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Tony looked around the bullpen furtively and let out an enormous yawn. He looked at Ziva's empty desk and sighed. Contrary to the knowledge of everyone but Jen and Ducky, Ziva wasn't just his partner but his lover too. She was currently reporting to Moussad and their daughter wasn't dealing with the separation very well.

It had taken Tony 2 hours to get the 3 year old into bed. Talli had been convinced that Ziva was going to get hurt or that the monsters were going to get her because Ziva didn't have Tony to fight them back. So he'd been forced to call Tel Aviv despite the fact it was 4am over there.

There had been tears and tantrums but he'd finally gotten Talli in bed. But 5 minutes after he went to bed a tiny figure crept into the room and curled up against him. Tony had been kicked, punched and rolled on by the restless 3 year old, meaning he'd spent a good part of the night awake. He let out another monster yawn.

"I am keeping you awake DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked curtly. Tony jumped.

"No but someone else did," he muttered grumpily. Gibbs glared at him.

"No boss," he replied promptly.

"Ducky asked that I send you down to his lab. He said it's urgent. There's a little girl down there with him," Gibbs told Tony, confusion edging his voice.

Tony's jaw fell open and he shot out of his seat so quickly it fell over and hit his filing cabinet with a crash. He didn't bother righting it, just sprinted to the elevator.

When he raced out the elevator Tony saw his daughter sitting on an autopsy table, swinging her legs happily. Palmer was watching the child curiously.

"Daddy!" she squealed when she noticed him, throwing her arms out. Nobody noticed Palmer's choked gasp of surprise.

"Baby what are you doing here?" Tony asked, hugging her tightly.

"My day care burned down," she told him cheerfully. Tony's legs gave out beneath him and he hit the floor with a thud. Talli chuckled.

"Her day care burned down," he said slowly looking at Ducky. Ducky nodded.

"They got hold of Ziva who told them to call me, thinking you were busy," Ducky told him.

"Are you hurt?" Tony asked, racing his hands over her. She giggled again.

"I'm fine daddy. Do I get to spend the day with you?" she asked eagerly. Tony looked at Ducky. Ducky nodded.

"Looks like it." Talli squealed delightedly.

"But baby you can't call me daddy. No one knows I have a daughter. If you have to, say it in Italian. And you can't anything about Mummy. Okay?" he said and she nodded. A delighted grin was on her angelic face, lighting up the blue eyes she'd gotten from Tony.

"You stay here with Grandpa Ducky. I have to talk to mummy," he told her. Talli pouted.

"I wanna talk to mummy," she whined and he sighed.

"Could you bring her up in 5 minutes then she can talk to mummy?" Tony asked Ducky. He nodded. Tony dropped a kiss onto her brow,

"I'll see you in 5 minutes," he told her.

Pulling Ducky aside Tony whispered urgently, "Get my baby off the autopsy table."

Upstairs Tony pulled out his phone. He was seething quietly. He failed to notice Gibbs and McGee sit at their desks. He waited until Ziva answered.

"Her day care burned down," he said quietly in a tight voice.

"What?" Ziva asked.

"Her day care burned down!" he screamed. Gibbs and McGee looked up at him in shock.

"My baby was on an autopsy table," he continued. This threw Gibbs and McGee even more.

"My baby's dead?" shrieked Ziva.

"What no? Her day care burned down and you told them to call Ducky and she was sitting on an autopsy table in the morgue when I got there," he explained in a quieter voice.

"They didn't tell me it burned down, is she okay? What happened?" Ziva asked quickly.

"She's fine, I don't know what happened," Tony told her and they both calmed down enough to have a conversation.

5 minutes later Tony heard the elevator doors opened and turned around. He watched Talli bounce through the bullpen, holding onto Ducky's hand, chattering away happily. Gibbs and McGee looked totally thrown as they watched a little girl in jeans, a pink hoodie, ugh boots and a beanie walk past them.

"Gibbs and McGee look so shocked.," Tony chuckled.

"I wish I could see it. I miss you Tony," she told him mournfully. Tony smiled sadly.

"I miss you too." Tony's smile turned devilish as Ziva whispered something particularly sexual to him.

"There's a hyper 3 year old who wants desperately to talk to you." Tony said.

"I love you sweet cheeks," he murmured. He could hear Ziva's smile as she replied,

"And I love you my little hairy butt." He handed the phone to Talli who began to talk excitedly. She stepped onto Tony's foot and wrapped her arm around his leg, her hand gripping the inside of his thigh. He placed a hand on the top of her head, smiling.

McGee was shocked by Tony. The intimacy of the position he and the little girl held was something he thought he'd never see from Tony.

When Talli finished her conversation she handed the phone back to Tony and using a foot, kicked Tony's knee forward. Used to this, Tony's balance didn't falter. Placing her ugh booted foot on Tony's knee she climbed up his body and wrapped her arms around his neck. Tony slipped an arm under her butt and supported her weight. He started to walk back to his desk where Ducky was waiting.

Once they got there Talli decided to speak.

"Daddy who are these people?" she asked loudly. Gibbs actually dropped his coffee cup. Talli threw her hands over her mouth and Tony winced.

"Sorry daddy," she whispered and he shrugged.

"This is my boss Gibbs and this is McGee. Guys this is my daughter Talli," he said walking over to Gibbs's desk.

"Hello Mr Gibbs," Talli said leaning forward and stretching out a tiny hand. Gibbs was puzzled by her accent. It was an exotic mix of different accents.

"It's Agent Gibbs and it's a pleasure to meet you," Gibbs said, shaking her hand. It momentarily passed through his mind that Talli's twinkling blue eyes were exactly the same as Tony's.

Talli greeted McGee the same way. He stuttered out a response and fled to Abby's lab to tell her.

Tony could feel Gibbs eyes burning into him.

"Carina why don't you play with Grandpa Ducky for a few minutes?" he asked, setting her down. Talli obediently skipped over to Ducky.

"Who's her mother DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked. Tony took a deep breath and replied,
"An old girlfriend, no one you know boss." Gibbs nodded.

"Who knows about her?" he asked. Tony swallowed.

"The director, Ducky and Ziva," he told him. Gibbs eyes flashed.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked tightly. Time to be partly honest Tony thought.

"I thought you'd treat me differently boss. Put me on desk duty, leave me out on more dangerous missions," Tony told him. Gibbs sighed and nodded, it was true.

"How old is she DiNozzo?" he asked. Tony smiled, he was forgiven for now.

"Three boss and a hand full let me tell you," he said. Gibbs actually grinned.

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