"Elphaba? Elphie? Are you awake?"

Silence from the other side of the room. Glinda sighed in annoyance, getting out of bed and poking Elphaba in the back.

"Elphie!" She whispered louder, prodding Elphaba's now exposed face. The green girl's eyes shot open in shock and irritation.

"I suppose I should take the 'please disturb me, Glinda' sign from my back after hours. My mistake."

"Elphie, I'm bored."

Elphaba groaned, rolling over. "Well, then go to sleep. I'm sure the fanciful people you dream up won't mind your pestering."

"What's your bra size, Elphie?"

"I'll tell you in the morning. Go to sleep."

Glinda crawled into bed next to Elphaba, tugging at the edge of her shirt. "Fine, I'll take it off and find out myself."

Elphaba pulled away, snuggling into the edge of the bed furthest from Glinda.

"You'll do no such thing. Get out of my bed, you nuisance."

"Oh, I don't even care about your bra anymore! Take off your shirt!"

"I most certainly will not, you concupiscent she-beast."

Glinda grinned, pulling Elphaba to her side and blowing on her face. Elphaba wrinkled her nose and covered it with her hand.

Elphaba huffed, exasperated. "Why don't you take your shirt off, then, if you're so eager?"

Glinda winked. "Aha, I see what you're doing, Elphie, you don't fool me for a moment."

Without batting an eyelash, Glinda pulled her nightshirt off. While throwing it to her bed, she overthrew her weight, falling from the bed with a loud thump and squeal.

On the bed, shirt fully intact, Elphaba rolled her eyes. "Charming. I'm sure Pfannee and Shenshen are rolling in their graves."

Glinda hopped back up on the bed.

"Pfannee and Shenshen aren't dead, Elphaba."

"Oh well. A girl can dream, can't she?"

Glinda tutted. "Now now, Elphie, no reason to be mean."

Elphaba raised a thin black eyebrow. "Coming from the girl who called Pfannee a pop-eyed cow and Shenshen a mottled gnome?"

Glinda sniffed. "There's a fine line of distinction between meanness and honesty, Miss Elphaba." She said primly, hiding a smile behind her hand.

"Well, I fail to see your logic. Thankfully. Now, you distracting pink thing, get out of my bed and go to sleep, we have tests tomorrow."

Glinda buried her face in Elphaba's neck, enjoying the musky scent of coconut oil.

"Elphie?" Glinda whispered into her oily skin.

"Hmmm?" Elphaba hummed.

"Take off your shirt."

A firm green hand pushed at Glinda's back, sending her hurtling off the bed. She giggled, climbing into her own bed and tucking her hands beneath her chin.

"Goodnight, Elphie. I love you."

Glinda fell asleep almost instantly, leaving a wide-awake and shocked Elphaba sitting stock-still in her bed, eyes wide.

"I love you, too." Elphaba whispered.