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Grant me my wish

Release me from these chains

My heart knows no bounds

I want to spread my wings and fly…

The Fuyu Underground

"Shun, status report."

"N-Negative miss. He hasn't moved for the past three hours."

Bara tightened her lips into a smile as she positioned herself in front of the TV screen. Sure enough, Sasuke was in the same position as three hours ago since she left. He looked like a frozen prince on the screen. "Wrong's working."



He stared.

It was the only thing he could do.


Uchiha Mansion

"You see Mr. Iceman! That wasn't too bad. We should take walks more often." Sakura did a twirl before collapsing on their bad. Or rather, Sasuke's bed.

The man grunted and lay down beside his girlfriend with a sly grin on his face. They were both on a bed. It was night. They were still awake with nothing to do. Perfect. She knew exactly what that grin meant and giggled softly as her man climbed on top of her. Make out time.

Honestly, she wasn't expecting another one so soon after what they did in the park but she wasn't the one to complain. Sasuke's new style of kissing intrigued her. In a good kind of way. Though, there was more touching in his new style which sort of bugged her. But don't get her wrong. The touching felt good. It's just that her conscience has been prodding her heart whenever Sasuke got a little bit too intimate.

Nevertheless, she trusts Sasuke completely with her virginity. There had been a couple of times when they almost 'did it' in the past but he knew that she didn't want to lose her virginity until she got married so he would always stop and ask her if she wanted to continue. He knew she would say no of course but he always asked for the hell of it. And after she would give her usual reply, they would snuggle under his covers and wake up at noon the very next day.

That was her Sasuke.

He never gives up an opportunity to tease her but at the same time; he always gave her the respect that she needed.

"I love you."


Sakura froze in mid-kiss for a moment. That was a first. Sasuke never said something like that during make-out times. Whatever it was today, it must be very special. She smiled against his lips and giggled softly before bringing her arms up and grabbed his face, giving him a passionate kiss.

The man just laughed, managing to slip one hand under her shirt and crawl up to where her bra was. It should be fun screwing her.

Bara will be happy.

Hyuuga Mansion


The brunette's ears perked up upon hearing his first name. For Shikamaru, who always addresses his name by his surname, to call him by his first must mean business.

"What is it Nara."

Under emotional distress (though one can't really tell), Shikamaru had visited him that night to figure out what they should do about the imposter. "I think we should tell the others. If not, Naruto at the very least."


"Naruto is not actually as dumb as he seems-"

"I know."

"He's actually pretty smart-"

"I know."

"He knows when to be serious-"

"I know."

"And it will help us if he's just that-"

"He probably won't be able to control his anger and kill the guy when he sees him."

"Yeah...Glad you're on the same page as me Hyuuga." The 200IQ genius grinned a little.

"What about the girls?" Neji sighed, pulling out his hair tie and rubbed his temples.

"Well, since we can't call the police because we don't know what kind of enemy we're up against, we need all the backup we can get. You and I both know the girls are pretty strong. And besides, if we do call the police, who knows what the enemy will do to threaten us. It's best to leave the police out of it."

"Hm...I agree. I'm worried though. I don't want the enemy to use the girls against us. For all we know, our enemy might be terrorists and they might've already planted a bomb in all of our houses."

"True, that is why I think we should all move in to one place so we can keep an eye on each other's back. What do you say Hyuuga?"

Neji nodded and slid open his cell phone. "I'll have a private villa ready in five minutes."

"Good. We're going on vacation."

Uchiha Mansion

It wasn't until after a few heated French-kisses did Sakura realize something strange. Up till now, she never noticed that little weird whatever-it-is that has been sort of sticking out under Sasuke's neck. Whatever it was, it had been scratching her arm for the past half-hour and it seriously annoyed her.

However, she didn't want to be a party-pooper and spoil their evening. To think she would stop their make-out session just to check what the heck is up with whatever-it-is that was on his neck was just...embarrassing. Bear with it girl...she snapped at herself for being so anal.

But by and by, she found another thing that was bothering her to no end. That familiar conscience-of-a-stick was prodding at her heart again. She rolled her eyes in her back of her mind. Ok. So what if she was almost half-naked now. Her bra was still attached and only her shirt was gone. No big deal. This was Sasuke she was talking about here.

Sasuke won't do anything to me...She laughed it off in her mind. But to her luck, another crazy thought entered her thoughts. Ok...nooo way. That. Is. Impossible.

Go away stupid thoughts! I'm trying to make-out here...

Just then Shadow ran into her mind. Ok, what was she doing thinking of a frickin dog in a middle of a make-out session with the Uchiha Sasuke – the man she loves.


So what if Shadow's been acting strangely around Sasuke.

The same crazy idea entered her brain again.

