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I"m so sorry Ziva, it came out of nowhere," Tony whispered. She took a shaky breath and wiped her damp cheeks.

"When Ducky and Jen called I was terrified," she admitted, smoothing a hand over his hair.
I"m no going anywhere, sweet cheeks, I've got too much to live for."

When Talli walked back into Tony's room holding Abby's hand tightly she was surprised to see her mother curled up on her father's bed. She was blocking her view of her father.

"Daddy?" she asked uncertainly. His head popped up,

"Hey princess, what's going on?" She let out a squeal and ran to the bed, scrambling to get onto it.

Gibbs smiled as he watched Talli throw herself on top of Tony and Ziva, hugging them tightly, talking a mile a minute.

"Wait so I actually walked in on you guys going at it and I didn't even realise?" McGee asked in shock. Tony laughed raspily as Ziva nodded, looking highly amused. The team were gathered around Tony's bed, listening to Tony and Ziva's exploits at hiding their relationship from them.

"What does going at it mean mummy?" Talli asked innocently, playing with Tony's hair.

"We were just playing together sweetie," Ziva said quickly, looking uncomfortable.

"I can't believe we didn't realise you were pregnant," Abby uttered. Ziva smirked.

"I'm sure you remember the period of time though. I pulled my knife out and chased Tony twice in one month and then the next month I threw it at his head when he said I was starting to look pudgy." Abby thought about it and nodded.

"I just assumed you had a rather long lasting case of PMS."

A few hours later the team had dispersed. They'd spent the afternoon getting to know the young family. Tony had been horrified at some of the things Talli had divulged about him, his masculine reputation was being obliterated by her.

"We have to go Tony," Ziva told him regretfully. She was not looking forward to spending another night in bed alone. Talli's head snapped up and a pout formed on the plump lips she'd inherited from Ziva.

"But I want to stay with Daddy." Ziva pressed a kiss to her hair.

"We can't stay sweetie, but Daddy will be home with us soon." Tony nodded at this,

"I'm coming home as soon as I can baby, I hate being away from you." With a heavy sigh Talli wrapped her arms around Tony's neck and hugged him tightly. Tony returned the hug, trying to remain composed.

"Don't let the bed bugs bite Daddy," Talli pressed a kiss to his cheek and slid off the bed. Ziva shot him a sad smile. She slid a knee onto the bed as she hugged him tightly, kissing him hard.

"I'll see you in the morning lover," she told him as she backed out of the room. Tony waved sadly and watched as his family left.

A young nurse walked into his room a few moments later and sent him a flirty smile. Tony raised an eyebrow and sent a similiar smile back, a plan already formulating in his mind.

The next morning Talli and Ziva arrived at the beginning of visiting hours.

"Guess what," he said to Ziva excitedly.

"What?" she asked as she leaned down to kiss him. He grabbed her and pulled into a much longer and stronger kiss than she'd intended.

"I'm being released today," he said when he had released her. Ziva raised an eyebrow.

"How did you manage that?" she asked curiously. He smirked.

"I charmed the young nurse assigned to this floor mercilessly until she had no choice but to release me." Ziva shook her head,

'Of course he had,' she thought to herself.

"You're coming home Daddy?" Talli squealed.

"Sure am baby," Tony squealed back.

As Tony walked out of the hospital he wrapped an arm around his wife's hips and held his daughter's hand tightly, he knew there was no place he'd rather be. Even if his wife was a trained assasain and his daughter was anything but average.

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