, get a girlfriend, make my teacher cry.

Fuji here, is hardly normal. So far off that if you said so, Tezuka might probably laugh his pants off, which is very very out of character for this burnt toast of a boy.

For that 9th Grade Junior Highschooler, he resolved to let his family, his teachers, every regular of Seigaku Tennis Club, every regular of Seigaku Tennis Club's rival school, and about one or two poor passerbys, to taste his wrath, or to be irked by him. In the matter of a few months.

They'd be sadder and sorrier still when they find out what kind of tragedy would befall on them.

When he told his parents, it took them two days of persuasion to take their names off his list. Lucky for them.

As you can see, Fuji isn't exactly the most normal friend/brother/enemy/teammate/pupil/rival anyone can have, and this is the series of in which his ultimate determination in fufilling his resolutions make them come true, literally!

Sadly, his first victim was, as Sengoku will say, UNLUCKY, Ryuzaki Sumire, his own, dear tennis coach of Seigaku Tennis Club...

A/N: I got a weird dream about Tachibana and Kamio eating mashed potato yesterday, which made me think. I start to think about Momoshiro (the food obviously), then (of course) to Kaidoh, to Inui, to Aozu and then to Fuji. I sort of settled on the Fuji idea and developed this story from 11pm to 12am this morning. If I can get enough ideas, less mental blocks, more support, I think I might just finish this fic. Who knows? xD