Psh...that is impossible.

Well it certainly explains why he's so…vicious when he kisses. Her notorious inner self decided to enter. By now, she could probably make a special chat room for her brain.

Shut up. I'm thinking too much. It's been weeks already since Sasuke returned. If he wasn't Sasuke, then I would've sensed it already.

But that didn't stop her from suddenly being suspicious. Cautious.

Try touching that thingy again under his neck. Her inner self ordered.

Groaning, she wanted to smack herself on the forehead. Fine. If it's just a fricken whatever-it-is, then disappear and let me enjoy him.

It took some time to bring his mouth back on hers again. He had been trailing his lips down from her neck to the curve between her breasts and whatever he was doing, it felt damn good. Moving expertly, she switched their position making her sprawled on top of him. Heh, you're mine Uchiha. She smirked and was ready to plant kisses along his jawbone and examine whatever-it-is that was on his neck when Sasuke unexpectedly unclipped her bra strap.

She gasped in shock and out of instinct; she immediately withdrew her hands to cover what was exposed. Thank God the only source of light in the room was the moonlight or else he would've saw that her face as red as a ripe apple.

What the...She panicked, covering her upper body tightly.

"Sakura." He growled huskily as he pulled her back with force making her moan.

T-This...this i-is wrong!!...This is wrong!! Her eyes squeezed tightly as if in pain. Each one of his touch seared her skin and left a burning trail where ever there was contact. "Sa...Sasuke..." She shivered, grabbing onto his shoulder with one hand and the other still tightly clutched around her chest. "No..."

He didn't hear her and made a move to pin her down and release her of her jeans. Sakura no longer needed to check his neck to know that this wasn't Sasuke. And it scared her. Fuck. She was super scared. She had been chilling, sleeping, and making out with this guy who she fucking didn't even know. But she knew one thing, she was not going to have sex with this guy.

"No." She said loudly and pushed him away. Under the moonlight, she could see a flash of anger, confusion, and restraint over the man's voice. He looks so much like Sasuke...NO. It can't be. This guy is fake.

But wait.

If this guy isn't Sasuke...then where is he?!...Her mind swirled quickly as she searched the stranger's face frantically. He knows where he is. He's the kidnapper. Fuck, I have been screwing with a kidnapper all this time!! She silently screamed angrily at herself.

Now's not the time to get angry! Inner Sakura interrupted.

That's right... She thought in alert. Obviously, even if this guy didn't kidnap Sasuke, he was still the bad guy and she would be in big trouble if he knew that she knew about him!

"I-I'm sorry Sasuke." She whispered. "I'm n-not ready for this."

Sasuke...or the imposter just sighed and backed off in acknowledgement. Seizing her chance, she quickly climbed out of the bed and darted for the bathroom with her clothes. "I-I need to brush my teeth." Was her lame excuse, but it will just have to do. Anything from that point was awkward anyway.

As soon as the bathroom door was shut and firmly locked, she heaved a sigh of relief and slid down to the ground with her back against the door. It took a while for her brain to settle and she let the tap on so the imposter wouldn't suspect anything. Splashing some water on her face, she breathed deeply again and looked at herself in the mirror.

She was shit scared but she knew she couldn't just stand around.

Sasuke was in trouble.

And she needed to save him.



Was I being too pushy? He (the imposter) thought, running his hand through his modified chicken hair. Did she find out that I'm a fake? He cursed himself for being too assertive. If the girl find out about his identity now, he was in big trouble. He looked at the bathroom door impatiently. The girl is taking a very long time...he thought suspiciously. But then again, he reminded himself that the girl was a virgin. From her reactions to his behavior, anyone could tell she was one. Maybe she just found the situation to be embarrassing and awkward.


The bathroom door opened.

His eyes narrowed. She locked the door...

"S-Sorry." The girl stammered as she climbed onto the bed.

"It's ok. I'm sorry for being pushy." He apologized.

She smiled. "It's ok."

She seems normal. He examined her closely. But as a criminal, he knew he should always be on the lookout. Nothing can be what it seems and he, as an imposter, should know this to heart.

The Fuyu Underground

Though all four cameras were dark, Sasuke didn't need to be told of what Sakura and the imposter was doing. The sound says it all. It was torture and all he could do was stare. Stare. Stare. At the dark wall. Listening.


All four cameras were shut off.

"Do you understand now Sasuke-kun?" Bara entered the cell with the remote control

He stared coldly at her with bloodshot eyes. Not from crying. But eyes from exhaustion and anger.

"She's not coming Sasuke-kun. No one is. They don't even realize you've been missing. It's been weeks."


"She's not coming back."


"Sasuke-kun, she's not coming back to you anymore."

His heart wanted to break. To shatter. To disappear. To forget.



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