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Hinata: Don't be...meanie...Gaara-kun

Gaara: ...

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Gaara: (growl)

Prologue: Their Last Meeting

Hinata sat on the balcony's marble balustrade, observing the beautiful world laid bare in all its glory before her. Little streaks of orange painted along the deep purplish sky, signifying the end of the day and approaching the cooling of the night. She sighed in slight contentment, albeit the deep heavy etched closely within her heart. Sensing another presence slowly moving behind her, she placed her cat mask back on and lifted the hood to cover her indigo hair.

"The news have reached you," she said to him.

"No, it hasn't," a male voice responded, taking his time to approach her.

"Why are you here, then?" she asked him.

Without looking at her, he observed the night sky and enjoyed the fresh air. "I heard about the injured Uchiha. Is there anything I can do to be of help?"

She looked aside. Thankful for the mask, it hid her expression very well. "I'm surprised you're offering to help…him."

He quirked a small smile and said, "You've stopped your stuttering, Hinata."

"There is nothing you can do for...now. Tsunade-sama said he will be fine, and if she said he will, he will." Hinata's heart fluttered, trying obviously to change the subject.

His aquamarine eyes looked at her in a very peaceful and serene way that she had to force herself to look away from him. Closing her eyes and prayed that he just leave and not leaving her feelings a complete mess. No ANBU is allowed to let personal matters get in the way.

"You know," he said. "I still remember that day very well."

"Do not speak of it," she demanded and spurned away from him. He quickly grabbed hold on to her wrist and pulled her into his arms in a deep embrace. His fiery red spiky hair looked distinctive in the dark. Hinata closed her eyes and could feel tears pooling in her pale eyes, feeling the heat of his chest rising. They both wish they could stay like that….forever…..but, it was just a wishful feeling.

"You…must not," she replied weakly. Cursing herself of her weakness, she replied hoarsely, "You know…we…can't." Her heart felt as if it was wrench out from her ribcage, uttering those painful words.

"Please my Hime," he begged, calling her pet name. "Let me savour this for the last time," he said, pulling her hood down that revealed her soft indigo coloured hair that reached her waist. "Like the midnight sky," he stroked her hair gently with his cheeks. Remembering the first time he touched her as such.

"Please Gaara-sama," she pleaded, cannot help herself when tears began to fall down her cheeks behind her mask. Her heart felt so much pain. He turned her over to face him. His beautiful face looked looked into her aggrieved pale eyes.

"You called my name."

"Isn't it?"

His expression softened. "Am I still your Ouji?"

She bit her lower lip and shook her head slowly, "You know this is forbidden. For the two of us. It is not allowed, Gaara-sama."

"Don't call me that!"

"I'm sorry, but I have to. You're the Kazekage." She sounded more confident than when he met her the first time.

He buried his face into her hair again and held her dearly to him.

"I know," Gaara, fiery redhead who was Kazekage replied, "After this, we won't be seeing each other again."

"We are not meant to be...together," replied, more tears slipping down. "You must forget me. Forget everything that has happened...between...us." Her voice softened. No more the voice of authority of an ANBU.

Gaara took off her mask and looked into her lavender tint pale eyes. Eyes like the moon. He touched her lips with his fingers and said, "If only we were both born of normal families, would we be together?"

Hinata's pale coloured eyes looked into his aquamarine ones and she smiled softly, "If we were both normal man and woman, we might….have a….chance."

He smiled and hugged her for the last time, "If only we were, my Hime, I will have you in our next lifetime and the life after that and for all time our love shall not be denied. Even if I have to go through hell and back, I'll gladly do it!" He then crushed her into his arms as she wrapped hers around him.

"Don't say that!" her voice hoarsed from trying to subdue her tears. Pulling away from him, she looked into his pool of aquamarines. "You will always be my Ouji-sama. Even in this lifetime, or the next or the life after that….I am yours."

For the first time since Gaara was five years old, he finally shed tears.

Tears of regrets.

Hyuuga Hinata knew that this was to be their last meeting ever, and after this, Gaara will cease to exist from her life, but will only remain in her memories.

Savouring their last time together, they Hinata and Gaara wrapped in each other's arms, waiting for the sun to rise to bring forth their time of parting. Living separate lives away from each other.

From the doorway, Temari had tears in her eyes. She knew how much her little brother loved the young Hyuuga heiress very much and it hurts her that he is being denied this one happiness which he deserve after what he had been through.

"Life is not always fair, Temari," Shikamaru said, walking up to his wife.

Temari could not help it but threw herself into her husband's arms and cried fresh flood of tears. For once, Shikamaru did not say anything but held his wife dearly to him. Knowing well that he is in a better position than the other couple on the balcony.

"Come now," Shikamaru said softly to his wife. "Don't cry too much, or you'll hurt the baby." Pulling his wife back to their bedchamber and took a final look at the sad fate befallen to the tragic couple under the azure filled skies.


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Hinata: Gaara-kun!!

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